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Джуд Деверо


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Jude Deveraux - Джуд Деверо е родена през 1947 г. в малко градче в Кентъки, САЩ. Тя е една от най-известните авторки в света на дамската проза, най-вече с десетките си исторически романси.


Montgomery/Taggart (full series)

0. The Black Lyon (1980) Пилотен роман от серията

Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, the bold English conqueror they called the Black Lyon, Ranulf was a man no woman could win--until he found a tawny-haired beauty named Lyonene, whose fiery spirit matched his own. Through a whirlwind romance and stormy marriage, she endured perilous danger to be by his side, but web of vicious lies, spread by a jealous vixen drove Lyonene from her home and Ranulf, and into entrapment across the Irish Sea. One man could save her--only the Black Lyon could destroy the ruthless plot that threatened their marriage and renew the bond of love they had vowed would never be broken.

1. The Maiden (1988) Кралицата дева Кн.1 в подсерия Lanconia's Royal Family

Той е властен, силен и смел. Неговата съдба е да бъде крал. Тя е млада, красива и горда принцеса. Нейната съдба е да го обича. Но първата им среща не е между крал и принцеса, а само между мъж и жена. Страстта е тъй внезапна и дълбока, че целият свят се побира в една целувка. Но имат ли кралете право на любов...

2. Judith (1981) Джудит (aka The Velvet Promise) Кн.1 в подсерия Velvet Montgomery Annals Quadrilogy

Робърт Рейвдаун търси мъж за единствената си дъщеря Джудит. Изборът му пада върху Гевин Аскот (в оригинала фамилията на братята е Монгомъри), който обаче възприема тази женитба само като брак по сметка. За ужас на всички, по време на сватбената церемония се появява Лилиан, любимата на Гевин, която той е изоставил, за да се ожени за Джудит. Тя е решила твърдо да си върне мъжа на своите мечти...

3. Highland Velvet (1982) Алисия Кн.2 в подсерия Velvet Montgomery Annals Quadrilogy

Красивата Алисия Макарън (в оригинала името на главната героиня е Бронуин) е глава на влиятелен и могъщ шотландски клан. Но крал Хенри VII издава заповед да я хванат и да я оженят за англичанина Стивън Аскот. Така кралят смята да разшири влиянието си върху шотландците, поставяйки начело на най-силния им клан свой човек. Алисия обаче мрази всички англичани. И не иска нито да предаде властта си, нито пък да се подчини на натрапен мъж. Но се влюбва в него...

4. Velvet Song (1983) Клариса Кн.3 в подсерия Velvet Montgomery Annals Quadrilogy

Преследвайки убийците на своя баща хубавата Клариса Блейкит (в отигинала името на главната героиня е Аликс) попада в лагера на Рейн Аскот, който - преследван от краля - се крие в гората. Клариса е скрила момичешкото си тяло под мъжки дрехи и Рейн, взел я за момче, я прави свой оръженосец. Но по време на една кървава битка той разбира измамата...

5. Velvet Angel (1981) Фиона Кн.4 в подсерия Velvet Montgomery Annals Quadrilogy

Фиона Кейтуърт (в оригинала името на главната героиня е Елизабет) е довлечена окована във верига пред Майлс Аскот. Така той вижда за първи път жената, която ще стане негова съдба: гола, враждебна, изпълнена с омраза. Досега Майлс е получавал всяка жена, която е пожелавал. Но Фиона е дала клетва: никога да не се отдаде на смъртния си враг...

6. The Heiress (1995)

Jamie Montgomery, an impoverished Elizabethan knight, is elated when he is assigned to escort Axia, the Lancaster heiress, to the castle of her betrothed. If only she will fall in love with Jamie--as Jamie's devoted older sister predicts--the family's financial woes will be solved. But Axia, who has spent her life closely guarded by her father's servants, is not the shy, cossetted flower Jamie expects.

7.The Raider (1987) Черния отмъстител Кн.1 в подсерията Тагърт

С дръзките си набези един конник с черна маска влудява английските окупатори и превръща живота им в ад. Към Джесика Тагърт обаче, най-красивото момиче в околността, той е страстен и нежен и бързо спечелва сърцето й... Но Джесика е много бедна и всички я убеждават да се омъжи за дебеличкия и добродушен Александър Монтгомъри, който ще й осигури по-спокоен живот. Тя обаче не знае, че Алекс всъщност е човек с двойнствен живот...

8. Mountain Laurel (1990)

Captain Ring Montgomery was handsome, a skilled rider, a crack shot, popular with the men and their ladies. That was reason enough for a jealous, surly colonel to saddle Montgomery with a most peculiar assignment: to escort an opera singer into the Colorado gold fields. Ring's plan was to scare the little lady enough so that she'd hightail it for home. After all, a Civil War was brewing! But LaReina, The Singing Duchess - as Maddie Worth called herself on stage didn't scare easy. And she didn't intend to explain her reasons for coming West to any high and mighty soldier.

9. Eternity (1992)

Carrie Montgomery had grown up with seven adoring older brothers, and she was used to getting her way rather easily. Joshua Greene was looking for a hardworking, practical mail- order bride to help with the farm and feed and clothe his children. Yet from the moment Carrie saw his photograph, saw his devastatingly handsome, sorrowful smile, the petite and pampered beauty knew she was the perfect wife for him. Josh didn't see it that way. Wed by proxy, he refused to be charmed by his new bride's blonde curls and effervescent laughter, or impressed by her trappings of wealth...even if his son and daughter believed she was a fairy princess come to life.

10. The Duchess (1991) Дукесата

За да получи наследството на дядо си, младата американка Клер трябва да се ожени за благородник. След сватбата тя влиза в замъка Брамли - едно жестоко и страховито място. Там Клер открива ужасяващи тайни за семейство Монтгомъри, от които дори стените на стария замък потреперват...

11. The Temptress (1986) Изкусителката

Кристиана Монтгомъри е богата наследница, но волният й дух и жаждата за независимост я подтикват да търси свой път в живота - за ужас на баща й, който изпраща по нейните дири двама мъже със задача да я отвлекат и насила да я върнат в домашното огнище. Приключения, опасности и интриги изникват по пътя на тримата, а Кристиана е принудена да се брани както от ухажването на Ашър Прескот, ламтящ за богатата й зестра, така и от собственото си влечение към загадъчния и красив Тайнън, който също е влюбен в нея, но зловеща тайна обгръща миналото му и го заставя да отхвърля любовта й...

12. Twin of Fire (1985) Сърце от пламък Кн.2 от подсерията Тагърт и кн.1 в подсерията Близначките Чандлър

Хюстън Чандлър е омагьосващо хубава и затова мъжете я преследват. Но тя не може да се реши да подари някому сърцето си. Докато един ден в нейния живот влиза Кен Тагърт, мъж упорит не по-малко от нея...

12. Twin of Ice (1985) Сърце от лед Кн.2 от подсерията Близначките Чандлър

Блеър Чандлър е осъществила мечтата на своя живот: станала е лекарка и е омъжена за д-р Лий Уестфийлд. Но когато нейното щастие е неочаквано застрашено, тя решително се впуска в борба...

13. Wishes (1989)

Jace Montgomery was a stranger in Chandler. Tall, proud, and ruggedly handsome, he would make any woman's heart beat faster. Even shy, sweet Nellie Grayson -- Nellie, who thought only of her beautiful younger sister's happiness. With Nellie's tireless aid, Terel Grayson easily became the belle of Chandler, Colorado. Yet Jace, homesick for his closeknit family in Maine, took immediately to Nellie. For the first time, Nellie was the center of attention. It was a heady, delightful feeling...

14. The Awakening (1988)

Amanda Caulden led a sheltered life on her father's California ranch--until the day Hank Montgomery stormed into town. A hot-blooded union organizer with a taste for ladies and fine champagne, he sensed the fire smoldering beneath her prim, virtuous beauty . . . and vowed to make her his... Hank's assault on her orderly life made Amanda furious--and all the more enticing. Slowly, he drew her into a world of sensual pleasure: of sumptuous meals and moonlit dances, carefree laughter and stolen kisses...gently stirring the sleeping embers of passion. But even as a fierce love rose between them, violent rebellion threatened to destroy the Caulden ranch--and their lives!

15.The Invitation (novella)

Jackie O'Neill was a daredevil pilot and a true American heroine... a woman so beautiful men stopped in their tracks to watch her walk down the street, her long confident strides eating up the earth. After years of nonstop excitement -- of traveling around the globe in a chaotic rags-to-riches-to-rags whirl with her late husband, Charley -- Jackie had returned to Eternity, Colorado, near her hometown of Chandler. She wanted to put down roots, start a business, maybe someday fall in love again. But she never dreamed that the man who might make all her wishes come true was William Montgomery...

16. The Princess (1987) Принцесата Кн.2 в подсерия Lanconia's Royal Family

Заради сложни политически интриги престолонаследницата на Ланкония - принцеса Арайа и американският офицер Джарл Монтгомъри са принудени да сключат фиктивен брак. Но скоро взаимната неприязън се заменя от необяснимо привличане. И все пак когато Арайа се връща в Ланкония, заедно със своя таен съпруг, животът им изведнъж взема един неочакван обрат...

17. A Knight in Shining Armor (1989)

Dougless Montgomery couldn't believe it. She had tried to be the very essence of the modern American woman - competent yet sexy, financially independent yet ready to love and be loved. She had planned this holiday tour with special care, wanting everything to be perfect for Robert, the man she hoped one day to marry. Yet here she was, after a stupid quarrel, abandoned in a church in the midst of rural England. Abandoned, with no luggage, no money, no credit cards, while Robert drove off without so much as a backward glance. As Dougless lay upon a cold tombstone, crying in fury and frustration, she longed for a knight in shining armor to save her from this abysmal mess. Suddenly, as if in answer to her prayers, the most extraordinary man stood before her.... He was Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck, who accodring to his tombstone had died in 1564.

18. Sweet Liar (1992) Сладък лъжец Кн.5 от подсерията Тагърт

Вълнуваща и страстна любовна история, развиваща се в напрегнатия ритъм на нашето модерно десетилетие, преплетена с мистерия, запращаща и чак в романтичните и суетни времена на двадесетте години. Саманта Елиът не желае да отиде в Ню Йорк, но предсмъртното желание на баща й я завежда там, за да разследва съдбата на своята баба, изчезнала преди много години. Саманта попада в големия и мръсен Ню Йорк Сити съвсем сама срещу съдбата си. Родителите й са мъртви, а разводът й е безвъзвратен. Но среща Майкъл Тагърт, който е неин хазяин и освен това най-привлекателният мъж, който някога е виждала. Завладяна от неговия вкус към живота, Саманта разцъфтява отново. Обаче всеки път когато Майк се опитва да се сближи с нея, се сблъсква с непреодолима стена. Но това не го разколебава. Докато двамата се ровят в миналото на нейната баба, той постепенно възражда радостта и нежността, отдавна погребани в душата й. Разследването ги довежда до зловещата пролетна нощ на 1928г. и името на един прелъстителен блус певец, Макси...

???. The Matchmakers (1994) (in The Invitation) Кн.3 от подсерията Тагърт

Kane Taggert is a young widower looking after his two toddler twin sons on his own. His mother and sister-in-law convince him to lead four women on a western retreat, hoping that he would fall for one of them. He is kind of attracted to a woman who looks just like his late wife, but it is the feisty mystery author Cale Anderson that gets under his skin in spite of his wanting to kill her for irritating the heck out of him.

19.Change of Heart (1995) Клопка за двама

Двамата тийнейджъри Ели и Челси заговорничат да сватосат Ранди, майката на Ели за мъжа, ръководещ империята Тагърт, Франк Тагърт. Ранди е самотна майка с меко сърце, която обича сина си и изкарва прехраната си като медицинска сестра. Ели и Челси привличат на своя страна брата на Франк. Майк трябва да наеме Ранди да се грижи за Франк, докато той се възстанови след инцидент в една хижа високо в планината. Нито тя, нито Франк подозират за клопката, но и двамата ще се поддадат на безспорното привличане между тях, като в същото време не очакват нищо.

19. Just Curious (1995) От любопитство (in A Gift of Love) Кн.4 от подсерията Тагърт

Красивата вдовица Карън Лорънс не се доверява на мъжете и по-специално на нейния шеф Макалистър Тагърт. Тя смята, че Мак е плейбой, който сменя жените по-бързо, отколкото дрехите си. Кейт копнее да има дете, преди да изтече биологичния й часовник. И не намира друг по-достоен кандидат с отлични физически, психически и здравословни качества за донор на сперматозоиди от шефа си. Очаквайки да я уволнят, след като е хваната да тършува в офиса му една вечер, тя е изненадана от предложението да се представи за негова годеница и да го придружи на сватбата на братовчед му. В замяна може да помоли за всичко, което иска. Карън се съгласява и му казва направо, че иска той да бъде донор на сперма за бебето й. Мак е уморен да бъде обожаван от жени, които го искат само заради парите му. Когато среща Карън, той е изненадан, че тя има ниско мнение за него. Показвайки я на семейството си, Мак решава, че Карън е подходящата жена за него...

20. High Tide (1999)

A rising corporate star, Fiona Burkenhalter is a New Yorker through and through. When her boss sends her to the Florida Everglades to accompany a wealthy new client on a rustic fishing expedition, it may as well be another planet to city slicker Fiona. She's more than a little steamed at this detour from the executive fast track--until she meets the expedition's larger-than-life guide, Ace Montgomery. Entirely out of her element, Fiona becomes mired in a maze of hair-raising circumstances the moment she arrives in Florida. Inexplicably pegged as the prime suspect for a shocking murder, Fiona finds that her only ally is Ace. As an irresistible chemistry flares - and with their lives and hearts on the line--they turn up the heat in their desperate search for a killer.

21. Forever...: A Novel of Good And Evil, Love And Hope (2002)

Darci Monroe overcame a childhood of neglect with an ebullient spirit, a positive attitude ... and extraordinary determination. Now the resourceful young woman, hired as Adam Montgomery's personal assistant, devotes more than just professional attention to this devastatingly handsome millionaire. But one thing bars Adam from accepting Darci's love: he is intent on discovering the secret of his parents' disappearance, for she possesses the otherworldly abilities needed to help him fight a terrifying mistress of the dark arts. What Darci ends up offering is a gift greater than Adam ever hoped for, for Darci loves with all her heart, and all her soul, forever...

22. Forever and Always (2003)

Darci's psychic abilities have always guided her through hardship...and into a once-in-a-lifetime love with her rich, powerful husband, Adam Montgomery. When Adam vanishes in a mysterious accident, a grief-stricken Darci is left alone to raise their young daughter. But her instinct tells her the reports of Adam's death are untrue. When the FBI enlists her intuitive talents to solve a heinous crime, she agrees - if they'll help to uncover the truth about Adam. It may be a tougher deal than Darci imagined: she must go head-to-head with Jack Rose, a criminal whose mind power matches Darci's at every turn. Now Darci must discover if those in the highest circles of authority have her best interests at heart - or if someone intends to sever the everlasting bond she shares with her one true love.

23. Holly (2003) Кн.6 от подсерията Тагърт

A relentless campaign by phone, letter, and email has persuaded Hollander Latham's parents to purchase the home of her dreams: Spring Hill, a beautiful North Carolina plantation where Holly spent her memorable thirteenth summer. Now a successful architect, Holly is intent on reuniting with Spring Hill's neighbor and her love from that long-ago summer, wealthy heir Laurence Beaumont- - she dreams of working her way into Lorrie's heart while restoring his historic estate, Belle Chere. But as Christmas fast approaches, Nick Taggert - a mysterious stranger who makes her laugh and tempts her with a surprising passion - turns her plans upside down.

24. Always (2004)

Darci has never given up searching for her kidnapped husband, Adam Montgomery. But her quest has taken her deeper into the world of psychic phenomena than she ever dreamed - or dared to go. When the FBI enlists her help in locating the missing father of undercover agent Jack Rose, Darci signs on for the covert operation, not knowing that her attraction to handsome, sexy Jack is about to lead her into deadly territory - and into an era long past. For Jack has a protector, a mysterious nineteenth-century lady who pulls them into a time and place where Darci is stripped of her abilities. Can she find the key that links to the modern-day crimes she's set out to solve? And will a showdown with a wicked force from the past hold her hostage...for all eternity?

25. Someone to Love (2007)

It's been three years since his fiancee's mysterious suicide. and Jace Montgomery still hungers for answers. Stacy was kind, funny, and in love--why, on a trip to England. would she end her life in a room above a village pub? Then Jace stumbles upon a photo of a rambling estate tucked inside one of Stacy's books--and a cryptic note dated one day before her death: "Ours again. Together forever. See you there. . . ." Drawing on his family's vast wealth, Jace returns to England to purchase the unsightly Priory House--and soon discovers it is haunted by the headstrong ghost of Ann Stuart. Unraveling the ties between past and present with the help of a beautiful local journalist, Jace must at last reconcile his heartwrenching loss and his own hopeful future.

James River

0. Sweetbriar (1983)

Linnet plunged into the Kentucky wilderness, leaving behind the remnants of her life in London. But a savage Indian attack on the wagon train wiped out her fellow travelers, and left her alone in a harsh land...at the mercy of a fierce Shawnee tribe. When a handsome young brave claimed her, in perfect English, as his own, Linnet knew she was safe. Until the jealousy of his powerful chief forced them to flee on a hazardous journey, fraught with peril and treachery...a journey that threatened both their lives, and their very special love!

1. Counterfeit Lady (1984) Никол

Подгонена от Френската революция, младата Никол Куртален попада в Лондон, където става жертва на странна интрига. В това време от другата страна на Атлантика младият Крейтън Армстронг нетърпеливо чака своята годеница. Без да се замисля, той грабва Никол в прегръдките си още при слизането от кораба, за да разбере доста по-късно, че това не е неговата избраница. А съвсем чужда жена. Но дали те двамата дълго ще останат чужди...

2. Lost Lady (1985) Рийгън

Облечена само в една тънка нощница темпераментната Рийган - богата наследница на известна фамилия, побягва от дома на предопределения й съпруг. Залутана в нощната тъмнина по кривите улички около Ливърпулското пристанище, тя попада на един млад американец, на име Травис. Покорен от нейната невинност и красота, трогнат от безпомощността й, Травис прегръща нежно младото момиче, без да подозира, че тази прегръдка може да трае цял живот...

3. River Lady (1985) Лея

Уесли, красив покоритпел на женските сърца, неочаквано попада в затруднено положение. Един каприз на съдбата го сгодява за жена, която не е виждал никога. Отчаян той решава да заживее съвсем нов живот в дивия щат Кентъки. И тогава Уесли открива, че неговата годеница е съвсем различна от това, което черногледата му фантазия е нарисувала.


1. The Taming (1989)

HER LOVE WAS TOO PRECIOUS TO SQUANDER, TOO PASSIONATE TO RESIST... England's most valiant knights paid court to wealthy Liana Neville, but only the infamous warrior Rogan Peregrine made no secret of his powerful desires. His very caress melted Liana into liquid fire, and she vowed to capture this magnificent, wild man. Boldly the delicate beauty gave him her hand--and Britain's richest dower. Yet he was bound to a bitter feud: for love betrayed, brothers killed and ancestral land usurped. In Rogan's war-ravaged castle, Liana would lay her tender siege... to redeem his embattled spirit and win his untamed heart!

2. The Conquest (1991) Завоевание

Красивата Зарид Перегрин е гордостта на семейството си, едно съкровище, за което нейните сурови братя биха дали живота си, за да я защитят от древните им врагове Хауърд. Затова те я обучават в бойно изкуство и я обличат като момче. Но за великолепния рицар Търл Хауърд е достатъчен само един поглед, за да разбере, че Зарид е жена и то красива. И тъй като враждебността между двете фамилии става все по-голяма, Търл трябва да положи неимоверни усилия, за да спечели сърцето й.

Legend, Colorado, USA

1. Legend (1996)

Her wedding fast approaching, celebrated chef Kady Long knew she was the luckiest woman alive...until she slipped into a delicate satin wedding dress she found in and antique flour tin, and was overcome by an odd dizzy spell. When she came to, Kady was in the dusty western town of Legend, Colorado -- where a hanging was about to commence! With quick wits and more than a little moxie, Kady halts the proceedings, much to the relief of one Cole Jordan, a tall, thankful, and very appealing man. Now it's Kady's turn to enlist his help to find a way back home. But before long, Kady discovers a passion that she knows can only live in Legend -- until Cole reveals a secret that unites them in a way Kady never could have imagined...

2. The Teacher (1997) (in Upon a Midnight Clear)

A spirited Irishwoman comes to a rugged Colorado town to govern a young ruffian and learns a love lesson from the boy's father: there is more to the man than meets the eye.


1. The Summerhouse (2001) Лятната къща

Леcли, Мaдиcън и Eли cе cприятелявaт нa еднo oт нaй-неверoятните меcтa - нa oпaшкaтa в нюйoркcкия oтдел зa издaвaне нa шoфьoрcки книжки. Tе ca три крacиви и изключителнo тaлaнтливи жени, гoтoви дa превземaт cветa. Нo живoтът невинaги прoтичa cпoред млaдежките предcтaви... Деветнaйcет гoдини пo-къcнo те cе cъбирaт дa oтпрaзнувaт четиридеcетия cи рoжден ден в Мейн. Никoя oт тяx не е oчaквaлa пoдaръкa, кoйтo oткривaт в лятнaтa къщa - възмoжнocттa вcякa oт тяx дa превърне oнoвa, кoетo е мoглo дa бъде в реaлнocт...

2. Return to Summerhouse (2008)

Magic most definitely resides in the Maine summerhouse where the mysterious Madame Zoya has granted the innermost wishes of its visitors. Now, three women have come to this special place with one thing in common: a painful past they would each like to rewrite. Amy, who hides a heartbreaking loss behind her seemingly perfect marriage and family... Faith, a widow in her thirties whose deepest grief is for a man from years ago... and Zoya, an artist shunned by her hometown for reasons she doesn't know, after a traumatic night erased her memory.

Edenton Trilogy

1. First Impressions (2005) Погледни ме

Идън Палмър е на кръстопът. Крайно време е да помисли за себе си - та нали дъщеря й вече е омъжена, нека сама разрешава проблемите си. Какъв е изходът? За напусне Ню Йорк, да се пресели в малко градче в Северна Каролина и да заживее спокойно сред красотата, която я заобикаля. Тя обаче не подозира, че заедно с разкошната къща, завещана й от стара позната, е наследила и много опасни тайни... Не след дълго в живота й се появяват двама мъже - загадъчният Джаред Макбрайд и адвокатът Брадън Гранвил. Може ли да им се довери? Дали няма да загуби сърцето си?...

2. Carolina Isle (2005) Искам те

Ариел и Сара не предполагат, че идеята да си разменят местата, ще доведе до такива неочаквани последствия. Двете млади жени, приличащи си като две капки вода, години наред си разменят писма, но се запознават едва когато стават на двайсет. Южняшката красавица Ариел мечтае да спечели сърцето на мъж, който не подозира за съществуването й. Сара пък жадува да загърби досадното си ежедневие и да се потопи в живота на богатите, от който съдбата я е лишила. Само че в красивото градче в Северна Каролина ги дебнат неподозирани опасности. А най-грижливо пазените тайни и предателствата ще изплуват от дълбините на миналото.


1. Lavender morning (2009) Цвят на лавандула

Джуд Деверо завладява милионите читатели с умението си да описва онова, за което мечтае всяка жена: рицар с блестящи доспехи, който ще заплени сърцето й. Жената, която й завещава цялото си имущество, включително старинната си къща. Нещо повече – тя й завещава начин да промени живота си. И писмо, водещо към разбулването на тайна отпреди много години. В писмото госпожица Еди споменава, че е намерила идеалния съпруг за Джослин – красив млад адвокат. Странно, но ключът към загадката се крие в градче във Вирджиния, за което старицата никога не е говорила. Едно от условията на завещанието е Джослин да отиде в Едилин. Докато се опитва да разбули загадката на госпожица Еди, тя неочаквано се натъква на поразяващи факти, свързани с историята на семейството й и със собственото й бъдеще. И се запознава с мъж, чието минало също крие много тайни. Джослин е жена, обитавала два свята. Майка й се ползва от привилегиите на богатството, докато се омъжва за човек от простолюдието. След смъртта й мъжът й взима за съпруга жена от своята прослойка и петгодишната Джоси се превръща в аутсайдер. До момента, в който съдбата я среща с госпожица Едилин – жената, превърнала се в нейна майка, баба, приятелка и наставница. Жената, която е нейният щит срещу алчните й заварени сестри, защото чете душата й като отворена книга.

2. Days of gold (2009)

In 1766 Scotland, the laird of the clan, Angus McTern, has everything he wants in life. Although his grandfather lost the family's land and castle in a card game when Angus was just a boy, Angus takes his duties seriously and is respected by all the men and adored by the women. That is, until Edilean Talbot shows up. Breathtakingly beautiful and born of privilege, Edilean represents everything Angus despises. Still he is as dazzled by her as everyone else is, and he can keep his feelings hidden from her for only so long. When she rejects him he is deeply wounded and, worse, humiliated before his clan. But then the day comes when Edilean needs Angus's help, to reclaim the gold she inherited from her father, which is on its way to America. At first Angus refuses, but her beauty -- and her tears -- so haunt him that he puts aside his pride and decides to aid the heiress.

3. Scarlet nights (2010)

What if you learned that your fiance was not who he claimed to be? Engaged to the charming and seductive Greg Anders, Sara Shaw is happily anticipating her wedding in Edilean, Virginia. The date has been set, the flowers ordered, even her heirloom dress is ready. But just three weeks before the wedding, Greg gets a telephone call during the night and leaves without explanation. Two days later, a man climbs up through a trapdoor in the floor of Sara's apartment, claiming that he is the brother of her best friend and that he's moving in. While Mike Newland is indeed telling the truth about his identity, his reason for being there reaches far deeper. He's an undercover detective, and his assignment is to use Sara to track down a woman who is one of the most notorious criminals in the United States--and also happens to be the mother of the man Sara plans to marry.

4. Promises (2010) - vook издание

Ethne McTern, descended from an ancient Scottish family, knew exactly what she wanted in life: to observe everything and write about it. Unfortunately, in 18th century Williamsburg, Virginia, this is not an acceptable profession for a woman, so she is forced to write under a male pseudonym. She cannot envision ever finding a man who will understand and appreciate her passion. Jamie Armitage is a son of the wealthiest man in the country — and his family is determined that he marry a woman chosen by them. In order to avoid yet more arranged meetings, he escapes to the unchartered territories of America, where he has become a renowned explorer. Although the loneliness of his trips has made him long for someone to share them with, he can't imagine what woman could bear the hardships and dangers of his adventures. In the summer of 1800, to help a friend, Ethne agrees to tutor Jamie's nieces and nephews, who are spending the summer in Gracewell, South Carolina — and her trip coincides with one of Jamie's visits home.

5. The scent of jasmine (2010) Ухание на жасмин

Чарлстън, 1799 Катрин (Кей) Едилин Харкорт, красавица от благородно южняшко семейство и талантлива художничка, има куп обожатели. Всички очакват от нея да стане съпруга и майка. Животът й тръгва в неочаквана посока, след като кръстникът й Ти Си Конър, на когото тя гостува в Чарлстън, я убеждава да му помогне. Молбата му е повече от странна: Кей трябва да му помогне за освобождаването на осъдения затворник Алекс Макдауъл. Само че събитията не се развиват по план и от спасителка тя се в преследвана жертва. И докато с Алекс бягат от преследвачите, помежду им пламват неочаквани чувства.

6. Heartwishes (2011)

Gemma Ranford wants the job cataloging the documents of the Frazier family so much that she is ready to do battle to get it. Fascinated with history, and desperately trying to finish her dissertation, she's hoping against all hope that the papers will yield new information to invigorate her research. What she didn't expect to find is references to the Heartwishes Stone - believed by most to be pure legend - and said to grant wishes to anyone named Frazier. As Gemma learns more about the family -- and even begins falling in love with the eldest son, Colin -- it becomes increasingly clear that their wishes are actually coming true. Together, Gemma and Colin must work together to find the stone that's been missing for over one hundred years -- and with an international thief also on the hunt, the clock is ticking. Because in the wrong hands, no one named Frazier will ever be safe.

9. Change of Heart (2014)

In the hugely popular, New York Times best seller A Holiday of Love, Jude Deveraux wrote a novella about two kids playing matchmakers - Eli and Chelsea, best friends who were determined to find true love for Eli's bighearted mother. But what happens when these ambitious children grow up? What exactly made Eli's mother, Miranda, fall in love with Frank all those years ago? And how does that affect their future together? Eli and Chelsea lost touch with each other over the years, until Eli bought a house in his father's hometown of Edilean, Virginia, and invited Chelsea for a visit. She had her own life, and was certain that a childhood friendship couldn't be anything more, but she went nonetheless - and found herself quite unprepared for the changes she saw in Eli. And neither of them were prepared to run into a mystery, with a family that needed to be rescued.

Moonlight trilogy

1. Moonlight in the Morning (2011)

Readers will blaze through Deveraux's latest contemporary romance set in Edilean, Va. (after Aug. 2011's Heartwishes). Jecca Layton was raised in New Jersey, but now she's a committed New Yorker who manages an art gallery and hopes her own paintings will find an audience. When the gallery closes for the summer, she travels to Edilean to spend time with her friend Kim and possibly reconnect with Kim's older brother, Reede, whom she met as a teenager. While she doesn't remember also meeting Dr. Tristan Aldredge, he remembers her, and he's determined to get her attention. Borrowing from the Cupid and Psyche myth, Deveraux delivers a modern romance addressing relatable relationship obstacles such as the challenges of distance and the need to balance career aspirations. Tristan and Jecca's chemistry jumps off the page and effective backstory adds depth and realism to their encounters.

2. Stranger in the Monnlight (2012)

When Kim Aldredge was eight, she met a twelve-year-old boy named Travis who was visiting her hometown of Edilean, Virginia with his mother. Even though they were there under mysterious circumstances, that didn't stop the children from becoming friends. For two blissful weeks they rode bikes, played baseball, and read out loud to each other. They were ordinary things to Kim, but to Travis, they were oh-so-extraordinary. And Travis helped Kim discover her love of making jewelry, the passion that became her profession.

3. Moonlight Masquerade (2013)

After being abruptly jilted, Sophie Kincaid flees to the place her friend Kim Aldredge calls heaven on earth. But Sophie's first taste of Edilean is far from heavenly: after her car breaks down on a country road, she is nearly run over by a speeding sports car. A small act of revenge brings some satisfaction, and word quickly spreads that a gorgeous newcomer gave the driver, the notoriously bitter Dr. Reede Aldredge, a dressing down! But it isn't the first time the fiery artist has gone too far for payback; a secret possession she carries with her could shatter her ex-boyfriend's future. Reede Aldredge has secrets, too, including a desire to get closer to the beauty who is turning his dark world upside-down. Under the night skies, their masquerade is magic - but will it turn to stardust by the light of day?

Nantucket Brides Trilogy

1. True Love (2013)

Set on the magical Massachusetts island, True Love introduces characters from a new generation of Montgomery-Taggerts, the beloved family from Deveraux's classic novels. Just as Alix Madsen is finishing up architectural school, Adelaide Kingsley dies and wills her, for one year, the use of a charming nineteenth-century Nantucket house. The elderly woman's relationship to the Madsen family is a mystery to the spirited Alix--fresh from a romantic breakup--but for reasons of her own Alix accepts the quirky bequest, in part because it gives her time to plan her best friend's storybook wedding. But unseen forces move behind the scenes, creaking Kingsley House's ancient floorboards. It seems that Adelaide Kingsley had a rather specific task for Alix: to solve the strange disappearance of one of the Kingsley women, Valentina, more than two hundred years ago. If that wasn't troubling enough, Alix must deal with the arrogant (and extremely good-looking) architect Jared Montgomery, who is living in the property's guesthouse.

2. For All Time (2014)

At the wedding of Alix Madsen and Jared Montgomery, Jared's cousin Graydon can't look away from bridesmaid, Toby Wyndam. It's not just her quiet beauty or humour - Toby possesses the truly remarkable ability of being able to distinguish Graydon from his identical twin brother, Rory. According to family legend, such a gift marks her as Graydon's True Love. Graydon is heir to the Lanconian throne and must to marry a noble woman who has been chosen for him. Yet, intrigued by Toby, he asks her to help him hide on Nantucket for a week away from regal responsibilities. Knowing their union to be impossible, they promise to simply be friends.

3. Ever After (2015)

Life is anything but perfect for Hallie Hartley, a young physical therapist who has given up nearly everything - even her love life - for her beautiful blonde stepsister, Shelly. Though Shelly's acting career has never taken off, she has certainly perfected the crocodile tears to get what she wants - which all too often means Hallie's boyfriends. When Hallie arrives home early from work one fateful day, she makes two startling discoveries that will turn her life upside down: Not only has a mysterious relative left Hallie a house on Nantucket, but Shelly has been trying to steal it. Desperate to put her troubles behind her, Hallie impulsively flies to Nantucket.


The Enchanted Land (1978)

The Enchanted Land lay west of the bluegrass splendors of her Kentucky home, east of the gold dappled salons of San Francisco, beneath the star-spangled skies of New Mexico, and within the powerful and tender embrace of one man. Love had made Morgan Wakefield beautiful, for as Seth Colter's lips lit her heart afire, her tousled hair fell golden, her face blushed amber... and men could not live without her. From a Spaniard's captive to a land baron's wife, Morgan endures, for always she held in her heart the beloved caress of the man who defied a continent's dangers to possess her!

Casa Grande (1982)

SHE CAME HOME A SMALL-TOWN CELEBRITY BUT THE DREAM SHE FOUGHT FOR MADE HER A WOMAN OF THE WORLD Determined to repay those who had sacrificed for her, Laura Taylor turned her artistic drive to a fabulous dream. From the ruins of a Spanish mission, she would build a splendidly luxurious pleasure resort frequented by the world's most glamorous people. A woman of indomitable passions and remarkable strength, she was forced to deal with the jealousies and deceptions of those nearest her, and the crushing loss of the husband she adored. Overcoming the setbacks life put in her way, she was always the artist, creating grandeur and elegance. But her finest masterpiece by far was the great lady she made of herself.

Remembrance (1994) Спомен

Главната героиня Хейдън Лейн е авторка на любовни романи и се смята за една щастлива млада жена. За новата си книга Хейдън решава да се посъветва с екстрасенс. Той й казва, че в предишния си живот е била лейди де Грей. Хейдън е направо омагьосана, когато научава, че лейди де Грей е имала много любовници и една нощ е изчезнала при загадъчни обстоятелства. После се понесла мълва, че е отровила съпруга си и, че призракът й витае в неговия дом. Макар екстрасенсът да я предупреждава да не прави повече проучвания, Хейдън не оставя нещата дотук...

An Angel for Emily (1998) Ангел за Емили

Емили Тод, библиотекарка в забравено от Бога градче, води скучен живот и помага на егоистичния си приятел Доналд да направи кариера в телевизията. Безинтересното й съществуване обещава да продължи вечно до мига, когато Емили блъска с колата си един мъж. Двамата се впускат в пътешествие, което ще наруши всякакви земни и небесни закони...

The Blessing (1998) Благословията

Когато преуспяващият бизнесмен Джейсън Уайлдинг неохотно се връща в родния си град по молба на брат си Дейвид, той ни най–малко не подозира каква изненада го очаква там. Дейвид е запленен от Ейми Томпкинс – объркана млада вдовица с невръстно дете – и се нуждае от помощта му. Но съдбата им изиграва лоша шега и Джейсън се превръща в съперник на брат си за сърцето на Ейми. Тримата се изправят пред съдбовен избор, който ще преобърне живота им.

Temptation (2000)

New York City, 1909: A woman ahead of her time, Temperance O'Neil is happily married to her work-helping single mothers on the city streets-which she funds with her inheritance. When her disapproving stepfather, Angus McCairn, cuts off her income, an infuriated Temperance has no choice but to do as he commands: live, as a proper unmarried lady, in the family's home in Edinburgh. She soon strikes up a bargain with the elder McCairn to win her passage home by agreeing to find a wife for his nephew, James-a task few would dare undertake.

The Mulberry Tree (2002)

She had a perfect life. Then she got a real life... For nearly twenty years, quiet, unassuming Lillian Manville has devoted herself to her self-made billionaire husband--and enjoyed a luxurious life of splendid homes, trips, jewels, and clothes. But when James Manville dies in a plane crash, Lillian's grief is compounded by a shocking mystery: all that Jimmie has left to her is an old farmhouse in tiny Calburn, Virginia. Now, Lillian's unexpected circumstances are leading her to a made-over life in Calburn, an exciting business ... and a sweet new love with a handsome local man.

Wild Orchids (2003)

Since his wife's death, world-famous author Ford Newcombe has lived a solitary life, void of creativity--or love. Then Jackie Maxwell tears down the walls of his isolated world with her sassy wit and fierce intelligence. Ford's heart is touched by his vivacious assistant--and his imagination sparked by her knowledge of a strange story that drives them to a small North Carolina town brimming with secrets. There, they will trace the mystery of a woman said to have loved the devil himself . . . and discover not only the truth about a crime from the past--but a passion that holds the promise of a new life together.

Secrets (2008)

At age twelve, Cassandra Madden fell in love with Jefferson Ames, a young man she met at one of her mother's business conferences. Over the years, during periods of loneliness and struggle, Cassie held on to this unrequited love in order to cope with her isolated heart and the pain of a cold mother. Even when Cassie grew up, went off to college, and met a man she thought she'd marry, her heart yearned for Jeff. In a decisive moment, she breaks off the pending engagement and travels to Williamsburg, Virginia, where the now-widowed Jeff lives with his young daughter. Cassie becomes the child's nanny, but, even though she sees the object of her desire every day, Jeff has yet to even notice her.


The Invitation (1984) Invitation* Matchmakers* Perfect Arrangement

In 1934, Jackie O'Neill returns to her hometown of Chandler, Colo., an accomplished pilot and a lonely widow. Developing her air transport business can keep her happy as a pilot, and her new partner, William Montgomery, promises to make very cozy company--until Jackie realizes he is the same little Billy she babysat for many years ago. In the second story, Kane Taggert, who reluctantly agrees to guide four New York City women on a Colorado trail ride, may be enchanted by Ruth Edwards, a calculatingly charming widow, if only he can make it through the two-week trip without throttling Ruth's friend, bestselling author Cale Anderson. Experiments in shifting perspective and an outrageous soliloquy by Cale give the traditional plot some pizzazz. The last story, a historical piece, finds Dorie Latham enlisting Cole Hunter, "an aging gunslinger with no visible means of support and the beginnings of a paunch," to play husband and help her elude her sister's matchmaking scheme.

A Holiday of Love (1994) (with Jill Barnett, Arnette Lamb and Judith McNaught)

В този сборник Джуд участва с новелата Change of heart - Клопка за двама

A Gift of Love (1996) (with Kimberly Cates, Andrea Kane, Judith McNaught and Judith O'Brien)

В този сборник Джуд участва с новелата Just courios - От любопитство

Upon a Midnight Clear (1997) (with Margaret Allison, Stef Ann Holm, Linda Howard and Mariah Stewart)

В този сборник Джуд участва с новелата The teacher

Simple Gifts (1998) Вълшебства (with Judith McNaught)

Това е сборник, обединил новелите "Miracles" и "Double exposure" на Джудит Макнот и "Just courios" и "Change of heart" на Джуд Деверо, издадени първоначално в по-горните два сборника.

A Season in the Highlands (2000) (with Jill Barnett, Pam Binder, Patricia Cabot)

В този сборник Джуд участва с новелата Unfinished Business: New York Times bestselling author JUDE DEVERAUX unravels a ghostly murder mystery in an ancient Scottish castle.

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Carolina Isle (2005) - ИСКАМ ТЕ

Ариел и Сара не предполагат, че идеята да си разменят местата, ще доведе до такива неочаквани последствия. Двете млади жени, приличащи си като две капки вода, години наред си разменят писма, но се запознават едва когато стават на двайсет. Южняшката красавица Ариел мечтае да спечели сърцето на мъж, който не подозира за съществуването й. Сара пък жадува да загърби досадното си ежедневие и да се потопи в живота на богатите, от който съдбата я е лишила. Само че в красивото градче в Северна Каролина ги дебнат неподозирани опасности. А най-грижливо пазените тайни и предателствата ще изплуват от дълбините на миналото.

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Промяна в Edilean:

1. Lavender morning (2009)

2. Days of gold (2009)

3. Scarlet nights (2010)

4. Promises (2010) - vook издание

Ethne McTern, descended from an ancient Scottish family, knew exactly what she wanted in life: to observe everything and write about it. Unfortunately, in 18th century Williamsburg, Virginia, this is not an acceptable profession for a woman, so she is forced to write under a male pseudonym. She cannot envision ever finding a man who will understand and appreciate her passion.

Jamie Armitage is a son of the wealthiest man in the country — and his family is determined that he marry a woman chosen by them. In order to avoid yet more arranged meetings, he escapes to the unchartered territories of America, where he has become a renowned explorer. Although the loneliness of his trips has made him long for someone to share them with, he can’t imagine what woman could bear the hardships and dangers of his adventures.

In the summer of 1800, to help a friend, Ethne agrees to tutor Jamie’s nieces and nephews, who are spending the summer in Gracewell, South Carolina — and her trip coincides with one of Jamie’s visits home. When his unruly horse nearly tramples Ethne but she isn’t in the least upset, Jamie makes up his mind that she is the woman for him. Now he just needs to persuade her.

But in Jamie’s relentless pursuit of Ethne, they stumble on a mystery that has remained unsolved for years. They discover a long buried corpse, but they also find a ring so valuable that people are willing to kill for it. In order to track down the rightful owner, Jamie has to face a possible murderer — and Ethne will be forced to risk her life to warn him of the danger.

This addition to the Edilean series will only be available as a vook, allowing Deveraux devotees a special glimpse into the characters they’ve come to love. In this interactive new format, readers will be able to join Jamie and Ethne in the unfolding mystery, by viewing suspenseful videos of possible whodunit murder scene scenarios.

The picturesque setting of this love story is brought vividly to life in evocative film, and offers Deveraux’s fans a unique reading experience.

5. The scent of jasmine (2010)

Would you risk your life—on the love of a lifetime?

Charleston, 1799: A daughter of Southern gentility and a gifted painter, Catherine Edilean Harcourt has no lack of suitors at home in Virginia, waiting to fulfill her dream of marriage and family. But Cay’s adventurous spirit, fostered by growing up with her three brothers, is piqued while visiting her godfather in South Carolina. Bedridden with a broken leg, he asks Cay to fill in for him on an urgent task: on her way to a fancy dress ball, she must deliver a packed horse to an old friend’s son—who also happens to be an escaped convict charged with murdering his wife! Cay agrees to the plan, which doesn’t go at all as planned . . . whereupon she finds herself fleeing Alexander McDowell’s captors, riding blind into the night with the fugitive Scotsman. Though she should fear him, Cay finds herself overwhelmingly attracted to Alex, and drawn into his tale of misguided justice and his innocence as they seek refuge in the steamy Florida everglades. Will trusting him be the worst mistake of her life? Or will falling in love be the salvation both of them have been looking for?

6. Heartwishes (2011)

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6. Heartwishes

Gemma Ranford wants the job cataloging the documents of the Frazier family so much that she is ready to do battle to get it. Fascinated with history, and desperately trying to finish her dissertation, she's hoping against all hope that the papers will yield new information to invigorate her research.

What she didn't expect to find is references to the Heartwishes Stone - believed by most to be pure legend - and said to grant wishes to anyone named Frazier.

As Gemma learns more about the family -- and even begins falling in love with the eldest son, Colin -- it becomes increasingly clear that their wishes are actually coming true.

Together, Gemma and Colin must work together to find the stone that's been missing for over one hundred years -- and with an international thief also on the hunt, the clock is ticking. Because in the wrong hands, no one named Frazier will ever be safe.

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