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Каси Едуардс


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Cassie Edwards - Каси Едуардс е бестселъров автор на над 100 романа. Публикува средно четири-пет книги на година. Въпреки че първите й книги са класически исторически романи, по-голямата част от творбите й са свързани с индианските племена.



1. Savage Obsession (1983)

Orphaned by a brutal Indian attack, Lorinda faced an even crueler hardship when the innocent beauty was kidnapped by a lustful trapper. Until Yellow Feather, Chief of the Chippewa, rescued her--and transformed her life. But now, as the Chippewa nation falls under siege, Lorinda could be torn from Yellow Feather's arms forever.

2. Savage Innocence (1984)

Life in small-town Minnesota was too confining for Danette, so she left to seek a new life along the rugged frontier. She never expected to find her future in the arms of Gray Wolf, a magnificent Chippewa warrior who roamed the primeval forests. But danger and treachery awaited Danette in Gray Wolf's world, where she soon found herself caught between one man's passions and another's ambitions.

3. Savage Heart (1985)

Innocent young Christa Martin, threatened with an unwanted, arranged marriage to an older man, tries to battle her attraction to Tall Cloud, the powerful and handsome chief of the Suquamish, but his embrace overcomes her resistance.

4. Savage Torment (1982)

Taking over her father's lumber business was not the future free-spirited Judith McMahon had in mind. But his insistence on a trip into Chippewa country fired her with thoughts of adventure. She wasn't prepared for its shocking reality--a fierce, sensual Chippewa man.

5. Savage Paradise (1987)

Mariana Fowler detested Minnesota Territory. There were definitely no interesting men--except the Chippewa brave who saved her life. Joined in a forbidden union, the lovers risked becoming outcasts for a chance at a future together.

Savage Secrets

1. Savage Surrender (1987)

Strong-willed Brenda has escaped her family's murderers, only to have her anguish and fury challenged by the wilderness. Her only hope for survival lay in the forceful arms of an Ojibwa warrior--the kind of man Brenda had been raised to fear.

2. Savage Eden (1988)

Pursuing a forbidden romance with Miami warrior Strong Bear, beautiful Kentuc settler Pamela questions her heart when a terrible tragedy strikes her famil and all signs point to her beloved chief as the culprit.

3. Savage Splendor (1988)

Fleeing from her harsh uncle into the Minnesota wilderness, Jeanine finds hersef falling in love with Lone Wolf, a handsome Chippewa Indian chief.

4. Savage Whispers (1991)

Marilla was the lieutenant's daughter; Kohanah was the lieutenant's prisoner. In the sultry hush of a summer night, Kohanah's dungeon cell became a forbidden paradise of rapturous delight as Marilla surrendered to the fiery ecstasy of his powerful embrace. Torn apart by the twin forces of evil and injustice, Marilla vowed that nothing would separate her from the fierce yet tender Indian chief.

5. Savage Bliss (1990)

Entranced by her beloved and virile Gray Wing, Amelia is torn away by her family from her proud and magnificent Susquamish chief and taken to a an exotic shore, far from his touch but her hidden longings cannot be denied when he claims her as his forever.

6. Savage Dream (1990)

When she is captured by Shadow, a powerful Navaho chief, Maria, the sheltered daughter of a Spanish landowner, finds herself succumbing to the forbidden passion that rages between them.

7. Savage Dance (1991)

When beautiful half-Indian Kiriki is chosen to be the sacrifice in a Pawnee ritual, Sun Eagle, a powerful warrior, must try to save her, as they succumb to a forbidden passion.

8. Savage Persuasion (1991)

The award-winning Savage series is set on the untamed frontier, where rugged warriors share tantalizingly sensual adventures with young and innocent heroines. Lovely Brietta is captured by a Cherokee brave whose dark, smoldering eyes urge her to surrender. But Brave Eagle isn't the only Indian laying claim to her. . . .

9. Savage Promise (1992)

When a silver-eyed warrior appears out of the driving snow to rescue her from a vicious polar bear, Letitia finds herself enthralled by Kanuga, who vows to rid Alaska of all white trappers. Letitia fears she might not survive in the frozen North alone, but Kanuga's fiery passion convinces her that she could never survive without him. Other titles available.

10. Savage Mists (1992) Диви мъгли

ЖЕЛЕЗНИЯ ОБЛАК – Великият водач на индианците от племето омаха. Единственото, което той желае, е мир за хората му. Но постоянните оскърбления от безскрупулните правителствени агенти принуждават воина да избере опасен курс. Никога не се е замислял, че желанието за мъст ще го срещне с една жена, която може да изпълни всичките му желания. БЯЛАТА ВЪРБА – Млада, невинна и красива, Дамита отказва да се подчини на главатаря на омаха и той я грабва от новия й дом край границата. Но когато Железния облак завладява сърцето й с изгаряща страст и в дивите му прегръдки тя достига до висините на забранения екстаз, се заклева да преодолее всяко препятствие, което заплашва да я раздели от мъжа, събудил любовта у нея…

11. Savage Sunrise (1993)

Determined to prevent the nefarious slave-trader, Calvin Wyatt, from decimating his people, Osage warrior Yellow Thunder travels to New Orleans, where he falls under the spell of Wyatt's stepsister.

12. Savage Pride (1995)

The mighty Choctaw warrior Red Wing is powerfully drawn to a beautiful red-haired hellcat, Malvina, but it will take more than his caresses to tame her--it will take a love as pure and stunning as her beauty.

Wild Arizona

1. Wild Ecstasy (1992) (aka Savage Wrongs)

From the bestselling author of the Savage series comes this intense story of the undying love between a daring Chippewa brave and the beautiful daughter of an infamous Indian hater. Edwards is a winner of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award and its Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Indian Romance. Teaser chapter of Edwards' November Onyx title, Wild Rapture.

2. Wild Rapture (1992) (aka Savage Touch)

The award-winning author of Wild Ecstacy enchants readers with a story of unrelenting, untamed passion. Despite the warnings of his tribe, future Chippewa Chief Night Hawk cannot resist the beautiful, white artist who has come to paint his wilderness home. And Briana Collins matches his fervent desire with her own, defying her uncle's threats.

3. Wild Embrace (1993) (aka Savage Wind)

For years, Cassie Edwards has been satisfying her fans with authentic tales of bold beauties, exotic braves and the untamed wilderness. Now the author of Wild Rapture captures a lost age of romance when Seattle was a rough frontier. Flame-haired Elizabeth is abducted by the noble Indian brave Strong Heart, who shows her freedom and passion the wilds can ignite.

4. Wild Splendor (1993) (aka Savage Nights)

In the midst of the Civil War, Leonida is confined to a fortress deep in the Arizona Territory. With Indian haters all around her, Leonida finds that she can't resist her compelling attraction for Sage, a young Navaho chieftain. Risking her family's name and her reputation, she sets out to help the Navaho plan a daring escape.

5. Wild Desire (1994) Диво желание (aka Savage Storm)

ДВА ВРАЖДУВАЩИ НАРОДА ГИ ПРАВЯТ ВРАГОВЕ... С чудесната си червеникава коса и сиви очи, Стефани Хелън е пълна противоположност на известния " бял индианец", Бегача, осиновен от племето навахо. Когато пораства, той е избран за техен вожд. Висок, гъвкав и чувствен, Бегача вижда в лицето на Стефани жената, способна да накара кръвта му да закипи, и същевременно - свой враг. ЕДНО ИЗГАРЯЩО ЖЕЛАНИЕ ГИ ПРАВИ ЛЮБОВНИЦИ Железопътната компания на баща й е проникнала навътре в територията на щата Аризона, като с това нарушава обещанията си към индианците от племето навахо, което води до пълна покруса сред тях. Магнетичното привличане между Сабрина и Бегача отхвърля всякакви разумни доводи и заличава старата омраза между бели и индианци, но дори когато се опива от целувките й и се поддава на безумното си влечение към нея, Бегача се разкъсва от вътрешни конфликти - не може да бъде вожд на индианците и в същото време да свърже живота си с тази жена. А Стефани знае, че изборът му може да разбие сърцето й.

6. Wild Abandon (1994) (aka Savage Lies)

Joe Dancing Cloud, handsome Cherokee brave, lights the fires of love as he claims Lauralee Johnston as his bride. But the bond forged between this bronzed, proud man, and his shy, beautiful woman, is threatened as a red-haired Yankee villain from the war-torn past seeks to tear their union asunder.


1Savage Illusion (1993) Дива илюзия

ВИДЕНИЯ НА СЪДБАТА Джолена Едмъндс, индианка, отгледана от бели заселници, никога не е живяла сред своите хора. Но в сънищата й се явява един здрав и силен смелчага, който я изпълва с копнежи и страст. При едно пътуване през Монтана фантазиите на младата жена внезапно се превръщат в сладка реалност, когато среща смел воин на име Петнист орел. Изкушавана от желание, Джолена се отдава на страстта в силните прегръдки на Петнистия орел. Но един враг заплашва да ги раздели завинаги и да превърне тяхната любов в дива илюзия.

2. Savage Spirit (1994)

Set on the untamed frontier, Cassie Edwards' Savage series--awarded the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Indian Series--features stories of rugged warriors from different tribes and their tantalizingly sensual adventures with young and innocent heroines. In Savage Spirit, Chief Cloud Eagle has tamed the wild beasts of his land, yet one glimpse of the flame-haired Alicia makes him a slave to desire.

3. Savage Secrets (1995)

While scouring Wyoming for her outlaw brother in the wake of the Civil War, beautiful Rebecca Veach is taken captive by the Cheyenne and meets their strong yet sensitive chief, Blazing Eagle.

4. Savage Passions (1996)

Living among the virgin forests of frontier Michigan, Yvonne secretly admires the cheiftain of a peaceful Ottawa tribe. A warrior with great mystical powers and many secrets, Silver Arrow tempts her heart. But white men and Indians alike threaten to keep them apart forever. Yvonne and Silver Arrow will need more than mere magic.

5. Savage Longings (1997) Страсти и копнежи

Чарлз Клайн спасява похитената шайенска принцеса Снежна сърна. Силен, мъжествен, но с нежно сърце, той е всичко, за което тя е мечтала. Разкъсвана между дълга към племето си и страстта, която й обещава безкрайно щастие, девойката приема живота с Чарлз като единствена своя съдба.

6. Savage Tears (1997)

From the best-selling author of Savage Longings comes the tale of Minnesota Territory settler Marjorie Zimmerman and her handsome, proud Dakota Indian warrior, as together they fight to overcome the harsh opposition to their love.

7. Savage Heat (1998)

Ever since the sweltering summer day when Zoe Hawkins pinned on her father's tin star, she'd sworn to uphold the law in rough-and-ready Gracemont, Oklahoma. But how could the lovely sheriff maintain order when she couldn't even subdue her own wayward feelings for the mighty Kiowa chief, White Shadow? Every time he showed up at the jail to bail out his wild young braves, Zoe forgot the oh-so-correct colonel she was supposed to marry, and longed to surrender to forbidden desire.

8. Savage Wonder (1998)

Hunted by the fiend who'd killed his illustrious cousin Crazy Horse, Black Wolf fears for the lives of his people, even as a flash flood forces him to accept the aid of gentle, golden-haired Madeline Penrod. The raging waters of the Ohio River make all their lives precarious--as precarious as his control over his senses when he gazes into Maddy's welcoming green eyes.

9. Savage Joy (1999)

Raised in the world of white people, half-Iroquois Shanndel Lynn, secretly named Rain Singing by her Native American mother, is instantly drawn to visiting Shawnee chief Panther, who is the archenemy of the Iroquois tribe responsible for the death of hiswife.

10. Savage Embers (1994) Изпепеляваща жарава

Тя се появява пред него в нощта като видение - залята от лунната светлина - с коса като развихрен буен пламък, с изкрящо сини очи. От този момент любов, силна като неукротим див пожар, се разгаря в кръвта му. Жена, на която не може да се устои, ще я нарече могъщият вожд на арапахите и ще плени душата й с необузданата сила на желанията си. Меги намира закрила в жарката прегръдка на Ловен сокол, но край него се крие враг, който иска да разруши щастието им и да ги остави без нищо - само с мечтите, спомена за любовта, която не се е осъществила...

11.Savage Shadows (1996)

From the bestselling author of Savage Passions. Jae had lived all her life in seclusion in a mysterious region of Texas known as the Big Thicket. Even though she could outshoot, outwit and outhunt most any man in the territory, Jae was alarmed by the dangerous desires a halfbreed stranger roused in her innocent heart. Soon she found herself surrendering to the secrets of passionate ecstasy.

12. Savage Fires (1999)

Josephine Taylor Stanton had given up on love after she lost both her mother, and her desire to walk, in a train wreck. When her fiance left her, saying she was a broken woman, the beautiful lawyer thought that no man could look past her wheelchair and see the real Joe Stanton. But when the tall, handsome Indian chief, Wolf, walked into her office, she was drawn to the proud Ottawa leader and longed to feel his strong arms surround her.

13. Savage Grace (2000)

From the moment he saw her, her lovely flame hair spread about her shoulders like a glowing halo, Standing Wolf thought of no other. Shaylee was a vision-an angel with beautiful blue eyes that looked deep into his and saw his every emotion. She had rescued him, body and soul, and he knew that when he had finally claimed her as his one and only love, he would never leave her side.

14. Savage Devotion (2000)

Sailing the deep, clear waters of the Puget Sound, beautiful red-haired Janice Edwards is bound for a new beginning. Leaving behind the wealth and luxury she's known in San Francisco, she hopes to find a simpler, sweeter life in the towering forests of Tacoma . . . and a man who will love her for who she is, not what she has. But when the steamer Hope is wrecked by a sudden storm, Janice is rescued by a man like none she's ever known. Tall, with muscular limbs and a powerful chest revealed by his buckskin clothing, he is a Skokomish Indian-from all she's heard, a savage to be feared.

15. Savage Thunder (2001)

Wild and free, she stands poised on the brink of womanhood as she promises her heart to a handsome young warrior. But the virile brave is of the Mohawk tribe, ancient enemies of her own Oneida people. And when her turtle clan abandons their peaceful village by the river, she has no choice but to follow.

16. Savage Honor (2001)

Working in her family's tavern, where she serves drunks while dreaming of a life in high society, Shawndee Sibley is kidnapped by Shadow Hawk, a Seneca warrior out to save his people from the corrupting influence of the Sibley's alcohol.

17. Savage Moon (2002)

Misshi Bradley knew two lives. As a settler girl, she'd seen her family die, one by one, on the grueling trail west. Stolen by renegade Indians, she'd grown to womanhood with an Indian family. Now that the Indian maiden she's become is ready to wed, she longs for only one man, Soaring Hawk, whose golden body and raven hair fill her nights with dreams of passion. She sees in his eyes that he longs to awaken her to womanhood in his arms. But, even as she gives her heart to him, her mind questions the wisdom of her actions.

18. Savage Love (2002)

Lovely, golden-haired Dayanara and her father were on a mission for the Smithsonian Institute to track down the mysterious bones and uncover them, despite the danger. Not even her father's untimely death or a disapproving and disturbingly handsome Indian chief could prevent Dayanara from exploring the untamed Cree lands west of the Missouri River and proving her worth as an archaeologist. Any relationship between a Cree chief and a white woman was prohibited by both their peoples, but the golden woman of Quick Fox's dreams was more glorious than the setting sun.

19. Savage Destiny (2003)

Why would a wealthy Louisiana planter marry an Indian woman? townsfolk asked. Or raise two copper-skinned sons as though they were white? Only trouble would come of it. . . . Red Feather had grown up sensing a vital difference between his father's sons, and when his brother gambled away his mail-order bride, he knew that his younger sibling was obsessed with beating him.

20. Savage Hero (2003)

To the Crow people the land was a gift from the First Maker, a place of snowy mountains and sunny plains, where elk and antelope grazed by brightly tumbling streams. But Chief Brave Wolf knew that proud heritage was threatened by the pony soldiers under Yellow Hair's command, for they spread death and destruction wherever they rode. To Mary Beth Wilson, Custer's Last Stand meant the end of her marriage and a lonely trek back East with her young son David. When renegades attacked her wagon train, carrying off her beloved child, she thought her heart would break, until rescue came in the form she least expected.

21. Savage Trust (2004)

In 1867 the iron horse came thundering into the Wyoming Territory, bringing settlers to the new town of Cheyenne and forever changing the lives of the Broken Waters Clan. In the eyes of Chief Cloud Walker, the Union Pacific would bring nothing but trouble, but unbeknownst to him, his destiny would also be riding those rails. For beautiful, golden-haired Yvette, the train ride west to a new beginning had brought only death and disappointment. First her father had been killed by renegades, and then the man she'd promised to marry had been revealed as a reclusive cattle baron more than twice her age.

22. Savage Hope (2004)

With help from the guiding beams of the local lighthouse, the Makah Indians of the Pacific Northwest made a successful living from the sea. Chief Bright Arrow was proud of the quiet, peaceful life he led with his people. But his idyllic world changed the day he passed by a frozen pond and saw a golden-haired angel dancing across the ice as if by magic - until, after a loud crack, the young woman fell into the frigid water.

23. Savage Courage (2005)

Lovely Shoshana had been ripped from the arms of her Apache people to be raised as a white woman, far from the rushing waters and soaring mountains she had known as a child. But when she returned to Arizona Territory, a perplexing dream began to haunt her; a vision of a golden eagle carrying her mother to safety and beckoning her home. Despite her adoptive father's warnings, Shoshana knew she must answer the mysterious call.

24. Savage Vision (2005)

From her first sight of the shadowy ship with its tattered sails, Scarlet sensed it meant trouble. And when its lunatic captain forced her aboard, her despair knew no bounds. She could hardly believe her eyes when the stunningly handsome Indian she'd met just once appeared to save her. Chief of the Texas Cougar Clan, Hawke was forbidden to her - but as his dark gaze burned into hers, she knew it would be impossible to resist . . .

25. Savage Arrow (2006)

Saved from certain death by the brave Sioux warrior, Jessie Pilson knows her destiny lies with Chief Thunder Horse, but will circumstances beyond their control keep the two lovers apart?

26. Savage Beloved (2006)

Surviving a bloody massacre only to be captured by a vengeful Wichita chief named Two Eagles, Candy soon learns the ways of his people and discovers, at his hands, a passion unlike any she has ever known.

27. Savage Tempest (2006)

Ordered by his chieftain father to kidnap a white woman, High Hawk, a Pawnee warrior, is torn between duty and love when his beautiful red-headed prisoner captures his heart.

28. Savage Quest (2007)

Day in and day out, Annamae Jacobsen pretends to interpret other people's nighttime fancies, earning her way on the carnival circuit. But it is a life she hates, one she did not choose. A daring escape lands her in the arms of the most exciting man she's ever known: Chief Cougar of the Blackfoot tribe.

29.Savage Intrigue (2007)

Rescued in the remote woods by Chief Midnight Wolf, Sheleen felt she had found her true home at last. In his peaceful, hidden village, she would no longer dream of mysterious white wolves saving her from danger; in his bronzed, muscular arms, she would no longer feel alone. But Sheleen still had two men tracking her down, one enemy among the Wolf Band, and a secret that must be revealed.

30.Savage Skies (2007)

Shirleen has always been self-reliant and adventurous, but after dealing with a husband who beat her, the disappearance of her four-year-old daughter and kidnapping at the hands of the notorious Comanche renegade Big Nose, shes almost given up hope. When the most handsome man shes ever seen sweeps in to rescue her, she sees a man in whom she can finally put her trust. Her troubles might seem an overwhelming burden, but Chief Blue Thunders broad shoulders are equal to the task.

31.Savage Glory (2007)

Kaylene Shelton had always reveled in her life traveling with her father's carnival. But with her black panther, Midnight, as her only companion she sometimes longed for someone else. Like the man in her dreams. When Chief Fire Thunder of the Coahuila Thunder Clan of Kickapoo rode into her father's carnival to rescue his sister, Kaylene got more than she ever expected.

32.Savage Flames (2008)

After her husband is murdered and her daughter disappears, Lavinia Price ventures alone into the Florida Everglades, where she is rescued by Seminole chieftain Wolf Dancer, a passionate and gentle warrior who has a special gift.

33.Savage Abandon (2008)

Determined to find the men responsible for killing two young warriors, Wolf Hawk, attuned to the will of the Great Spirit, instead finds a beautiful auburn-haired beauty whom he makes his captive and lover.

34.Savage Sun (2009)

When Chief Eagle Wolf leaves his Owl Clan behind to protect them from the smallpox he's contracted, he doesn't know if he will live or die. The scales are tipped by a beautiful white woman who nurses him back to health and then captures his heart.

35.Savage Dawn (2009)

When she loses everything after the Civil War, Rowena Dowell must accept the invitation of a family frie.nd to live in a rough Arkansas logging camp, where she finds unexpected love in the arms of a handsome Cherokee chief.

Wild Tribes

1. Wild Bliss (1995) (aka Savage Darkness)

No maiden in the northern plains is as lovely as half-white, half-Indian Dawnmarie Garrett--or in such a precarious position. Long ago, she felt the passion of White Wolf, chief of the Chippewa. But that was before a band of renegade Sioux killed her father. In a world of great spirituality, would she be a Sioux slave or join her soul to White Wolf?

2. Wild Thunder (1995) (aka Savage Rage)

For Strong Wolf, Hannah was supposed to be the enemy, allied not only to the settlers he distrusted but to a man who coveted his land, the brutal foreman of her brother's ranch. He felt only sorrow could come of their love until the day Hannah rode into his lodge, fell into his arms, and began their hearts' journey into a place where neither betrayal or tragedy could follow.

3. Wild Whispers (1996)

Set on the untamed frontier, Cassie Edwards' Savage series--awarded the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Indian Series--features stories of rugged warriors from different tribes and their tantalizingly sensual adventures with young and innocent heroines. In Savage Spirit, Chief Cloud Eagle has tamed the wild beasts of his land, yet one glimpse of the flame-haired Alicia makes him a slave to desire.

4. Wind Walker (2004)

Yearning for adventure, Maggie Tolan convinces her mother to leave Boston-and everything they have ever known-for the wilderness of the frontier. But by the time she reaches the Wyoming territory, Maggie has lost her mother-and her desire to go on. Until she meets a Cheyenne Warrior who takes her breath away...

Dreamcatcher Indian

1.Running Fox (2006)

Nancy Partrain's life in pioneer Michigan has become a nightmare since her mother married her stepfather-who has involved her in his underhanded whiskey trading scheme. Then Nancy meets handsome Running Fox, chieftain of the Fox band of the Lakota tribe, who wants to put an end to her stepfather's corruption of his people. In each other they stir feelings of hope, freedom...and longing. Stolen away to eerie Ghost Island by Running Fox, Nancy finds herself falling for her abductor. But can she allow his tender passion to finally heal her wounded heart?

2.Shadow Bear (2007)

South Dakota 1850. Before he died from the Indian arrow that pierced his body while he was hunting gold outside Fort Chance, Shiona Bramlett's father, the colonel, revealed a shocking secret. Now, armed only with her father's map and her courage, she's determined to honor him-and to fulfill her own destiny. After a fierce prairie fire, Shadow Bear, Chief of the Grey Owl Band of the Lakota tribe, is desperately looking for his missing brother Silent Arrow. His search leads him to a beautiful woman in desperate need of help. Shadow Bear loathes the white man-but he cannot help but protect her.

3.Falcon Moon (2008)

After trekking across the country, Wylena is happy to arrive in Arizona Territory to reunite with her brothers, but less happy to learn of their troubles. Her brother, Jeb, is wrongly accused of scalp hunting. H e's also been courting a lovely Apache woman who is sister to Chief Falcon Moon. And the anger of the ruthless Mexican general on Jeb's trail is nothing compared to the ire of a protective sibling...

4.Raven Heart (2008)


Eugenia's Embrace (1982)

Eugenia Marie Scott looked like an experienced, sensual woman. But at sixteen, the naive girl with the emerald eyes, auburn hair, and enticing figure was ill-prepared for the harsh life she was thrust into: the rough and coarse gold-mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado. With his sky-blue eyes and coal- black hair, Drew Jamieson belonged to a new breed of men: men who scrabbled in the dirt for priceless nuggets of gold, men who lived reckless lives, men who never had enough cash, liquor or women. But he was an exciting man of adventure -- and the only man Eugenia could ever love!

Portrait of Desire (1982)

Desperate to carry out her plan of revenge against the man responsible for her parents' deaths, Jennifer Brewster is distracted by artist Nicholas Oglesby, and as their passion flares, so does a deadly scheme, threatening to destroy them both, in a romance set in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.

Rapture's Rendezvous (1982)

Leaving Italy for a better life in America, Maria Lazzaro encounters Michael Hackett--a man determined to expose the atrocities being committed against miners by Nathan Hawkins--and their passion flares as they reach the shores of America, where they battle the evils that await them.

Secrets of My Heart (1982)

Orphaned during a journey westward, young Lenora Adamson is rescued by rugged wanderer James Callaway, and she gives him her body and soul, but she wonders if her love can tame his nomadic heart.

Silken Rapture (1983)

When blonde beauty Glenda Galvez flees to New Orleans from Honduras to start a new life, she secures a servant position on a sprawling plantation, where she meets the devastatingly handsome Read deBaulieu, and as the flame of desire ignites between them.

Passions Web (1984)

Natalie Palmer was spoiled, pretty and innocent--no match for a pirate. Yet from the moment she met Bryce Fowler in Key West, her heart was his. He claimed her in a forbidden night of ecstasy, only to have treachery threaten to part them forever.

Elusive Ecstasy (1984)

Set against the backdrop of the Nevada territory in 1875, Kendra Carpenter crosses paths once again with Lucas Hall, a man who sets her senses on fire, and together they embark on a torrid journey of passion and love.

Island Rapture (1985)

Television talk-show hosts Lynn Stafford and Eliot Smith were constantly at each other's throats. Lynn could not forgive Eliot for high-handedly replacing her former partner and longtime friend - but neither could she deny the intense physical attraction that had sprung up between them at their very first meeting. Then Lynn and Eliot were sent to a remote tropical island to film some newly discovered ruins, and Lynn found that the heat of the jungle aroused an answering heat in her blood, melting her antagonism and releasing her from the inhibitions that had constricted her wary heart.

Desire's Blossom (1985)

When her family was lost at sea off the coast of China, 8 year old Letitia Taylor became the adopted daughter of a Chinese mandarin. Although her flame red hair was dyed black and her face was disguised with powder, little Lee-Lee could never forget her home in America. As the years passed, a fiery spirit and burning passion blossomed in the young maiden as well as a desperate yearning to see the outside world. And when an elegant American businessman captured her heart and mind, Lee-Lee knew she belonged with him. Timothy Hendricks was immediately drawn to Lee-Lee's beauty. As he surrendered to the desire aching within him,, he became entangled in the mystery of her past the peril of the present.

Forbidden Embrace (1985)

Despite her devotion to the Union cause, Serena Calvert surrenders to a forbidden passion with Wesley, a Confederate soldier, but the turmoil of the Civil War threatens to divide them forever.

Passions Fire (1986)

Fleeing from an arranged marriage aboard a stagecoach bound for Springfield, beautiful Samantha Johnston encounters devastatingly handsome Troy Gilbert, and as desire flares between them, betrayal, war, and dark secrets threaten to them apart.

Beloved Embrace (1987)

When the ship carrying Leana Rutherford and her family from New York to Texas is attacked by pirates, the lovely Leana is passionately drawn to a virile sea-bandit known as Brandon Seton.

Passion in the Wind (1988)

High-spirited Nadine Quinn's apprehension about her family's move to Australia quickly vanished when handsome Lloyd Harpster won passage on her father's boat for the long voyage. Swept off her feet by the charming Australian, Nadine struggled with their growing love--for Lloyd was a wanted man.

Enchanted Enemy (1988)

Determined to exact revenge on Corporal Steven Browning, the Yankee who killed her brother, by breaking his heart, spirited Rochelle Jackson instead finds herself attracted to the dashing Corporal and must choose between vengeance and passion.

Hostage Heart (1988)

A Gentle Passion (1989)

Faye Poincare was city-bred. Army scout Joe Harrison was a tracker. She despised his easy superiority. He didn't trust her. They came from different worlds, but contempt wasn't all they felt toward each other. For she was an alluring beauty, and he was as handsome as sin. In an untamed land they surrendered to an undeniable passion and discovered rapture in their heated embraces. Yet the fragile bond was threatened by hardship and mistrust till they faced the truth and learned that love was the only path to follow.

Eden's Promise (1989)

Falling in love at first sight with golden-haired captive Eden Whitney, pirate captain Zach Tyson realizes he will risk anything for her, including his adventurous life on the sea. Reissue.

Roses After Rain (1990) Рози след дъжд

АВСТРАЛИЯ Обширна и непокорена, това е страна, в която много мъже са изпитвали предела на своята смелост. Ян Лейвъри е един от тях. Той е повел непримирима борба, изправен срещу престъпниците, дивите кучета динго и безводието. ТЕЙЛА Красивата, но безпарична емигрантка е истинско предизвикателство за Ян Лейвъри, който чувства, че животът с нея може да бъде една безкрайна наслада. РОЗИ СЛЕД ДЪЖД Дива и сладострастна, тяхната страст минава границите на приличието, но никой от двамата не може да отхвърли една любов, непобедима като самия континент.

When Passion Calls (1990)

Melanie Stanton had been promised to Josh Brennan for as long as she could remember. But marriage was the last thing on her mind, until Josh's long-lost twin returned to take his rightful place raising Texas longhorns on the family's ranch. Shane was different from his brother as two men could possibly be.

Passion's Embrace (1990)

When beautiful Katie Lee Holden lost everything, masterful Bruce Cabot came to her rescue. But Katie Lee was determined to forge her destiny alone--and light up the stage of glittering turn-of-the-century Seattle. No one would stop her...not even the man she loved.

Touch the Wild Wind (1991) Докосни любовта

Дръзката красавица Саша Сиймур избира за своя съдба неизвестността и безкрайността на австралийската пустош. Единствената опора в борбата й срещу бушуващите стихии на природата и коварството на човека е куражът и силата на нейния съдружник Аштън Йорк. В сигурните му обятия и в нежната настойчивост на неговите целувки тя намира рай за своята любов.

Rolling Thunder (1996)

A strong-willed and beautiful woman attempts to rescue her twin brother from a Comanche tribe, but is soon captured herself. She never realized how handsome the Comanche chief would be--or the powerful hold he would have on her heart.

White Fire (1997)

National bestselling author Cassie Edwards proves again why she is one of America's favorite romance novelists with this thrilling 19th-century tale of a half-breed held captive by the Sioux in the Minnesota Territory. He must first escape and then fight to the death to win back his son--and the heart of the enchantress he has always loved.

Innocent Obsession (1997)

Life in small-town Minnesota was too confining for Danette, so she left to seek a new life along the rugged frontier. She never expected to find her future in the arms of Gray Wolf, a magnificent Chippewa warrior who roamed the primeval forests. But danger and treachery awaited Danette in Gray Wolf's world, where she soon found herself caught between one man's passions and another's ambitions.

Flaming Arrow (1997)

A beautiful young woman rides off into the wilderness alone, where she unexpectedly comes face to face with Flaming Arrowùan Indian warrior who has every reason to hate her. Her kind has driven his people from their home, and the last thing he needs is a woman whose beauty dazzles him, and whose awakening passion robs him of his reason. But a force greater than both of them has now brought them together...and will ultimately transform both their lives!

Bold Wolf (1998)

In the late nineteenth century in rural Maine, a beautiful young Boston socialite is expected to blossom into a lady of refined manners and delicate sensibilities. But despite what her parents and society expect her to be, she falls in love with the handsome Indian Brave called Bold Wolf, who ignites a passion within her soul.

Lone Eagle (1998)

In the wilds of 1856 Wyoming, the daughter of a white landowner and a slave woman escapes the harsh existence forced on her by her father, who treats her as a slave despite her fair skin. When her horse goes lame, she steals one from a nearby Crow Indian village, only to be caught by its owner, the proud Lone Eagle. But the warrior's anger quickly turns to passion for this willful woman, and her own desire for escape and freedom turns into something else entirely....

Silver Wing (1999)

In 1840, a young woman, bored by her monotonous existence at a convent school, stows away on a missionary ship with her priest and the bold young warrior Silver Wing. But a duplicitous servant of the priest arrives in the indian village before them, causing distrust and outright hostility between

the indians and the white man. Hardening his heart towards the white man and his god, Silver Wing imprisons all the white visitors, except the naive young girl.

Thunder Heart (1999)

Dede Martin thought she had found a good man to protect her fatherless boy. That is, until he attacks the nearby Ponca, leaving Dede and her son to be kidnapped in revenge. Against her fears, Dede soon melts with passion for her captor, Thunder Heart, whose fierce anger gives way to blazing desire. For he is a man whose strength brings her courage, a man whose love sets her free....

Winter Raven (2000)

It was desperation that led Holly Wintizer to pose as a bounty hunter and boldly set out to capture outlaw Jake Two Moons. Alone in the world, it was the only way the beautiful young woman could finance her true journey--to seek justice for her mother's death... It was loyalty that compelled Winter Raven to hunt for his renegade twin brother Jake Two Moons. It was the only way the fearless Indian warrior could honor his father's dying wish, even if it meant neglecting his own heartfelt needs--to find a new wife and a mother for his beloved daughter...

Sun Hawk (2000)

Adopted by the Ojibwa after his family was killed, Sun Hawk eventually becomes chief of his tribe, but he begins to find true fulfillment after he rescues a beautiful woman from the clutches of evil trappers.

Midnight Falcon (2001)

For newly widowed Chandra O'Banyon, the American colony of Jamestown is a terrible disappointment. Taking care of her overbearing brother and her young niece is not the life she had hoped for when departing England, and her heart longs for true adventure... For the fiery Powhatan chief Midnight Falcon, the survival of his people has always been first and foremost in his mind. But when he sees the young Chandra for the first time, he feels something stronger than duty, and more powerful than honor...

Fire Cloud (2001)

Engaged to a man she does not love and loyal to a father who demands her complete devotion, twenty-three-year-old Janelle Coolidge has come back to her native Missouri looking for answers.

Fire Cloud has never forgotten the golden-haired beauty he met when he was only a boy, orphaned and far from his people. Now a respected warrior in his adopted tribe, he longs to return to his homeland and reclaim his birthright.

Spirit Warrior (2002)

When a devastating Indian attack leaves her stranded in the untamed land of Wyoming, Denise Russler must accept the aid of a man she does not trust. A man called Spirit Warrior...

Storm Rider (2002)

An accident leaves young Tabitha Daniel stranded in the Wyoming wilderness, until she is rescued by an Indian tribe. Now grown up, this beauty is also a fearless warrior-with a spirit destined to get her in trouble... Chief Storm Rider has heard of the legendary white woman. But it's not until he meets her that he learns of her fiery side. When Tabitha steals his horse, he is forced to take her prisoner.

Racing Moon (2003)

A new arrival to America, Irish artist Maureen O'Rourke is commissioned to paint watercolors at a Lousiana cotton plantation. There, she spies a man in the woods-a proud and noble Chitimacha chief. He is called Racing Moon, and Maureen longs to capture his beauty on canvas. But when the chief returns her admiration, their newfound passion ignites the rage of Maureen's employer... Racing Moon's bitterest enemy.

Night Wolf (2003)

Having accompanied her father to Montana to open a trading post, Marissa McHugh falls in love with the wildness of the land. But her love for the land pales in comparison to the passion she feels for Night Wolf, the handsome, fearless chief of the local Cree tribe. Torn between duty and destiny, they follow their hearts down a forbidden path...

Proud Eagle (2004)

Lumber heiress Billie Shaughnessy has arrived in Eagle Bay to bury her father-and fight for what is hers. Unfortunately, the land her father razed may have belonged to another... Makah Chief Proud Eagle has every reason to despise the Shaughnessys. Billie's late father broke treaties, stole land, and caused mudslides which killed a number of the Owl Clan, including Proud Eagle's beloved wife. Proud Eagle is determined that Billie not take the last thing he holds dear.

Silver Feather (2005)

As a young girl in Mississippi, Diana Turner dreams of marrying her first love, a Choctaw Indian boy named Silver Feather whose family is enslaved by her stepfather. But when Silver Feather's parents are ruthlessly murdered, he's forced to flee Dettro Manor to save his own life, breaking the young girl's heart.

Swift Horse (2005)

After witnessing the murder of her parents at the hands of a one-eyed Indian warrior, Marsha Eveland swore she'd never forgive his people. But then her brother announces plans to marry Soft Wind, beautiful sister of the Creek chieftain Swift Horse. Now, even if she can accept her brother's betrayal, can Marsha come to terms with a new feeling she cannot deny-one that drives her into the arms of that same chieftain?

Her Forbidden Pirate (2009)

Key West heiress Natalie Palmer has never wanted for anything - not until a chance encounter turns her privileged world upside down. Bryce Fowler is different in every way from the pompous, wealthy suitors her father has in mind, and his seductive charm tempts her to make the most reckless decision of her life. Because Bryce is also a pirate, and once Natalie succumbs to their blistering attraction, there can be no turning back...


An Old-Fashioned Valentine (1993) (with Kathryn Kramer and Eugenia Riley)

В този сборник Каси участва с новелата Sweet Savage Dreams

Love's Legacy (1996) (with Madeline Baker, Mary Balogh, Elaine Barbieri, Lori Copeland, Heather Graham, Catherine Hart, Virginia Henley, Penelope Neri, Diana Palmer and Janelle Taylor)

В този сборник Каси участва с новелата Savage Fantasy

Baby on the Doorstep (1997) (with Lori Copeland and Susan Kay Law)

В този сборник Каси участва с новелата Tomorrow's Promises: Chief Walking Thunder believes that the blue-eyed woman he has found in the Montana wilderness is meant to care for his orphaned infant nephew --- and be his woman. But before they can revel in TOMORROW'S PROMISES, he must ease Davinda Norris's painful memories of the baby she was forced to abandon.

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