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Кристина Скай


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Christina Skye (Roberta Helmer) - Роберта Хелмер е родена в Дейтън, щата Охайо, САЩ. Завършва Университета на Пенсилвания и получава докторска степен по класическа китайска литература в Държавния университет в Охайо, където учи китайски, френски и японски. По-късно тя работи като преводач и като консултант на Националното географско дружество и Американския музей по естествена история. Живее в по-западните склонове на планината Макдауъл в Аризона.


Regency Era

1. Defiant Captive (1990)

An innocent beauty is kidnapped by a handsome, powerful lord who mistakes her for his missing wife. Once Alexandra's heart is conquered in a new burning passion, their rapturous love is threatened by the schemes of the lord's vengeful enemies.

2. The Black Rose (1991) Черната роза

„Пристига нова звезда на любовния роман. Рядко нов автор се появява на историческата сцена на любовното приключение с такава силна книга. Г-жа Скай с ръка на експерт слива в едно силни емоции, язвителност, патос, безумна чувственост и хумор. Нейното свежо докосване до емоционално обагрената любовна история просто ще наелектризира читателите, които търсят завладяващо четиво. Всеки един правдоподобен характер е описан с желание, любов… Кристина Скай ви държи в прегръдката си до последната дума и вие си пожелавате – да имаше повече такива произведения!"

Romantic Times

3. East of Forever (1993) Перлата на любовта

По следите на тайнствената "Книга на насладите", която единствена може да откупи живота на баща й, Чеси Камърън попада в непознатия за нея Лондон. Нито уменията, придобити в Шао Лин, нито ненадейната среща с Тони, когото вече десет години не може да забрави, й помагат да преодолее неочакваните изпитания. Коварните врагове са решили не само да попречат на мисията й, но и да й отнемат любовта, която най-сетне е на път да открие.


1. Come the Night (1994) Открадни сърцето ми

МРАЧЕН ПРЕЛЪСТИТЕЛ Наричат го Черния лорд и всички треперят от набезите му, тъй като в грабежите и прелъстяването той няма равен на себе си. Но сега дори неговата броня е пробита от една червенокоса палавница, продала честта и живота си, за да купи разбойника. СМЕЛА ЧАРОВНИЦА Отчаяна, упорита красавица, която прави сделка с прочутия разбойник - цената са страстта и сърцето й. ПЛЕННИЦИ НА ЖЕЛАНИЕТО Влюбени и ослепени от желания, те се срещат сред ухаещите на лавандула хълмове, предизвиквайки съдбата си... а отмъщението дебне...

2. Come the Dawn (1995) Индия

Скрила мъката си зад ослепителна усмивка, Индия Деламиър лекува разбитото си сърце сред светската шумотевица на Лондон. Твърдоглавата красавица среща офицера красавец, когото е мислила за мъртъв. Индия се озовава в свят на интриги и измама, твърдо решена да разбули мистерията.

Draycott Abbey

1. Enchantment (1991)

A dashing British viscount and a stunning American woman rekindle the flames of desire that burned between them a century earlier.

2. What Dreams May Come (1992)

Re-enter the ethereally beautiful world of Draycott Abbey, where Adrian Draycott, the resident ghost and caretaker resides with his ever faithful companion, Gideon. Once more, Adrian has been awakened with feelings of danger in the wind. He is feeling depressed, ever since he had helped his brother (in one of his many incarnations) find his way back to loving his reincarnated soul mate. With Nicholas and K.C. on their honeymoon, he is really annoyed that a woman has entered his precious Abbey. More annoying is the fact that without trying, his ghostly being has become quite real, flesh and blood! And, this woman has aroused in him feelings in his, shall we say, man-parts, that haven't been aroused in centuries!

3. Hour of the Rose (1994)

When a rugged ex-Royal Marine commando and a beautiful archaeologist arrive at Draycott Abbey, they are fated to repeat the romance of a pair of tragic lovers in the abbey's medieval past.

4. Bride of the Mist (1996)

Experiencing a psychic vision that eventually draws her into the centuries-old world of Duncan MacKinnon, gifted writer Kara Fitzgerald becomes enmeshed in the enigmatic laird's Highland battle against a deadly enemy.

5. Bridge of Dreams (1995)

To claim the fortune bequeathed to her, Cathlin O'Neill must spend a week in the British abbey where her mother was murdered, accompanied by her co-inheritor, a former royal bodyguard who must protect her from a danger still lurking.

6. Key to Forever (1997)

Alexei Cameron, a British earl with Gypsy blood, shared a memorable night with a stranger who vanished. Now she's back in his life--bound to him on a chilling mission. Joanna Russell, a tour guide at Draycott Abbey and a weapon's expert, must join forces with Alexei to find a missing ancient sword.

7. Season of Wishes (1997)

Having been kidnapped as a child, heiress and businesswoman Jamee Night fears that she may be in danger again and hires Ian McCall to protect her, and their subsequent holiday romance is overseen by the ghosts of Draycott Abbey.

8. Enchantment (1998)

When art conservator Kacey Mallory travels to the beautiful and mysterious Draycott Abbey in a remote corner of England to verify the authenticity of a newly-discovered James Whistler masterpiece, little does she suspect that something far more precious awaits her; nothing less than echoes of her past, the promise of her future, and a dashing British viscount...the man who is her destiny.

9. Christmas Knight (1998)

Hope O'Hara desperately needs a Christmas miracle or she'll lose her beloved Glenbrae House forever. Just when she thinks all is lost, a mysterious stranger comes riding into her life. From the moment she first sees him, Hope instinctively trusts Ronan MacLeod, but she doesn't quite know what to do when her valiant--and virile--rescuer claims that he's...a medieval knight!

10. The Perfect Gift (1999)

Artist Maggie Kincade's prize in a prestigious art competition is a stay in beautiful Draycott Abbey, where she will meet Jared MacNeill, a mysterious, intriguing man who seems to shadow her around the place, jumping out to rescue from her danger at the most opportune moment.

11.Bound by Dreams (2009)

American travel expert Kiera Morissey is adept at getting in and out of tight spots. But when a deathbed promise brings Kiera back to Draycott Abbey, she meets rugged Scotsman Calan MacKay, and her life is changed forever. For fifteen years, changed by turns to a swift creature of night, Calan has used his deadly strength and speed to protect. But he wakes with bruises on his body and blood on his hands. And Kiera may be the key to getting his life back. Calan stirs emotions in Kiera that she's never felt before. Getting in and out may be her skill, yet she finds it impossible to leave the abbey until she's unraveled its mysteries, and Calan's dark secret. But will the shadows from the past and an ancient vow of evil threaten the future they may have together?

12.Fallen (2011)

In a night of dreams and danger, a Crusader knight is torn from the past on a mission of honor--and deadly revenge. Only through magic can he protect the innocence of a stubborn woman who has learned to trust no one. While the deadly fog of a London graveyard closes around them, they will fight an eternal desire and test the strength of their trust -- even as their oldest enemies wait.

Navy SEALs

1. 2000 Kisses (1999)

P.R. whiz Tess O'Mara is burned out. She's looking for a change. Something wild and crazy. The year 2000 has arrived. And that's when the trouble begins. A computer glitch has deposited one million dollars into her bank account. Problem is, it's somebody else's money, somebody who's willing to kill to find it-and Tess has already spent a big chunk of it on a new wardrobe and a powder-blue Mercedes convertible. Suddenly Tess is running for her life, as fast and as far as she can go . . . until she reaches the sleepy desert town of Almost, Arizona. Sheriff Jake McCall, a dead ringer for Mel Gibson, is there to catch her as she careens into town and collapses from heatstroke in his arms. Jake's prepared for anything-except the spoiled city slicker with trouble in her wake. The last thing he expects is to fall for her. But as danger tracks Tess to her door, something unexpected happens that will transform two very different people, and one dusty, dead-end town, forever.

2. Going Overboard (2001)

Carolina sullivan needs a man's body bad. . . . Only the most gorgeous hunk will save fast-track photographer Carly Sullivan's job, but finding the right man isn't easy when you're on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean and the model you hired turns out to be a disaster. With her hopes sinking faster than the Titanic, Carly spots the most beautiful man she's ever seen. Ford McKay swears he's a rancher from Wyoming, but Carly has her suspicions. Then all hell breaks loose in their island paradise and the sexy stranger is all that protects Carly from a hail of bullets. Ford McKay knows that mixing business and pleasure can be murder, and he's not about to compromise his current mission for an obstinate redhead who can't forget her camera for a nanosecond. But when Carly is wounded, the rugged Navy SEAL can't just walk away. As fate forces the two into excruciatingly close quarters, Ford finds his heart taking a tumble. Soon the straight-arrow SEAL discovers that with the right woman, going overboard can be unforgettable.

3. My Spy (2002)

Annie O'Toole has a past.... The last time Annie saw Sam, they were lying in each other's arms beneath a canopy of stars. Now Annie paces a secluded airfield at midnight, awaiting the arrival of an unmarked Navy helicopter. Her assignment: Get this Navy SEAL back into fighting form pronto-and keep his identity a secret. But who's going to protect her from a man who looks at her as if she were a stranger and who doesn't remember the one night she'll never forget? His name is Sam McKade. Six foot four inches of tough, trained professional, Sam risked his life in an act of rare courage, saving a busload of schoolchildren from certain death. But becoming America's newest media hero can be dangerous for a man with an undercover past. Sam could do a lot worse than this secluded beach resort. Ditto the sexy therapist who seems maddeningly familiar-if he only knew where or when. But he's about to find out-as a dangerous enemy surfaces out of his shadowed past, leaving a trail of bodies right to Annie's door.

4. Hot Pursuit (2003)

He's hot. He's tough. He's dangerous...

Bestselling suspense writer Taylor O'Toole has a huge problem--almost overnight, her quiet, humdrum life is starting to resemble one of her novels. Who knew that a little unofficial surveillance for a friend would backfire--throwing her into the crosshairs of a stalker? And why does her sexy new neighbor always seem to turn up when things start heading south?

He's a Navy SEAL with a top secret mission: her!

When Navy SEAL Jack Broussard is called back from a dangerous mission, the last thing he expects is a top secret assignment protecting a beautiful mystery writer. Jack can drop a kidnapper with his bare hands, run airtight surveillance, and cook a mean lasagna, but tangling with his unpredictable neighbor is enough to drive any man crazy. Like it or not, his new orders are to keep Taylor O'Toole in his sights--after all, she could be a key link in the government search for a missing Navy scientist. But when an attempt on Taylor's life ratchets up the stakes, Jack knows he'd better watch his heart. Because suddenly the chase is on . . . and seduction has never been so close. Or so dangerous.

5. To Catch A Thief (2008)

Nell MacInnes can spot a forgery from a mile away. After all, she learned from the best -- her father is one of the art world's most notorious thieves. His brutal beating by the very authorities who claim to keep the world safe from harm taught her one more valuable lsson -- trust no one. The last thing rugged navy SEAL Dakota Smith needs on his mission is a tempting woman he doesn't trust. But a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci has gone missing, and the art conservator's skill in detecting forgery would be invaluable, if only her ties to the criminal world are as dead as she says they are. Soon an edgy partnership and white-hot attraction are forged between Nell and Dakota as they race to Draycott Abbey to track down a ruthless criminal with terrorist ties before time runs out -- and the da Vinci is lost forever.

Code Name

1. Nanny (2004)

Forget about counterterrorism, organized crime, and money laundering. Female FBI agent Summer Mulcahey is about to enter the terrifying world of ballet classes, science tutorials, and carpooling. After working six months straight on a hideous kidnapping case, all Summer Mulcahey wants is a serious dose of sun, surf, and sangria. Instead she gets her craziest assignment yet---going undercover as a nanny for the family of San Francisco's female DA, who's poised for a splashy, high-society wedding to the country's most popular senator.

2. Princess (2004)

Jess Mulcahey's life gets complicated in a hurray when she finds herself babysitting a top-secret koala bear. As Jess's world gets tossed into the whirlwind of Navy SEALS and ransom deadlines, her best hope may be to hang on for the ride. With CODE NAME: PRINCESS, Christina Skye features her signature blend of seduction and adventure that readers have come to love.

3. Baby (2005)

The dogs' unsuspecting civilian trainer, Kit O'Halloran doesn't know that deadly mercenaries are determined to kidnap her charges. With puppies to find and bullets to dodge, there's no time to waste -- so why is Kit pressed against an adobe wall by moonlight, reveling in the hot magic of Wolfe's slow, skillful hands? Wolfe is fascinated by Kit's devotion to her puppies, especially Baby, the incorrigible runt of the litter. But two other civilian trainers have died under strange circumstances -- and a foreign government has just posted a staggering bounty for Kit's capture. Before Wolfe can explore their burgeoning attraction, the two are on the run, forced to guess which of their secret contacts is friend . . . and which is deadliest foe. Only Baby can lead them through the storm to safe haven in each other's arms. Good dog!

4. Blondie (2006)

Miki is living every woman's fantasy -- stranded on a desert island with a rugged navy SEAL. But little does Miki know she's a suspect in an international high-tech robbery, and her steely-eyed companion is ready, willing and able to do anything to make her talk. Navy SEAL Max Preston doesn't buy one word of his gorgeous captive's rambling story as he carries her up the beach. Yeah, she's got curves in all the right places, but Max has a nose for a con -- and there's no way he'll let his iron control waver. Now a hurricane's headed their way, and for Max and Miki time is running out fast. Can they team up as friendly forces -- and use Max's amazing canine companion to escape before a deadly villain takes his twisted revenge?

5. Bikini (2007)

Ex-cop Gina Ryan traded in her Smith & Wesson to follow a dream. Now she's creating decadent desserts aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean. But a gorgeous passenger is about to send her perfect world up in smoke. Trace O'Halloran is a hard-edged navy SEAL, under strict orders to take some high seas R & R. There's a shipload of women in bikinis eager to help him unwind, so why can't he take his mind off the stubborn pastry chef with an attitude the size of Montana? When a dangerous assassin from Trace's past appears, Gina and Trace must join forces to save the ship's guests. The clock's ticking, and they'll need every weapon at hand— from body armor to chocolate ganache!

Summer Island

1. A Home by the Sea (2011)

Grace Lindstrom has followed her fiancé across three continents, starry-eyed and full of dreams. But when he dies in a plane crash, Grace discovers that their life together was the cruelest kind of lie - and swears to never lose herself to that kind of love again. Until one night, when a chance encounter leads her to the kind of man she's always dreamed of - and the deep family ties she's never known. Noah McKay knows he can't offer Grace any kind of future - not when he spends every day putting his life on the line. But when Grace's grandfather suddenly falls ill and she's called home to the small island town where she grew up, he realizes he can't live without her. Aided by good knitting, good chocolate and deep friendship, Grace is slowly learning to trust again - but can she learn to love a man whose secrets run so deep?

2. The Accidental Bride (2012)

When her friends order her to take a vacation, celebrity chef Jilly O'Hara is skeptical. She may be overwhelmed by her sudden success, but a trip to the mountains is not her idea of fun. Especially when a snowstorm forces her to fill in for an absentee bride in a lavish television wedding taking place at the resort. But then the ruggedly handsome make-believe groom arrives.... Walker Hale has kept to himself since his return from active duty-but the next thing he knows, he's reluctantly playing along with the wedding charade. Even this jaded loner isn't immune to Jilly's quirky charm...or her beauty. But Jilly has to return home to Summer Island, leaving Walker to decide if the feelings between them were something more than pretend.


The Ruby (1992) Рубинът

„Окото на Шива" е рубин, който според древна цейлонска легенда притежава свръхестествена способност да дарява мъжете със сила и всемогъщество. Вплетени във властната му магия се оказват двама смъртни врагове - Деверил Пейгън - смел и авантюристичен английски благородник и Джеймс Ръксли - човек, който не се спира пред нищо, за да увеличава богатството си. В безпощадната война между тях е въвлечена и една жена - прекрасната Барет, която неволно става оръдие в ръцете на Ръксли. Съдбата обаче среща Барет и Деверил Пейгън на цейлонския бряг и ги потапя в изпепеляващия огън на една трудна, завладяваща и дива като самата джунгла любов…

A Walk Down the Aisle (1999) (with Elizabeth Harbison)

The Trousseau by Christina Skye. Designing gowns for Europe's elite brides is as close to the altar as Summer O'Rorke plants to get. The lovely American won't be shackled to any man. Lord Dane St. Pierre is wedded only to dangerous work and intrigue. Can one extraordinary evening together make them believe in the bonds of matrimony?


Haunting Love Stories (1991) (with Shannon Drake, Betina Krahn, Linda Lael Miller and Katherine Sutcliffe)

В този сборник Кристина участва с новелата Enchantment - кн.1 от поредицата Draycott Abbey

Bewitching Love Stories (1992) (with Rebecca Brandewyne, Shannon Drake, Kasey Michaels)

В този сборник Кристина участва с новелата What Dreams May Come - кн.2 от поредицата Draycott Abbey

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