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Шърл Хенке


2622 прегледа

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Shirl Henke - Шърл Хенке живее в Сейнт Луис заедно със съпруга си Джим, пенсиониран професор по английски, моряк, шофьор, барман и джудо инструктор. Техният син Мат, след завършване на USAF, работи в областта на телекомуникациите.


Old California Couplet

1. Golden Lady (1986)

A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY... Esteban Santandar, heir to a vast cattle empire in Sonora, had been educated in Europe and spent much of his life in gold rush California. Part Spanish aristocrat, part Yankee businessman, he straddled both worlds uneasily, not fitting in either one. A WOMAN WITHOUT A PAST... Amanda Whittaker seemed to be a pampered heiress, a magnificent golden lady, living as the darling niece of a wealthy San Francisco merchant. But she had buried her tragic early life, which included escape from a bordello...and worse.

2. Love Unwilling (1987)

A REBELLIOUS FIRSTBORN SON Big, blond and defiant, David Kane refused his family's plans for a dynastic marriage, escaping to the California gold fields with an Irish saloon girl he had won in a poker game. The mirror image of his sire, David became one of San Francisco's self-made millionaires. He could not guess what his run of fortune would cost the woman he loved. A DUTIFUL YOUNGER BROTHER Wrenched from the seminary in his last year, Miguel had always been ignored by his father...until the shy bookish youth agreed to save their southern California estates by wedding a spoiled beauty who resented the forced match as much as he. Although Mike excelled at running the vast Kane holdings, he was an insecure young husband, deceived into believing his wife had betrayed him. INHERITANCE OF STRANGERS Miguel and Ellie were caught in a web of treachery when they inherited their fathers' huge ranches. Only with the return of the prodigal David and his Kate did the brothers and their women unravel an evil that had driven them apart and threatened their very lives

Texas Trilogy

1. Cactus Flower (1988)

Jim Slade has his hands full. Not only does he own one of the largest ranches in the fledgling Republic of Texas, but he is a long-time secret agent for President Sam Houston. To further complicate matters, he begins to suspect his aristocratic fiancée is a spy for the Mexican government eager to reconquer the Republic. Slade does not need any more trouble...but he gets it when Chastity Charlene McAllister crashes into his life. "Gone-to-Texas" in search of her ner-do-well brother, Charlee is not much larger than her scrofulous tomcat, Hellfire. The pint-sized Missouri hill girl turns life on Bluebonnet Ranch upside down, gets tangled up with a British agent playing his own version of "Texas Hold'em," finds herself kidnapped by a vicious comanchero, and drives an enraged Slade to distraction. He alternately wants to strangle her or make love to her, and cannot decide which until his prickly Cactus Flower tempts him once too often. Charlee's fate, as well as that of the Republic is on the line, and a man has to do what a man has to do.

2. Moon Flower (1989)

Little more than a spoiled boy, Raphael Flamenco leaves New Orleans for the new Republic of Texas to drag his willful Yankee wife back to civilization. She is his "property" and she will damned well get used to her new role as a proper Creole wife. If Texas doesn't kill a man first, it has a way of making him grow up. Raphael quickly learns that there are no artificial codes of honor in this brutal land. When men fight, they fight like animals to survive. He learns that his best friend can be a half-breed Cherokee. And this Creole son of slave owners finds out what it means to be a slave himself. The Comanche are thorough teachers. But Raphael Flamenco survives to become the tough, hardened Texian, Rafe Fleming, who never abandons his search for the woman he cannot stop loving. Boston abolitionist Deborah Manchester falls so deeply in love with her handsome Creole husband that she tries to adjust to his world, a society steeped in moral hypocrisy and casual cruelty. But when she discovers that she carries her husband's child, she vows that her babe will not be tainted by the same social "poison" that infects her husband. He will not change, so she must. "Gone-to-Texas" as a runaway wife posing as a widow, she learns on the raw frontier that she possesses strengths she never imagined. Yet in her lonely bed at night, she still dreams of Rafael's heated touch.

3. Night Flower (1990)

No man, with either Bowie knife or Colt, can best Lee Velasquez. As a youth of twenty-two, he returned to his ranch one day to find the body of his young bride, raped and killed by renegades calling themselves "rangers." After exacting bloody vengeance, Lee flees Texas for the vast wastes of the Apachería and life as a scalper. Years later, he is back in Texas filled with anger, guilt, and a compelling need to rebuild his heritage in the home of his youth. No man, whether eighteen or eighty, can resist the ebony-haired, gold-eyed beauty of the "Night Flower," Melanie Fleming. Educated in Boston, she returns to her family in Texas transformed into a radical crusader for abolition, women's suffrage and temperance. Like Velasquez, she seeks to escape a troubled past filled with guilt and shame. But Melanie and Lee share a history stretching back to childhood. Each cherishes a passionate dislike for the other, but "passionate dislike" can mask another kind of passion, one that forces them into a shotgun wedding. Two proud and lonely people will find an amazing love that scorches hotter than the Texas sun.

Discovery Duet

1. Paradise and More (1991) Аарон и Магдалена

ААРОН - Втори след Христофор Колумб, той тръгва към Индия, за да търси приключения в новия свят и да избяга от преследване в стария. МАГДАЛЕНА - Объркана между страстта на крал Фернандо и ревността на кралица Изабел, тя тръгва след мъжа, когото обича още от детинство, готова да го следва в пътуването му отвъд в непознатото. НОВИЯ СВЯТ - През бурните океани, отвъд бариерите, които поставя религията, те откриват рая, пълен с опасности, но и с неповторими преживявания.

2. Return to Paradise (1992) Завръщане към Рая

Омайна красота и отлично възпитание е всичко, което Мириам желае да притежава нейният съпруг. Аристократът Бенхамин Торес е съвършеният партньор за своенравната дъщеря нцй-богатия търговски принц в Марсилия. Но от мига, когато вижда брата на Бенхамин, тя започва да мечтае за бронзовото тяло на Риго, за неговите язвителни черни очи, които я изкушават и подтикват към прегрешение. В навечерието на своя годеж Мириам се разкъсва между двамата братя: обречена на единия - богат, честен и незлоблив - и тайно компрометирана от другия, чиято измчена душа е черна като самата нощ. Кратките часове на екстаз и предателство изправят брат срещу брат и запалват огнена буря от страст, която само любовта може да потуши.

Santa Fe Trilogy

1. Night Wind's Woman (1991)

Proud and untamable as a lioness, Orlena vows she will never submit to her renegade Indian captor, who nightly teases her body into a frenzy of longing. For though his touch promises ecstacy, his long-ago betrayal has made him Orlena's enemy. But a bond even stronger than love will make her Night Wind's woman.

2. White Apache's Woman (1993) Жената на Белия апах

Аристократ по рождение, но отгледан от апахи, Червения орел е ренегат по съдба. Бягайки от миналото, той няма никакво желание да бъде омаян от красавицата, която го наема за водач по опасния път към Санта Фе. Елайза Лувоа, загадка и заплаха едновременно. Нейните студени виолетови очи не издават нищо от тайните й, но топлото й, желано тяло оживява при неговите възбуждащи милувки. Тя рискува да бъде вкарана в затвора, да бъде хваната от индианците, да бъде пометена от торнадо, но свято пази правото на своето уязвимо сърце. Запленен от нея, Червения орел е сигурен в едно - духовете да определили тя да бъде...

3. Deep As the Rivers (1997)

The best-selling author of Bride of Fortune follows the passionate romance between Olivia St. Etienne, a beautiful, orphaned woman, and Army Colonel Samuel Shelby as they confront Indians and the harsh frontier.

Colorado Couplet

1. Terms of Love (1992)

Eager to produce a male heir for her family's freighting empire, single Cassandra Clayton rescues Steve Loring from the hangman's noose in return for his stud services.

2. Terms of Surrender (1993) Условие за капитулация

КОМАРДЖИЯТА - Само седмици след пристигането си в града, дяволския привелекателния Рис Дейвис вече завладял половината от Старлайт, Колорадо... Но там има една"собтвеност", която той би искал да притежава на всяка цена. ЛЕЙДИ - Блестящата красавица и дъщеря на първата фамилия в Старлайт, Виктория ненавижда крещящата арогантност на Рис. Но тя доста смутена от неговата покоряваща мъжественост. ЦЕНАТА - За да спечели дамата, комарджията е готов да заложи своя собствен живот и е убеден, че дори и дяволът не може да му попречи да спечели сърцето на красавицата.

Topaz Man Presents

1. A Dream Come True (omnibus) (1994) (with Jennifer Blake, Georgina Gentry, Anita Mills and Becky Lee Weyrich)

Love for Sail: Samantha Goode and her twin brother live in San Francisco's Barbary Coast. They are poor and make their way by working in the kitchen of a brothel. The madam decides Samantha Goode should learn the house trade and offers her to Captain Kit Warfield and the frolic begins!

2. Secrets of the Heart (omnibus) (1994) (with Madeline Baker, Jennifer Blake, Georgina Gentry and Patricia Rice)

Falling in Love (The first book in the Warfields series): In the rambunctious American west of 1875, Ian Warfield is an English nobleman disguised as a lowly groom with a lumbering English sheepdog named Samson. Chastity O'Roarke is an Irish swindler masquerading as a wealthy widow with a feisty Persian cat named Delilah. Obviously, Ian and Chas are meant for each other.


1. Love a Rebel, Love a Rogue (1994)

From the ballrooms of Savannah to the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, a historical romance presents the Blackthorne brothers--Devon, who vows not to belong to any woman until he meets a spirited enchantress, and Quintin, whose rage and political beliefs lead him into the arms of a rebellious

2. Wicked Angel (2001)

Jocelyn Woodbridge cares nothing for the vanities of Regency London. Although the niece of an earl, she prefers tending the sick and reforming the fallen. Called a 'Holy Hannah' by the ton, Joss is content with her life until the day a handsome, golden man rescues her from an angry mob. When she looks at his face, she knows he must be an angel. Tall, gawky Joss falls secretly in love with a man whose love she may never possess. Alexander Blackthorne is no angel. Part American Indian and the son of an English aristocrat, he arrives in London to enjoy its taverns and trollops, not to mend his reckless ways. Alex has always placed women in one of two categories - beloved family members or sexual diversions. But kind and keen-witted Joss is unique. She becomes his friend.until a marriage of convenience between them changes everything.

3. Wanton Angel (2002)

A FREE-SPIRITED WOMAN Allowed to run wild in the Georgia backwoods with her brothers and Creek Indian cousins, Beth Blackthorne has no desire to do her duty as daughter of a wealthy planter by making a suitable marriage. She prefers honing her skills with a paint brush to flirting with eligible bachelors. Mentored by a wealthy Italian noblewoman, she pursues her dream in Naples' glamorous art colony. A MAN BOUND BY DUTY Second son of an earl, Derrick Jamison appears to be just another charming English wastrel, basking under the warm Neapolitan sun. Not even his family, who have disowned him, know he is a spy sent to watch the exiled Napoleon. Although strongly attracted to the notorious American artist, Derrick must leave Beth behind to warn the Duke of Wellington when the emperor escapes from Elba.

American Lord

1. Yankee Earl (2003)

A YANKEE PRIVATEER In Regency England anything is possible if one has the money and influence. The devious Marquess of Cargrave does, and he blackmails his American grandson into becoming his heir. Jason Beaumont, former Yankee privateer, finds himself the new Earl of Falconridge and on the verge of being leg shackled. He is not happy. AN ENGLISH HEIRESS The Honorable Rachael Fairchild, daughter to Cargrave's oldest friend, Viscount Harleigh, is threatened by her father with even more odious marriage choices if she does not wed the man the Ton has labeled "the Yankee earl." But Jason is a toad stool, nothing more than a jumped up pirate. She is not happy.

2. Rebel Baron (2004)

A YOUNGER MAN... Former Confederate major Brandon Caruthers is on a roll...of bad luck. He has lost the war, his fiancée and his Kentucky horse farm. When he inherits an English title, the new Baron Rushcroft learns from his London solicitor that his estates are bankrupt. So much for building a new life in a new land. AN OLDER WOMAN... That's when imperious widow Miranda Auburn offers him a stroke of good luck. Tough and rich as a Yankee robber baron, she wants a title for her lovely young daughter. Brand chokes down that monumental rebel pride and agrees to court the girl in return for a loan to save his estates. But complications arise as he finds himself drawn to the frosty mother rather than the nubile daughter. When Lori gleefully begins to play matchmaker, the skittish Miranda realizes that her daughter's "suitor" is falling in love with her. As a proper Victorian matron, she is horrified at her own attraction to Brand.

3. Texas Viscount (2004)

The Brit - staid starchy Sabrina Edgewater, teacher of deportment; The Barbarian - raised in a Texas bordello, Joshua Cantrell was brash and bold; The Bribe - Lord Hambleton offered Sabrina money enough to open the school she'd always dreamed of if she'd only take the rough edges off his heir.

House of Dreams

1. Love Lessons at Midnight (2010)

No one knows the true identity of the mysterious madam who runs London-s most notorious brothel, The House of Dreams. This is the place where a man-s wildest dreams can come true, but even in his most secret fantasies, Robert St. John has not imagined the pleasure he will find or the danger he will court while seducing its mistress.


Capture the Sun (1988)

She was a flame haired beauty forced to wed a man twice her age. Yet while her young body serviced her husbands unloving lust, she remained a stranger to passion.. until she met his half breed son. Dark and reckless Hawk Sinclain was like no other man she had ever seen. Cheyene blood showed in his coppery skin. in his lond, taut muscled body.. and in the hungry gaze that tormented her with desire.

Summer Has No Name (1990)

Spending all of her time working at her father's California winery, Marti Beaumont finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with Adam Moreland, a mysterious drifter.

A Fire in the Blood (1994)

When half-breed Jess Robbins rides into Cheyenne to chase down a gang of cattle thieves, he is sure of three things: The townsfolk will openly scorn him; the women will secretly want him; and the rustlers will definitely fear him. What he doesn't count on is a flame-haired spitfire named Lissa Jacobson, who has her own manhunt in mind.

Bouquet (1994)

Selfless Marti and seductive, reckless Riba Beaumont, the two very different daughters of a powerful California wine mogul, are rivals for their father's affections and wealth, a rivalry intensified by the arrival of mysterious stranger Adam Wade.

McCrory's Lady (1995)

Sizzling historical romance from the author of Love a Rebel, Love a Rogue. Once proper Maggie Worthington now earns her keep in frontier cathouses. To save his daughter's reputation, Colin McCrory needs a wife. And, even though women are scarce in the Arizona Territory, he's sure he can find someone with a less sordid past than Maggie's. But does he want to?

Broken Vows (1995)

Years after being separated by circumstance, lovers Rebekah and Rory meet again and are unable to forget their passion for each other, but Rory is determined to destroy Rebekah's politician husband.

Bride of Fortune (1996)

Wandering the world in search of a place to belong, war-weary mercenary Nicholas Fortune takes on the identity of another man and claims the man's wife, Mercedes Alvarado, who is valiantly struggling to survive the war and family scorn.

The Endless Sky (1998)

In Boston, he is Chase Remington, a bitter outsider whose illustrious family hides his illegitimacy and half-breed blood. She is Stephanie Summerfield, a blue blood whose attraction to Remington shocks society. Now on the High Plains, the two meet, one as a fierce Cheyenne warrior named White Wolf and the other as the wife of a ruthless mercenary cavalry officer and captive. In the valley of Little Big Horn, Chase and Stephanie will discover that they are fated to be together.

Sundancer (1999)

With blood on his hands and vengeance in his heart, Cain has spent a life brooding over those who have betrayed him... and the fate that has cursed him as a half-breed. But in the Cheyenne village of his youth, he comes face-to-face with the most destructive traitor of all... Running from deadly danger and dark secrets, Roxanna Fallon heads west. But an Indian ambush plunges her headlong into peril and sweet desire in the arms of her rescuer. Posing as Alexa, the heiress, she never dreams she will become a pawn in the rivalry between two railroad barons...and caught between the passions of two brothers. In an agonizing Dance to the Sun, Cain, the gunman he is, must confront Lone Bull, the Cheyenne he was. Only the fierce love of a strong woman and the strange powers of an ancient medicine man can save the SUNDANCER.

Finders Keepers (2005)

For a retrieval pro like Sam, extracting a deluded cult member and transporting him across the country should be a piece of cake. Right? Too bad the people who hired her to snatch Matt Granger left out a few vital details. Such as that Matt was a total babe--and irresistibly charming. And he was an undercover reporter on the verge of nailing a reputed Russian mob boss. With bullets flying, it was all Sam could do to keep her quarry safe and her professional reputation intact. Because if they survived, she might just want to keep Matt for herself!

Sneak and Rescue (2006)

Toting a gun and loaded makeup case, retrieval specialist Samantha Ballanger distracted her enemies with disguises and disarmed them with a swift kick. Hired to find a missing teen, Sam became the bull's-eye in a ruthless target practice - and soon suspected she'd been hired under false pretences. She couldn't in good conscience bring the teen back. But with her hunky but overprotective husband, it would take some sneaky moves to uncover a dangerous evidence trail and a truth that was stranger than she could ever have imagined.

The River Nymph (2008)

On the Mississippi Delilah Raymond wins the floating bordello The River Nymph from professional Clint Daniels in a game of cards. However, she hopes to turn respectable with no cards or hookers to manage. Instead she wants to convert the River Nymph into a cargo ship. To accomplish her objective she needs a partner so she considers Clint, who faced the added humiliation of having to strip after losing a side bet with Delilah. He reluctantly accepts her offer. As they travel the river together with her cargo, they begin to fall in love. However, they face trouble from amoral competitors using hitmen and other dangerous criminals; her only hope to achieve her goal lies in trusting him and his relationship with the nearby Sioux, who revere him as venerable Lightning Hand.

Pale Moon Stalker (2008)

A sexy, humorous battle of wills between a Sioux beauty educated in the white world and the deadly bounty hunter she hires to track down her husband's killer.

Chosen Woman (2009)

Gifted with her Cheyenne grandfather's Sight, Fawn is known as "the Chosen Woman," a catalyst for change in the lives of her people. But she never guesses that the rough-and-tumble Jack Dillon is the red fox she's often seen in her dreams and a man destined to change her own life.


Unwrapped (2004) (with Nina Bangs, Claudia Dain)

В този сборник Шърл участва с новелата Surprise Package

Captive's Return / Finders Keepers (2005) (with Catherine Mann)

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