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4 desktops at once


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Yod’m allows you to run four different desktops at once, and flick between them at will.

Put simply, it turns your desktop into a cube, which can be rotated with the mouse, holding different aspects of your work on each side. You can have your work on one side, Internet Explorer on the other, and even play a game on the third without your boss knowing.

To make the magic happen just download and install the program from the Chris’Soft web site and you’re ready to go. Just hold down SHIFT and CTRL together, and the cursor will turn to a square.


Then simply drag your cubic desktop horizontally to bring up a new blank desktop. You can even change the background, therefore having up to four at once!

The best part is if you are playing music in Windows Media Player, it continues to play which ever side you the cube you are on.

download v1.32

български интерфейс -->Yod-m-3d 1.31

how to use the Yod'm

By default, the rotation of the cube is done with the keys · · · · · · · · · · · · · CTRL+SHIFT+Arrows :

· CTRL+SHIFT+Left/Right = Next/prev desktop

· CTRL+SHIFT+Up = Activate and show a "far" view of the current desktop, Left and right to turn the cube

· CTRL+SHIFT+Down = Activate and show a "near" view of the current desktop, Left and right to turn the cube

· Hold down CTRL+SHIFT to use the mouse to turn the cube.

(The rotation is possible only horizontally)

To move a windows to another desktop:

· Click on the title bar of the window (not maximized if possible), hold down

· Push CTRL+SHIFT to activate the cube, hold down

· When the cube is activated, move the window on left or right

· Release CTRL+SHIFT

To change the wallpaper of a desktop:

· Just use Windows !

· For each desktop, change the wallpaper using the windows display setting.

Switch to another application:

· Click on the Yod'm 3D icon in the taskbar, the list of the windows opened in other desktop appear.

· Click on the application to switch to the desktop.

System requirements:

( Windows 2000/XP/Vista)

( DirectX 9 required )

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