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Лас Смол


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Lass Small (Cally Hughes)

=Лас Смол=


Lambert Sisters

1.Blindman's Bluff (1988)

FIRST IMPRESSIONS Kimberly Miller and Logan Pederson would each get a sizable legacy - but only if they spent two weeks together, with no less than two hours per day alone. There was one small problem: they were perfect strangers. Logan wasn't ready for the woman who arrived at the remote hunting lodge. Among the other guests, Kimberly stood out like a peacock in a barnyard. Even though she looked...strange, he wasn't about to fly the coop and leave that colorful, vivacious creature alone with a pack of macho hunters. Besides, he was starting to like Kimberly. Suddenly, two weeks didn't seem like nearly enough time...

2.Goldilocks and the Bear (1988)

AND THERE SHE WAS! When Angus Behr walked into his house, he found someone sleeping in his bed. The Goldilocks in question was Hillary Lambert, looking for her abducted sister. Hillary knew luck had brought her to this Behr's den. His connections could help her search, and even though it was no time for romance, Hillary couldn't ignore the warmth of her feelings for the caring Behr. As far as Angus was concerned, Hillary was a wish come true. He had waited a lifetime for the perfect she-Behr. He wasn't going to let Hillary go--she was just right!

3.Hide and Seek (1988)

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Bill Sawyer, a successful businessman, couldn't understand why Tate Lambert resisted his advances. Hadn't this confident, alluring woman been the one chasing him earlier? Since his divorce, he barely trusted women, but this one was different, and he wanted her. Two months before, Tate had sought some distraction, so she'd uncharacteristically thrown herself at a man. But now she needed a real relationship, not Bill. She knew his type. He was a dangerous pirate who would capture her heart, then abandon her for the high seas. Yet she knew this voyage was far from over ....

4.Red Rover (1989)

WHAT WAS HE UP TO? When Georgina Lambert first met Quintus Finnig, he didn't say a word to her, so she assumed he wasn't interested. But weeks later he unexpectedly turned up on her doorstep, sent her a fur coat and flowers--then "kidnapped" her, claiming concern for her safety! Georgina was definitely intrigued by this man who moved in mysterious ways-- the only man who'd ever set fire to her blood. Her family had already warned her of Quint's unsuitability, but she was willing to gamble that beneath his street-smart exterior lay the answer to all her dreams ....

5.Odd Man Out (1989) Благословени от съдбата

Най-после Греъм Ролинс си намира удобна квартира и съвсем неочаквано - очарователна хазяйка в лицето на Робърта Ламбърт. Умна и красива, тя кара кръвта ву да кипи... Робърта обаче е изцяло отдадена на кариерата, на обществените задължения и няма никакво намерение да пилее времето си с Греъм. Ала той е решен на всяка цена да спечели сърцето й!

6.Tagged (1989) Човек никога не знае

След като е била шаферка на всичките си сестри, Фредерика Ламбърт също мечтае за свой дом и семейство. А Колин — местен фермер, по когото жените тайно въздишат — е влюбен в нея още от ученическите им години. Внезапно прогледнала за неговата мъжественост и благородство, Фредерика решава да му даде шанс да й докаже силата на своята любов. Шанс, който той в никакъв случай не би пропуснал!

7.No Trespassing Allowed (1991)

WARNING! Sling Mueller was every woman's dream of a strong, dark, gorgeous, dangerous man. But years ago he'd posted himself off-limits: "No trespassing, not the marrying kind." he'd had a load of responsibility running a ranch and raising a passel of younger siblings, and was man enough to admit he didn't want a relationship that took any effort. But Clovis Culpepper was trespassing, all right. She insisted she'd inherited the house on a corner of Sling's ranch and just moved right in. Ever since then, visions of her beautiful body invaded Sling's dreams. He had to make Clovis leave before she turned his casual interest into something more, and staked a permanent claim on his unwilling heart.

8.Dominic (1992) Тайната на Доминик

Консервантивен, но страстен по природа Доминик държи на три неща в живота — работата, семейството и гордостта. Престъпил е принципите си само веднъж, когато е трябвало да запази попечителство над своя син. Срещата с Фиона Евънс го предизвиква и смущава духа му. Ще разкрие ли тя дълбоката му тайна? С обсебваща нежност Доминик се опитва да я отдалечи от ужасната истина...

Faboulous Brown Family

1.The Molly Q (1991)

SPY VS SPY Georgia Bains's world had just turned topsy-turvy! She'd only been trying to deliver a package, a nice, normal thing to do. Instead, she'd somehow stumbled upon The Molly Q, a top-secret computer project. Then gorgeous, marvelous Luke Montana stumbled across Georgia, and he decided she was a computer spy! Georgia wanted to hate Luke, especially once he kidnapped her, but he was so handsome, so commanding, that his explanations made perfect sense. She told him she was innocent, but he wouldn't believe her. . . even as he made wonderful love to her! Could Georgia get Luke to realize the truth? More important, could they ever get out of this mess?

2.Twas the Night (1991)

Who? Bob Brown. He's tall, handsome, and through with women forever. Why? He'd rather not talk about it. What... does he find? Stunning Josephine Malone, ace mechanic--and the most sinfully alluring female ever to lead a defenseless male down the garden path... It wasn't that Bob didn't like Jo. He did-that was the trouble. Then they were cast together in the town holiday play, and the passion started to heat up. But Bob had been burned one before. Dare he risk his heart on this sassy, sensual redhead who made him yearn for a lifetime of Christmases in her sweet, loving embrace?

3.A Restless Man (1992)

TROUBLE IN TEXAS No sooner had Creighton Brown arrived back home in Temple, Ohio, than his eccentric but well-meaning family dispatched the worldly traveler on a little troubleshooting mission down Texas way. The object of this goodwill trip: Susanne Taylor, the foster sibling Cray hadn't laid eyes on in nine years. Susanne had turned into an eyeful, all right... a sweet, sassy woman who'd been left stranded at the altar! What man in his right mind would do such a thing? Cray wondered. So he set out to give Susanne some T.L.C.--fast! But could this wandering bachelor ever truly settle down?

4.Two Halves (1992)

BETTER THAN ONE? The envelope sent to the Saudi Desert was addressed to "any soldier." But when Sergeant Michael Brown received it, he became a believer in providence. The letter not only contained a photo capturing twenty-odd third-grade cherubs, but chaperoning them was a beautiful teacher, who seemed to be made for him .... Like Michael, Sara Benton had her own wallet-size reminder, and she had memorized the soldier's features. But when Michael fulfilled his promise to visit the school upon his return, his exciting showand-tell affected Sara more than the children: Keeping a man-in-uniform after class was one thing; convincing him to stay for a lifetime could require more homework!

5.Beware of Widows (1992)

"BEWARE OF WIDOWS BEARING CASSEROLES...." Rod Brown had never known such kindness and sympathy could be bestowed on one guy, but he was learning that a single man--regardless of how he got that way--was a precious commodity. Although Rod vowed he'd never remarry, his pretty next-door neighbor was complicating his life. And what had been nothing more than a pleasant distraction had suddenly become downright irresistible. But Pat was only doing what any good neighbor would do--if she were female and living next door to the most handsome, eligible man on the block. She baked him a casserole, plied him with passionate kisses... and made life a living dream come true for both of them..

6.A Disruptive Influence (1993)

RISQUE BUSINESS It all started with a pair of French silk unmentionables. Who but lively department store buyer Sally Yoder would be brazen enough to feature the flimsy briefs on a mannequin in quite that way? She'd planned her display to draw a crowd at the sales exhibition--but what she drew was marketing director Mitchell Goalong's rapt attention. As far as Mitch was concerned, there was only one thing to do about Sally: fire her. After all, his store was hardly the place for suggestive high jinks! But there was something about Sally that made the usually levelheaded Mitch weak-kneed. She wasn't the stereotypical knockout--just an average, all-American female. Just the one woman Mitch Goalong couldn't let go...

7.Balanced (1993) Лудетината

Полицаят Тим Болт си въобразява, че познава добре жените, докато не му се налага да стане таен бодигард на Керол Браун. Оказва се, че се е захванал с твърде неблаго-дарна работа. Тя изобщо не го забелязва! Керол очаква отношенията им да бъдат не само служебни. Недоразумението не трае дълго. Надделяват дълбоките взаимни чувства.

8.Tweed (1993)

SAVIOR FROM THE SKY Tweed Brown: Named for his foster father's tweed coat, he arrives in the nick of time.... DAMSEL IN DISTRESS Connie Moody: Terrified when left to die in the desolate west Texas hills.... Strangely bound to an unconscious stranger, Tweed kept a vigil at her hospital bedside, willing her to survive. At last she opened her tortured eyes, and Tweed realized her battle was just beginning. So he whisked her to his ranch, where moonlight serenades and idyllic picnics did wonders for her wounded soul. Soon, Connie would be ready to face the world again, but would that mean leaving him?

9.A New Year (1994)

DEVIL WITH A RED DRESS ON The New Year's Eve party was the last place John Brown wanted to be, and a woman was the last thing he was looking for. But his resolution not to have a good time was shaken by one very little red dress--and the maddening, impossible-to-figure-out young lady who filled it to absolute perfection. Margot Pulver had a New Year's resolution, too--to finally get herself noticed by a certain gentleman. And her scandalous new dress had had the desired effect. Trouble was, nothing could have prepared this inexperienced seductress for the breathtaking effect her intended victim was having on her ....

10.I'm Gonna Get You (1994)

SMITTEN! When charismatic Tom Brown desired someone, he usually got her, but he seldom kept her! This time, that someone was a honey blonde with a streak of Texas stubbornness and a string of ardent admirers. And much to Tom Brown's surprise, he didn't just want her for now--he wanted her for always. As first, it was a cinch for Susan Lee McCraw to resist the brazen Yankee who pulled out all stops to win her devotion. But soon her amusement over his amorous antics started to change into something that felt suspiciously like attraction. And playing hard to get was becoming dangerously impossible...

11.Salty and Felicia (1994)

SINGLE DAD SAILOR The year was 1962. The place was Cleveland, Ohio. Retired sailor Salty Brown, future patriarch of the rollicking Brown clan, had his hands full with three adopted sons. The last thing he wanted -- but the one thing he needed -- was a woman. And then he met the ravishing Felicia. At eighteen, Felicia was aware of the effect she had on men -- one bullheaded, but irresistible, man in particular. Salty thought she was just a kid, but she'd show him that Felicia Strode was old enough to get whatever her heart desired. And she desired Salty Brown. He never had a chance.

12.Lemon (1994)

WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU A LEMON Wealthy TEXAS cowboy Lemon Covington was no sourpuss, but the last thing he wanted hangin' around him were fortune-hunting females who wanted big rings on their fingers and his money in their pockets. No, the only companion he needed was his dog named Hunter.... Then he met Renata Gunther. This sweet, sassy woman was interesting, remarkable... and strangely enough, she was better company than Hunter! But she wouldn't bother to notice Lemon. So what was this confirmed bachelor to do? Why, play hard to get...and if all else failed, run like heck!

13.An Obsolete Man (1994)

Name: Clinton Terrell `~ Looks Like: A Texas cowboy: rough-edged, raw-boned and rugged Acts Like: An old-fashioned gentleman In Clint's opinion, a man way a man and a woman was a woman. That meant women should do--well, female stuff, and leave the masculine things to the "stronger" sex. Now, Wallis Witherspoon looked like a woman, what with those curves. She even smelled like one, all flowery and sweet. But she sure didn't act like one. Nope, she was brash. And independent. And fearless. Why, this new-fangled gal had this old-fashioned man scared stiff!

Keepers Of Texas

Every book's a keeper in this sexy saga of untamable Texas men and the stubborn beauties who lasso their hearts.

1.Taken by a Texan (1998)

TANGLIN' WITH A TEXAN Ranch hand Rip Morris had quite the reputation...although what he really knew about women wouldn't add up to a pile of hay. So who would have guessed a lovely socialite like Miss Lu Parsons had requested the pleasure of his company for her first roll in the proverbial haystack? The taut-bodied Texan was all set to comply with the lady's wishes. But fate and Mother Nature seemed to be conspiring against them losing their virginity. Or maybe this was Rip's chance to lose his well-guarded heart to a woman whose body and soul were his for the taking....

2.The Hard to Tame Texan (1998)

BEAUTY'S BEASTLY CHALLENGE She thought she'd been invited to the Keepers' Texas ranch to do her family a favor, but feisty redhead JoAnn Murray was beginning to sense a fix-up. Was she really there to tame cantankerous Andrew Parsons...or to be asked to throw caution to the wind and marry the arrogant beast? No little lady was gonna make him change his ways! Or so Andrew thought...until he got a look at the beguiling beauty those blasted Keepers had sicced on him. With one pout of her pretty lips, Andrew's gruffness disappeared, replaced by a grim determination to make JoAnn see him as something other than a challenge...and perhaps a potential groom?

3.The Lone Texan (1998)

The Stubbornest Cowboy: Tom Keeper, youngest son of a proud family, and dead set against falling in love again! His Sweetest Temptation: Shy Ellen Simpson could be just the little lady to tempt the ornery Texan into marriage. Tom Keeper could single-handedly tame a wild stallion, but get him near a woman! The most eligible bachelor in west Texas had happily hung up his marriage hat, until sweet Ellen set foot on Keeper land. The prim beauty claimed men were out for only one thing. But Tom was determined to show Ellen that even the romance-wary could enjoy that "one thing" and still dream of a future together!

4.A Texan Comes Courting (1999)

A REAL KEEPER Klyn was all Keeper: chock-full of cowboy charisma, loyal to a fault... and determined not to be hog-tied into marriage. A bride and baby Keepers were farthest from his mind, while mysterious bullets being fired upon his family's land consumed him day... and night. So Klyn sought retribution. But he found Elizabeth Moore, the embodiment of everything he'd never known he wanted -- or needed. Suddenly his mission was one of wooing... and wedding? Until a shocking revelation pitted this honor-bound Keeper's duty against his ultimate desire....


The Dedicated Man (1983)

"Well...I suppose we could have...one for the road." Garret's breath was quick, his hands hot. How hard he felt against her softness. He thought she was being flippant; couldn't believe she'd leave him. Each time they touched it was like the first time. But for Piper passion was no longer enough. Married at eighteen, she hadn't known it would be like this - always waiting for a man whose work took all his interest, all his time. She hadn't known she would need something besides love - a life of her own. Well, she was going to find it, find herself. She loved Garret. He possessed her body. But now she had to leave him if she meant to survive...and once she'd gone, could she ever come back?

Collaboration (1985)

He was out of this world! Science-fiction writer Kevin Walker landed on Lynn Potter's doorstep one day and swept into her well-ordered life. Her agent had arranged for them to collaborate on a new book. She was to supply the romance... But Kevin supplied plenty of inspiration. He was quite simply the most devastating man Lynn had ever met. The steamy love scenes she put on paper were tame compared to the passionate fantasies she longed to enact with him. Fact, she knew, was always better than fiction....

Tangled Webb (1985)

NOTHING MADE SENSE... Peggy knew perfectly well that she wasn't Francine, but she seemed unable to convince Joe of that. He was a handsome devil, she'd give him that, but he couldn't be very bright, because he steadfastly refused to believe that he'd kidnapped the wrong woman. And what was he up to, anyway? He certainly wasn't threatening her with bodily harm. In fact, her body was getting to like him altogether too well, and that would never do. How could she possibly let herself fall for a man who thought she was another woman? On the other hand, when Joe was the man, how could she possibly not?

To Meet Again (1986) Този път завинаги

Когато научава, че Танър Морън е катастрофирал тежко с кола, Лора променя плановете си и заминава при него. Споменът за Танър е съвсем свеж в паметта й - тя не може да забрави младежа, в когото е била влюбена... След катастрофата Танър се е променил. Лора намира, че е станал потаен сякаш крие нещо важно от нея. Чак когато и над двамата надвисва реална опасност, той й открива част от истината за себе си...

An Irritating Man (1986)

Who is that sexy guy? He's John Peal, small town success come home to soothe his lonely soul. He's a Hollywood writer and natural born troublemaker. His goal is to crack the cool reserve of self confessed spinster, Talullah Metcalf. Despite his time away, John had never forgotten the quiet beauty he could so easily tease into fits of temper and tempting passion. And with the entire town behind him, John set out on his newest mission. To get his childhood nemesis to succumb to his proposals ... and take the plunge as his leading lady.

Heaven to Kiss (1986)

Stolen Day (1987)

TEN MILES TO PIONEER FAIR. ACROBATS, TROUBADOURS, CONTESTS, COME ONE COME ALL The sign beckoned to the responsible, rather prim Priscilla Nobbly, and for the first time in her life, she did something impulsive. Priscilla felt so reckless that she even responded to the advances of Quinlan Kirkwood--the mysterious man who'd followed her staid car to the fair. Priscilla didn't count on their magic lasting, so she retreated to her hometown and the duties and responsibilities that awaited her. She never expected to find Quinlan shamelessly mowing her lawn when she pulled into her driveway. And she never dreamed their passion would last long beyond their stolen day....

Possibles (1987)

HUSBAND MATERIAL? Dark hair and eyes. Shaggy brows. Stern mouth. Nice, athlete's body. Possible husband material. Too bad he wasn't interested in... What was Sarah Moore thinking? She had given up on men! Especially when the man was her new boss, Steven Blake, source of the shock she felt whenever he walked by her computer. But Steven Blake was interested in her. He had a genetic obsession with redheads -- and Sarah was definitely a redhead. But Sarah remained professional, efficient -- and quite aloof. Then he found out about those shocking reactions.... Now could he convince her he wasn't just a possible; he was a probable?

Snow Bird (1987)

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY A lazy drawl. A lean, hard body. He was every Yankee girl's dream. And he had the uncanny knack of appearing just when Bridget Taylor needed rescuing from the perils of Texas wildlife! Soon she wondered if the real peril of Texas was Jeremy Robert Winsome--determined to capture her heart with his own special Southern charm. From the moment he met this delightful yet downright stubborn Yankee Snow bird, J.R. vowed to make the South so warm and cozy that she'd never fly back North. Would his kisses and promise of love turn her into a true Texan--forever?

Intrusive Man (1987)

FAST MOVER When police officer Maxwell T. Simmons asked Hannah Calhoun for her help, she should have flat out refused. But he looked great in that T-shirt, and even better in those jeans! Besides, as a concerned citizen she had a duty to help the police. She would probably never see the handsome officer again .... The next thing she knew, Max had taken over. He'd become her son's hero, painted one of her bedrooms purple -- and told her he was moving in. Hannah panicked. She had her son, her house, her friends. She didn't need a man in her life, and certainly not an intrusive man like Maxwell Simmons!

To Love Again (1987)

JUST A NEIGHBORLY WELCOME Felicia Tibbens didn't care that a drug bust was going on around her as she arrived at the Rocky Gulch airport to star their new job. However, she did feel a glimmer of concern when one of the posse insisted on patting her down. She didn't for one minute believe Nate Jordan's sheepish explanation: "We always welcome schoolteachers this way." After a person tragedy, Felicia's feelings were totally numb - and she planned on keeping them that way. But Nate wasn't going to let a little thing like a will of steel come between him and what he wanted. Felicia Patterson Tibbens didn't stand a chance against his brand of persuasion.

Marry Me Not (1988)

He had a way with words... and women When Kris Alden s flight for New York took off, so did her life. For sitting beside her was a Talkative Texan--with capital Ts--who could charm the horns off a steer. Doggedly he breached her Yankee reserve, and by the time their plane landed, they were like old friends. After three days in adjoining hotel rooms, they were much more than that. But while Marc assumed their whirlwind romance was just a beginning, Kris knew better. She was, after all, much older and wiser than he....

Contact (1990) Искрата

Ан Форбс страни от хората и не обича да посещава скучни събирания. А мъжете не я интересуват — след като веднъж се е опарила, тя избягва компанията им. И когато среща неотразимо привлекателния адвокат Клинт Бъроуз, инстинктът я предупреждава да стои настрана от този опасен чаровник! Клинт знае, че трудно ще спечели любовта на Ан, ала е готов на всичко! Запленен, той замисля да завоюва сърцето на красавицата с влудяваща страст...

Wrong Address Right Place (1990)

THE COMFORT INN Linda Parsons was excited about her first business trip--and a shambles of a bed-and-breakfast place wasn't going to dampen her spirit. Especially since ruggedly sexy innkeeper Mitch Roads seemed determined to make her stay enjoyable. There was certainly nothing wrong with this perfect specimen of a man, and his all-too-personal kisses soon drove all professional matters out of Linda's mind. Mitch knew Linda had come to the wrong address, but she was too beautiful to turn away. He'd play host and win her heart. But Mitch quickly learned that Linda despised liars. If she found out about his charade, would she check out--for good? Or could he convince her to make a lifetime reservation?

Not Easy (1990)

A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND When medical photographer Penelope Rutherford arrived at the police station to report her missing camera, she never dreamed she'd find herself attracted to Winslow homer, the ruggedly appealing detective assigned to her case. She had her life neatly mapped out-and it didn't include one very bossy, sweet-talking chauvinist who was also a confirmed bachelor. But from the moment she waltzed into his office, the savvy take-charge woman with the beguiling emerald eyes had captivated homer. She needed his protection-after all, the theft of the camera was no accident-but more important, this marvelous woman needed his love. Now if he could only convince her that theirs was a perfect match!

The Loner (1990) Самотникът

Клейтън Мастърсън предпочита да бъде сам в планинската пустош. Но когато горските пожари се развилняват в околността, той се включва в битка с огнения ад. Ще успее ли този див на пръв поглед мъж, да запали огъня на любовта в сърцето на непристъпната Шели Адамс...

A Nothing Town in Texas (1991)

Sawbuck, Texas It wasn't much of a town. Overgrown. Gone to seed. Dry as dust. A real ghost town; if you asked the locals. Then why was a rich and powerful landowner like Frank Jones so eager to add Sawbuck to the vast Jonesland empire? Why had a beautiful and mysterious woman named Naomi Wentworth suddenly decided to singlehandedly save the town? Cowboy Decker Jones hated his greedy Uncle Frank with a vengeance. Still, he gave in to his uncle's request that he move to Sawbuck. Maybe Decker planned to find out why the other man wanted the town so badly, and maybe, just maybe, he could stop him. What he never expected was to fall passionately in love with Naomi--and to take on a whole town.

Four Dollars and Fifty-one Cents (1991)

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE... The truth was, Jan Folger had never really given Junior Busby a second thought--even though he'd lived next door to her for about a million years. But her charity group was holding a bachelor auction. They needed one more eligible man to put on the block...and she supposed Junior would just have to do. Then the local paper went and ran a photo of the fully grown Junior--wearing jeans and a five o'clock shadow--and suddenly it seemed like every woman in Byford, Indiana, wanted to know him better--a whole lot better. And Jan was starting to wonder if maybe she hadn't overlooked a hot property right there in her own neighborhood ...

A Nuisance (1994)

Name: Stefan Szyszko (Pronounced "Cisco"), confirmed bachelor. Allergic To: Horses...and marriage-minded women. His Ex-Girlfriend: Carrie Pierce. A long-legged filly just lookin' for love. For Stefan, footloose and fancy-free was the only way to live. Even Carrie, his frisky ex, couldn't make him change his mind. Besides, he'd already dated--and discarded--her.... Then he began to notice that there wasn't a man in TEXAS who didn't have an eye for Carrie. And when one of them tried to rope her in, Stefan realized it was time to get Carrie into his corral--for good!

Impulse (1995)

HEADED FOR THE ALTAR? The stranger's name was Chas Cougar and he was so divine that Amy Allen just had to meet him. He was in town for a Cougar family wedding, so she decided to pose as Cougar kin and crash the festivities. Oh, sure, it was deceptive...but what else was a lonely female to do? As for Chas, once he met Amy his senses were reeling. Why, he could tell right away that she was no distant "cousin." But if she was so bent on joining the Cougar clan, Chas knew he could sweet-talk her into becoming a relative the legal way--as his wife!

Not Looking for a Texas Man (1995)

Ruffan Reddy's rules for the ultimate blind date: Don't crash your rig into a woman's car unless you really want to meet her. Don't try to deal rationally with a woman driving a white car in a blinding snowstorm --- especially if she's also dressed for a Texas picnic. Don't make conversation as you both wait inside your cramped truck for help to arrive. Do determine the size of her ring finger when you're still stranded on the side of the highway twenty-four interesting hours later.

Whatever Comes (1995)

IT WAS THE SCOOP OF THE YEAR... Everyone was talking about the way Amabel Clayton had finessed the interview with elusive rock star Sean Morant. The sexy, mysterious musician never did publicity, and tongues were wagging--exactly how did the reporter get her story? AND THE AFFAIR OF THE DECADE? Amabel was furious. How dare people suggest she would sleep with a subject to get a story? Besides, she would never get involved with the likes of Sean. She wasn't about to become another notch on his studded leather belt! The sensuous, talented, romantic man was definitely off-limits. Well...probably. Um...possibly?

My House or Yours? (1995)

MARRY ME...AGAIN Josephine Morris hadn't seen her husband in almost four years when the storm of the decade hit. Suddenly they were stranded in the last hotel room in Dallas--together. Chad Wilkins had been a master in the bedroom, and now the seducing scoundrel was intent on wooing her back into his life--and his bed! He swore that he'd changed. And a horrified Jo was this close to succumbing. Jo knew she should be strong, but how could she resist a veritable force of nature? And what would she do when her relentless ex decided he was ready to play house--full-time?

A Stranger in Texas (1996)

SECRET BABY The handsome stranger was Zachary Thomas, and one lust-filled night with the compelling man had left Jessica Channing one very pregnant woman! But Jessica wanted nothing to do with a reluctant groom, so she vowed to keep her baby a secret.... Memories of that night and of the mysterious Jessica were driving Zachary out of his ever lovin' mind. So he returned to Texas to surprise her with an outrageous offer she couldn't refuse. But he was shocked to his toes when he found his unsuspecting bride on the verge of motherhood!

The Case of the Lady in Apartment 308 (1996)


1. She's a very slow housepainter. (What's she really doing?)

2. She keeps a pair of binoculars on her windowsill. (Who's she spying on?)

3. She never, ever flirts. (Why?)

4. She has big, hunky male friends who show up at the most inopportune moments. (Lovers?)

5. She would make a perfect bride--if only she'd stop refusing to date!

Ed came to Apartment 308 to evict his scofflaw tenant--but now all he wants to do is make Marcia Phillips his own!

The Texas Blue Norther (1996)

Name: Kyle Phillips Occupation: Cowboy--and reluctant hero Damsel in distress: Lauren Davie Kyle had seen every manner of occurrence on his TEXAS ranch--even a freak snowstorm couldn't rattle him. But the pretty young thing he'd found snowbound on his property was making the upright bachelor reel with ungentlemanly thoughts. Of all the luck to be stranded with such an innocent beauty .... Trapped for three days in close quarters, Kyle could feel his temperature rising. His pure-as-the-driven-snow houseguest seemed intent on making him her first conquest! What was a proper cowboy to do?

The Coffeepot Inn (1996)

Bryan Willard: Head hunk at the Coffeepot Inn

His dream date: The lovely Lily...his new boss

His problem: He's in over his head!

Nothing much ever happened 'round here till Lily came along. I was happy enough running the Coffeepot Inn and staying out of trouble. But now, trouble is all I've got! See, Lily is just twenty-three--beautiful and sassy, but she doesn't know anything about the real world. And every single guy in town--not to mention some of the married ones--has his eye on her. Someone's got to protect her virtue. But who's going to protect me from her?

Chancy's Cowboy (1997)

JUST ONE OF THE BOYS Chancy Freedman had grown up on the Bar Q ranch. She had learned how to rope and ride, and the ranch hands had looked out for her 'best they could.' But they couldn't teach her the art of being a lady, and poor Chancy had made it to her twentieth birthday without learning how. And then Clifford Robertson rode into town... Cliff was a real cowboy, with an easy, long-legged stride and a confident air. Nothing rattled this dude - until the irrepressible Chancy roped him in. The virginal beauty had decided Cliff would make a most appropriate teacher. That wily wrangler was in for the ride of his life!

How to Win Back a Wife (1997)

MISSION: (RE)MARRIAGE He might be an ornery son of a gun, but never let it be said Tyler Fuller didn't love his wife. Well, ex-wife, since he'd presented her with an ultimatum she'd shockingly accepted. Now this hotheaded hubby was darned tired of spending the long, cold nights alone, so he vowed to win her back! His mission should have been as simple as the first time he'd convinced Kayla to say "I do." After all, they'd jumped right from the bedroom and marched straight down the wedding aisle. But Tyler was gonna have to learn a few things about his self-improved former bride. Like how Kayla wanted to take things slow...and just how good slow could be!

The Best Husband in Texas (1999)

"I won't rest 'til I make that elusive filly my bride." --Austin Farrell, prime Texas husband material

Ranchin' man Austin Farrell had loved Iris Smith since childhood. Though he'd never said the words, he always believed he was the only man for her. Then she married...and was widowed. Not once, but three times! Now the gentle beauty was back in Texas, and Austin was determined to lavish her with tender, lovin' care. And prove to her that this cowboy would never leave his destined bride's side....

The Catch of Texas (1999)


Confirmed bachelorette Geri Jones was convinced she'd never meet a man in all of TEXAS she could understand, let alone love. Then Frank Scheblocki walked into her life. He was a true gentleman, careful with her innocence, generous with his kisses... and teetering on the edge of falling in love. And though he'd made her the prize of his relentless pursuit, Geri wondered if FRANK just might be the biggest catch of all!


Silhouette Christmas Stories 1989 (1989) (with Bay Matthews, Marilyn Pappano and Brittany Young)

В този сборник Лас Смол участва с новелата Voice of the Turtles: Jethro Hanna was content being single--before nurse Megan Bailey came to town. Matchmakers deemed them the perfect couple, and for once Jethro agreed. But Megan's loving attention was reserved solely for her patients... until the wonder of Christmas and Jethro's ardent passion won her guarded heart.

Small Treasures (1993)

Beauty and the Beast (2000) (with Bethany Campbell, Joan Hohl, Janice Kaiser)

Women of the West (2000) (with Elizabeth August, Caroline Burnes, Sharon Sala)


Spring Fancy: Surprise, Surprise / Chance Encounter / Simon Says... (1993) (with Annette Broadrick, Kasey Michaels)

В този сборник Лас Смол участва с новелата Chance Encounter: THOUGHTS OF LOVE... When spring fancy strikes, no man is immune! Attorney Darwin Moore was only interested in blonde thank you. So who was this sunlit vision gazing across the ocean ... all alone ... nearly naked ... and brazenly brunette?

Love and Laughter (1994) (with Barbara Bretton and Elise Title)

В този сборник Лас Смол участва с новелата Gus is Back: Ten years ago Gus Freeman gave Cara Porter a pair of guinea pigs to prove his love. Now Cara can only hope Father Time has changed this backwoods boy into a hot-blooded man!

=Кали Хюз (псевдоним)=


Innocent Seduction (1983)

Eileen Younger fell immediately in love with Talbot Wendell's boyish charm and sensual good looks. And she knew, as only a woman can, that he was attracted to her. Yet why did he act so strangely? Why was he so aloof? Why did he make cutting remarks about her career as a cartoonist? When their desire finally bursts in a torrent of passion, the beautiful redhead forgets her questions in the ecstasy of love. . . until Talbot tells her why he's been so cold, a revelation so shattering that it may destroy their love forever.

A Lasting Treasure (1983)

Addy wasn't married, but she had a daughter--button-eyed, fairy-like Grendel. Of course, no man would want an unwed mother. But that was just as well, since Addy was finished with men. She'd made her own life and had Grendel, whom she treasured above all else. Then ruinously gorgeous Dr. Sam Grady caught her eye -- and held it. He murmured sweet, unbelievable compliments. And made Grendel like him. And moved into their house. And eventually made love to Addy. She was appalled! Why was she letting him get away with it? She was through with men, wasn't she?

Whatever It Takes (1984)

They married too young, and now five years later, with two children and a huge mortgage, Marcie's husband wants to sow his wild oats. The kids aren't returnable. No one will buy the house. So Thad wants a divorce ... Marcie tries to understand, but deep inside she's baffled. By day Thad is restless and silent as they move toward a separation. But each night an unquenchable craving brings him naked to her bed, where their pleasures flare fierce and all-consuming. Marcie desperately loves her husband, but can she do whatever it takes to keep him happy?

Treasure to Share (1984)

For five years Adelina Kildaire has been happily married to ruinously gorgeous Samuel Grady. But when Addy's helper, Mis Pru, finds a man and moves to Tahiti, she leaves Addy to cope with her design business alone. Now, two children, a pregnant model, needy hangers-on, and the upcoming February fashion show have got Addy in a tizzy. She has no time for anyone - including Sam. They meet in passing and come together in delicious lovemaking, but for Sam it's not enough. It takes two women close to Addy's heart to teach her the true value of a husband's love...

Never Too Late (1984)

As their three teenage daughters reach for independence, Meg and David Alexander are thrilled to be freer from parenting. Now Meg can finish her education and join David on business trips. Now they can indulge in playfully spontaneous lovemaking. Now, to their utter surprise, they learn Meg's pregnant! Suddenly they're the neighborhood's feature attraction. Their friends are kind, but secretly amused. The girls are excited and heartstoppingly solicitous. Meg's fighting morning sickness. David's confused. Then, mixed blessing that it is, the miracle of new life begins to challenge their marriage in unexpected ways ...

Cupid's Revenge (1984)

She's Emma the Avenger, sworn to exact revenge on the unscrupulous Greg--alias Hi--Seas, for his jilting of her cousin Josie. With the utmost stealth and cleverness, she seeks him out and plots a most fitting retribution. She'll pretend to succumb to his kisses, make him fall hopelessly in love with her, and at the crucial moment walk away. But Greg is a more skillful womanizer than Emma anticipates--and she falls quickly and powerfully under his spell. Then her cousin calls. While seducing Emma, Greg has been making up with Josie! And Emma must be maid of honor at the wedding...


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