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Кони Брокуей


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Connie Brockaway - Кони Брокуей е родена в Минеаполис, щата Минесота, но прекарва няколко години в предградията на Бъфало, Ню Йорк. Среща се със съпруга си, Дейвид Брокуей, докато учи магистратура по творческо писане в Университета на Минесота. Те имат една дъщеря. Двамата в момента живеят в щата Минесота. През 1994 г. публикува първата си книга. Въпреки че е станала известна с исторически си романи, през 2005 г. тя обявява, че ще вземе почивка от историческите си романи и започва да пише съвременни романи. Много хора не знаят, че тя е много добра приятелка с Елоиза Джеймс и Тереза Медейрос.


McClairen's Isle

1. The Passionate One (1999)

They are the Merricks, two brothers and a sister, restless, daring, proud. English by birth, they came to Scotland with their father to occupy McClairen lands. And there each would find a love as wild and glorious as the Highland isle they claimed as their own. Fia, the only daughter, is the ravishing one. Raine, the second son, is the reckless one. Ashton is the eldest son. This is his story. . . . Ash: The Passionate One He was a notorious rogue with a reputation for hell-raising and heartbreaking. But family secrets forced Ashton Merrick to do his ruthless father's bidding--and escort Rhiannon Russell back to McClairen's Isle. Ash suspected that his father intended to make the innocent beauty his fourth wife. But he didn't expect the passions she would ignite in his own wary heart.

2. The Reckless One (2000)

They are the Merricks, two brothers and a sister, restless, daring, proud. English by birth, they came to Scotland with their father to occupy McClairen lands. And there each would find a love as wild and glorious as the Highland isle they claimed as their own. Fia, the only daughter, is the ravishing one. Raine, the second son, is the reckless one. Ashton is the eldest son. Raine: The Reckless One...there was sin in his smile and wildness in his soul.... Raine Merrick's wild, reckless spirit had earned him time in a French prison. When a mysterious beauty gains his freedom only to betray him, Raine Merrick sets out for his father's castle on McClairen's Isle, seeking the treasure hidden within. But strange surprises await him in the Highlands. He never expected to find his deceitful angel masquerading as an honored guest. Or to want her with all the searing passion in his sinner's soul.

3. The Ravishing One (2000)

They are the Merricks, two brothers and a sister, restless, daring, proud. English by birth, they came to Scotland with their father to occupy McClairen lands. And there each would find a love as wild and glorious as the Highland isle they claimed as their own. Fia, the only daughter, is the ravishing one. Raine, the second son, is the reckless one. Ashton is the eldest son. Fia: The Ravishing One She is the toast of London society. But Fia Merrick gives her heart to no one, for love is a weakness she cannot afford. Once she would have given her soul to Thomas McClairen, until he shattered her innocent dreams. Now he is back, a convict returned to England in disguise to abduct Fia to Scotland, to McClairen's Isle. There, as Fia seeks her revenge in seduction, a passion is ignited that defies the past and cannot be denied....

Rose Hunters

1. My Seduction (2004)

Connie Brockway sweeps readers back to the rough beauty of Regency-era Scotland and into the scintillating, passionate, and surprising love story of a mysterious Highlander and the woman he is pledged to protect. Desperate to keep her two sisters and herself from the poorhouse, Kate Nash Blackburn embarks upon a journey to northern Scotland, where she hopes to gain the gratitude and patronage of a wealthy marquis. When fate maroons her at a tavern full of ruffians, a brawny Highland soldier comes to her rescue. It's Kit MacNeill, the man whose pledge to her family has haunted her for years. When he offers to escort Kate through the treacherous Highlands to Castle Parnell, she accepts even though her instincts warn her against trusting this rough and dangerous man. But soon Kate is startled by the Highlander's cultured speech and courtly manners. Who is this man of contradictions, shaped by a shadowy past, who fiercely wards off an attempt on her life, whose broad shoulders beckon her touch, and in whose arms she comes fully alive?

2. My Pleasure (2004)

The breathtaking love story of a dashing Scotsman who is duty bound to protect the one woman who incites in him a wild passion. How exactly can he save her from himself? By day, celebrated beauty Helena Nash works as a proper companion to one of London's most disagreeable ladies. By night she acts as an illicit messenger between two separated lovers. Masked and disguised, she falls into the path of a shadowy stalker. Fearing for her safety but unwilling to halt her nocturnal forays, Helena seeks out Ramsey Munro -- one of three men who pledged years earlier to serve her family in times of need. Handsome and elusive, the notorious Scotsman is London's most accomplished swordsman and represents everything Helena wants but can't have -- freedom, adventure, and passion. Now she demands that he teach her his formidable skills, a commission that may prove cool, collected Helena's undoing. For Ramsey has seen through her disguise...and soon vows to teach her both the way of the sword and the deliciously wicked pleasures of the flesh.

3. My Surrender (2005)

Charlotte Nash is the most impulsive of the Nash sisters. Using her position as one of London's most popular and naughty debutantes, she assists English spies in conveying messages that will help them infiltrate Napoleon's inner circle -- and fulfill the mission her father died trying to achieve. But only as a courtesan can she infiltrate London's most notorious gatherings and retrieve a crucial document. Is she ready to take part in a deception that will leave her reputation in shreds? And when Highlander Dand Ross -- a dangerous, disreputable blackguard -- reappears in her life and offers his aid, dare she accept it? The exquisite pleasure she finds in his arms might be worth the price of her surrender, but is the dark Highlander who loves her so passionately really just luring her toward the ultimate betrayal?


Bridal Season (2001)

Victorian England... a glittering world of titled society and scandalous secrets... the enchanting story of a woman who lives by her wits--and who commits the most startling indiscretion of all: She falls in love.... Letty Potts has gotten into a few fixes in her twenty-five years, but this is her worst predicament yet. A petty schemer by necessity, the struggling music hall performer has decided to go straight. But after narrowly escaping the wrath of her partner in crime, she finds herself at Paddington Station with nothing but the gown she's wearing ... and another woman's train ticket clutched in her hand. Now masquerading as the redoubtable "Lady Agatha," of Whyte Wedding Celebrations, Letty arrives in the backwater burg of Little Bidewell, where she is to arrange the nuptials of a young society bride. Amid the dizzying whirl of pre-wedding festivities, nobody suspects Letty's secret ... except the sensual and aristocratic Sir Elliot March. A war hero who has forsworn love, Elliot senses something decidedly amiss about this outspoken young woman. Yet she awakens a passionate yearning he'd thought was lost to him forever. And soon a desperate masquerade embroils them both in a web of scandal and danger as Letty's past catches up with her--threatening their lives ... and a love without peer.

Bridal Favors (2002)

The acclaimed, award-winning author of The Bridal Season returns to the elegant drawing rooms and sprawling country estates of Victorian England...in the captivating tale of a woman who must prove she can keep an irresistible nobleman's most scandalous secret--without losing her heart ... Evelyn Whyte has never forgotten the night she first met Justin Powell--or the shocking indiscretion that left the raffish military hero eternally in her debt. Now, desperate to save her aunt's foundering nuptial planning enterprise, she's ready to call in her IOU. All she needs is Justin's scenic ancestral home, where she's determined to show the world that even a woman innocent in the ways of love can turn a simple wedding into the social event of the season. Ten years earlier, Evie single-handedly saved him from scandal-wagging tongues, and Justin never reneges on a favor. Now, unaware of the daring double life he conceals behind a cloak of amiable gentility, Evie and her wedding party descend on North Cross Abbey, where her curiosity and forthright manner could imperil them both. Pursued by enemy agents amid a whirl of festivities, Justin vows to keep Evie safe. But who will protect him from the charms of this alluring woman--and the promise of a matchless love worth any risk?

Related Books:

Promise Me Heaven (1994)

MASTER OF SEDUCTION To help her impoverished family, Lady Catherine "Cat" Sinclair must wed a wealthy man. So naturally, she seeks out a rake of mythic notoriety, Thomas Montrose, to instruct her in the fine art of seduction. Cat is stunned to discover that the man once known as the king of London rakes is now "retired" to the English countryside. Offended yet amused by Cat's arrogant assumption that he's "over the hill," the master seducer agrees to teach her all he knows. Little does he imagine how quickly she'll learn...or how soon she'll be teaching him! MISTRESS OF LOVE From Montrose's rustic manor in the hills of Devon to elegant salons and glittering ballrooms, Cat dazzles every lord from London to Paris... while tormenting her tutor with her newfound skills. Shaken by temptation, yet constrained by secrets from his past, he struggles to resist her. But Montrose is no match for Cat, the consummate temptress, who has ignited passions that fire his soul...and a love that transcends anything he's ever known.

All Through the Night (1997)

A woman compelled. . . In the glittering world of Regency England, Anne Wilder played a dangerous game. A widowed lady by day, by night she became a masked thief preying on society's elite. She roved high above London's black rooftops, compelled by phantoms from her past to take ever greater risks. Until her restless spirit led her into Colonel Jack Seward's trap. . . where seduction was her only way out. A man obsessed. . .She'd played him for a fool, taking advantage of his hungry response to escape from his clutches. But as Jack hunted for his thief, his heart fell captive to a self-possessed widow. Torn between illicit passion and tender love, Jack is duty-bound to capture the audacious criminal, even if it means ripping society apart to do so. Now he stalked her through the ton, never realizing the lovely widow who captured his heart was the same woman who roused his most violent passions. A love that defied king and country. . .


Anything for Love (1994)

Forever Venice Leiland, determined to overcome her spoiled rich girl reputation, has come to the most remote spot in the Rockies to save a small mining town from financial ruin. The last person she expects to find is Noble "Slats" McCaneaghy, who disappeared from her life ten years ago after her fat her had rescued him from poverty. He had been the hero of her childhood--always there to rescue her from her mischievous adventures. Now he is a devastatingly attractive man with a new mission in life. The arrival of the dark-haired beauty from his past stirs all his painful memories of forbidden desires and thwarted dreams, yet he still yearns to protect her even if he can't have her. But as Venice struggles with her own feelings of betrayal, she is helpless to resist him ... or to deny the fiery passion that still smolders in a love that can never die.

A Dangerous Man (1996)

A Dangerous Bargain -- Standing in the English drawing room, Hart Moreland, the Earl of Perth, seemed the quintessential aristocrat: remote, imperious, sophisticated. But Mercy Coltrane had last seen him six years earlier in Texas. There they called him Duke: a lank, sun-scarred gunfighter with eyes as hard as the steel of his Colt .44. Fearless and without remorse, he never failed to complete a job. That was why she had followed him here. That was why she needed him now. A Dangerous Passion -- Hart remembered the beautiful red-haired American. After all, six years earlier, he had shot her. Now he saw those terrible memories in her glittering eyes as she threatened to expose his scandalous past -- unless he helped find her missing brother. Blackmail was a dangerous game to play with a hard man like Hart. But it wasn't until he pulled her into his arms, unleashing the sudden heat of unexpected passion, that Mercy Coltrane knew the threat to her heart of... A DANGEROUS MAN

As You Desire (1997) Египетски нощи

Египет, края на XIX век...Младата английска благородничка Дездемона расте в Египет много по-свободна от своите връстнички в Англия. Затова и много по-смело отдава сърцето си на чаровния авантюрист и изследовател Хари Бакстън... Със своята красота и особени дарби, Дездемона е предизвикателство за всеки мъж. Но ето че някаква тъмна тайна тласка Хари далеч от нея... Ще успее ли най-сетне Дездемона да разкрие съперницата, която й отнема обекта на нейната пламенна любов?...

My Dearest Enemy (1998) Любимият ми враг

Eднo стрaннo зaвещaние изисквa oт Лили пет гoдини дa упрaвлявa успешнo имениетo Мил Xaус, зa дa мoже дa гo нaследи. Aкo тя oткaже или не се спрaви, имoтът ще oтиде при зaклетия й врaг Eйвъри Тoри. Кoлкoтo и дa не им се искa, след рaзмянa нa злoбни и ирoнични писмa двaмaтa неприятели трябвa се срещнaт. И тoгaвa недoвериетo и гoрдoсттa се сблъсквaт с неoбяснимo влечение...

Hot Dish (2006)

HERE SHE IS... Years ago, Jenn Lind's family's dynasty crashed, forcing them to move out of their Raleigh penthouse and into a cabin in Fawn Creek, Minnesota. But Jenn saw a way out: She'd win the Buttercup pageant, grab the scholarship, and run far, far away. The plan almost worked too until some conniving townspeople cheated her out of her tiara. Still, she swore she'd make it out someday....MISS MINNESOTA? Twenty years later, she's on the cusp of real stardom. She's about to leave for New York to be crowned queen of daytime TV when Fawn Creek asks her to be grand marshal of the town's sesquicentennial. Her network accepts, delighted over the potential PR, especially since she'll be sharing the "honor" with international celebrity Steve Jaax, a man she got tangled up with once long ago. Between the all too attractive Steve, the townspeople, and a hundred-pound butter sculpture, Jenn may never escape Fawn Creek. Or even worse, she might.

Skinny-Dipping (2008)

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO GROW UP. After a lifetime of avoiding obligations, Mimi Olson, queen of slackers, finds herself in northern Minnesota buried under an avalanche of them--including taking care of three unruly mutts and their twentysomething owner, whose leg she was sort of responsible for breaking. And when the kid's dad shows up, things get really interesting.... IT'S NEVER TOO LATE FOR A SECOND CHILDHOOD. Joe Tierney, charter member of Overachievers-R-Us, has lost touch with his son. So when he learns that the kid has broken his leg, he heads to Minnesota to play nursemaid, hoping to reconnect. But he arrives to find the position already filled--by a woman even more unqualified for the job than he is. BUT IT'S BEST NOT TO DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. There's a slim chance that a woman who's never grown up will find happiness with a man who never had a childhood. It's even less likely that a man who lives by the rules will fall for a woman who's always skirted them. But sometimes, despite the odds, you just hold your breath and jump in....

So Enchanting (2009)

Years ago, lovely young Francesca Walcott ruled the fringes of London society as a mysteriously gifted medium. Until the uncompromising Lord Greyson Sheffield accused her of being a fraud, shattering her world and sending her into exile in the Scottish Highlands. Now Greyson has received word of a young witch in Scotland, and he travels to Little Firkin to investigate, only to find that the girl in question has a companion who is none other than Fanny Walcott, now a ravishing woman. Audacious Fanny is more than his match in every way, and as the sparks of challenge set fire to a passion neither can control, Grey is prepared to risk everything for the one woman he can never forget. Fighting an unseen enemy, thrown together by danger and desire, the cynic and the enchantress discover their own brand of magic ... and a love too powerful, too consuming, too beg g for either to resist.

The Golden Season (2010)

Wealthy orphan Lady Lydia Eastlake reigns over Regency England as the ton's most celebrated beauty. But Lydia must face losing the only life she has ever known when her fortune suddenly disappears -- unless she can find a wealthy enough husband. Enter Captain Ned Lockton, a dashing war hero from a noble family whose coolheaded charm and dangerous smile send Lydia's pulse racing. Her problems are solved...or are they? Little does Lydia know that the enigmatic captain's family estate is secretly on the selling block -- and he's on the hunt for a rich bride who will rescue the Locktons from poverty. When the truth is revealed, Lydia and Ned will discover where true love lies. But will the price of passion be more than either is willing to pay?


Outlaw Love (1997) (with Brenda Joyce, Cait Logan and Stephanie Mittman)

В този сборник Кони участва с новелата Heaven with a Gun: DANGEROUS MEN . . . SPIRITED WOMEN . . . UNTAMED DESIRES THAT SET THE WILD WEST AFIRE... She was "Heaven with a Gun": a notorious masked gunfighter who granted a reporter a career-making interview--if, in exchange, he'd let her masquerade as his wife.

My Scottish Summer (2001) (with Patti Berg, Debra Dier and Kathleen Givens)

В този сборник Кони участва с новелата Lassie go Home: Lassie Go Home, by award-winning and New York Times extended list bestselling author Brockway, tells the story of an American woman who flies to Scotland to collect a champion Border collie .. . and lands in a dogfight with the sexy laird who claims he's the pooch's rightful owner.

Once Upon a Pillow (2002) (with Christina Dodd)

В този сборник Кони е съавтор на новелите The Bed is Made и The Lady Makes Her Bed: Within a beautiful old English manor house lies a sumptuous antique bed, one of many Masterson family heirlooms that have been sold along with the house. As Laurel Whitney leads the last tour group through the house before it's closed to the public, she regales the visitors with romanticized tales of how this exquisite bed affected the lives of the couples who slept in it. The actual stories-of a bawdy medieval knight trying to woo his reluctant bride; an insolvent Elizabethan aristocrat who plans to ruin a wealthy heiress but beds her impoverished cousin instead; and a feisty Regency lady whose scheme goes awry when she mistakenly manacles herself (and a dashing colonel) to the bedpost--are funnier and certainly sexier than anything a tour guide could ever tell! Shocked to see her lover from the past on the tour, Laurel is even more surprised to find their love rekindled when a twist of fate leaves them no choice but to spend the night in the famed Masterson bed.

The True Love Wedding Dress (2005) (with Catherine Anderson, Casey Claybourne and Barbara Metzger)

В този сборник Кони участва с новелата Glad Rags: Some brides make their dresses. But sometimes, the dress makes the bride.... By the flickering light of a kitchen fire, a modest servant girl creates the wedding gown of her dreams -- a glorious dress of ivory silk and delicate lace that she would give anything to wear. But alas, the dress is for her haughty mistress, who is to marry the man that the poor young woman loves with all her heart. Though tempted to stop the marriage using the magical skills passed down to her through blood, the young woman instead ensures the misguided groom's future happiness by enchanting the dress so that whoever possesses it will be forever blessed with true love....Only the spell goes delightfully awry, working its magic for the servant girl instead of her mistress, and then the dress mysteriously vanishes Who knows where or when it may turn up next, for some blushing bride to claim as her very own?

Cupid Cats (2010) (with Katie MacAlister and Vicki Lewis Thompson)

В този сборник Кони участва с новелата Cat Scratch Fever: In Chicago, Widower Jim Curran takes his five years old Chloe to the nearby animal shelter so she can pick a kitten as her pet. However, the little girl insiststhat an elderly cat is her late mother's long-missing Pixie. While her father and shelter director Dr. Edith Handelman know that is impossible, no one bothered to tell the cat.

The Lady Most Likely...: A Novel in Three Parts (2010) (with Eloisa James and Julia Quinn)

Three of the brightest stars of historical romance invite you to a party at the country home of the Honorable Marquess of Finchley Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, needs a wife, so his sister hands him a list of delectable damsels and promises to invite them— and a few other gentlemen—to her country house for what is sure to be the event of the season. Hugh will have time to woo whichever lady he most desires . . . Unless someone else snatches her first. The invitation list includes

  • The horse-mad but irresistibly handsome Earl of Briarly
  • The always outspoken Miss Katherine Peyton
  • The dashing war hero Captain Neill Oakes
  • The impossibly beautiful (and painfully shy) Miss Gwendolyn Passmore
  • The terribly eligible new Earl of Charters
  • The widowed Lady Georgina Sorrell (who has no plans to marry, ever)

And your hostess, Lady Carolyn Finchley, an irrepressible matchmaker who plans to find the lady most likely . . . to capture her brother's untamed heart.

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