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Мерил Сойър


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Meryl Sawyer - Мерил Сойер е израснала в Санта Фе, Ню Мексико, единствено дете на самотна майка. Автор на шестнадесет романтични романа, един исторически роман и една антология. Дебютира през 1990 година с романа Blind Chance. Живее в Нюпорт Бийч, Калифорния, с трите си златни ретривъри.


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1.Tempting Fate (1998)

Arizona journalist Kelly Taylor saw her illusions and her heart shattered when her husband died in a plane crash. Only then she learned he had a child, abandoned in a Venezuelan orphanage. After the pain and grief, she was left with an overwhelming yearning to rescue the little boy. The only person she could turn to was undercover agent Logan McCord, who had also been kidnapped as a child and was still scarred from the harrowing incident. As a single woman, Kelly knew she didn't stand a chance of being able to legally adopt her husband's child in Venezuela. Now she desperately prayed that Logan's own tragic experience would convince him to not only help her, but also marry her. Soon Kelly and Logan began a perilous liaison, joined in a sham marriage that aroused an irresistible desire. And together they confronted a maelstrom of secrets and danger, where an innocent child and a cruel killer were eagerly waiting...

2.Half Moon Bay (1999) Заливът на полумесеца

Мерл Сойър е автор на редица романи с криминално-детективски елемент. Носителка е на няколко награди, межд които престижната "Рита" за романтичен автор. Нейната героиня Ейми притежава лице, което от едната страна я представя за красавицата, а от другата - като звяра. Тя приема нова самоличност, защото бяга от преследвачи, а единственият, който може да каже коя е, наистина се колебае - неин враг или...

3.Thunder Island (1999)

A WOMAN ACCUSED... K-9 Search and Rescue expert, Jennifer Whitmore has done everything she can to forget Kyle Parker. But when she goes to Key West for a training seminar on anti-terrorism, the last person she expects to see as her instructor is Kyle. Despite the attraction that is still there, Jennifer is determined not to let Kyle break her heart again. A MAN TORN... Kyle can't believe this fiercely independent woman is the same Jennifer from his past-and the girl he once loved. Time has changed them both, transforming them from naive teenagers to adults, and their desire for each other is more intense than ever. But when Kyle discovers Jennifer is involved with another man, his pride keeps him from revealing his true feelings. AN EXPLOSIVE DESIRE... In the wake of a powerful storm that rocks the island, Jennifer and Kyle succumb to the passion between them. But the aftermath of their desire leads to murder-and Jennifer is the prime suspect in a crime that has its twisted roots in Thunder Island's maze of shocking secrets and dangerous lies...

4.Trust No One (2000) Не вярвай на никого

Броуди - елитен командос, чийто живот са опасността и рискът - е привикнал да бъде сам - без корени, без близки. Докато не получава писмото, от което научава, че има баща и брат-близнак. Тори - преуспяваща дизайнерка, разминала се с любовта си - е научила всичко за самотата и живота на ръба. Докато в една сребърна лунна нощ не усеща със сърцето си, че е срещнала мъжа. Какво ще се получи между двамата... В Калифорния - земята на виното - двама мъже-близнаци, пияни от любов, се втурват подир една жена. Всичко - минало, настояще, бъдеще - се завъртва в луд калейдоскоп на заплетени предателства, лъжи и заплахи, който може да спре единствено тя. Но дотогава Тори трябва да профучи през опасности и заплетени страсти, за да застане лице в лице с истината. И да потъне в едни обятия, за които винаги е мечтала…


Blind Chance (1989) Танцът на късмета

ОСЪЩЕСТВЕТЕ НАЙ-СЪКРОВЕНИТЕ СИ МЕЧТИ. АЛЕКСА - Руса красавица, жадна за успех и любов. МАРК - Самоиздигнал се милионер със сурова красота. Няма доверие на амбициозни жени. МЕЛАНИ - Великолепното й премоделирано тяло е нейният билет към славата. Безсрамна и коварна, тя не се спира пред нищо! ДЖЕЙСЪН - Британски аристократ, горещ поклонник на секса. Не подбира, за да вкара Алекса в леглото си. В затъмнените спални на елегантните лондонски къщи, по оживените площади на Мексико и Хартум съществува само едно правило - залагай на слепия късмет.

Chance (1991)

Every woman wants to be a star. Living every woman's fantasy, Alexa MacKenzie was catapulted into the glamorous international entertainment world. Featured in the film of her own best-selling novel, she never suspected that the one nude scene she'd performed in front of the cameras would haunt her, turning her into an international underground sex symbol.

Midnight in Marrakesh (1991) Целувки от Лондон

Лондон. Лорън Уинтроп разполага само с една година да превърне „Рависан” в първокласна галерия от световна величина. Международният финансист Карлос Барзан й предлага фантастични условия… ако запази в тайна уговорката си с него. Лорън приема, тъй като знае, че в света на най-богатите, които преследват с еднакава страст и парите, и възбудата, тайните и интригите са неделима част от всяко предложение.

Но среща колекционера Райн Уесткот.

Тя се е сблъсквала и преди с опасността, затова успява да долови познатото усещане в убедителните му целувки. Убийствените замисли на външни сили обаче я повличат към кошмара, от които е избягала преди години от Маракеш… или към сладкия мрак на забранените удоволствия, които всяка жена копнее да опита…

Never Kiss a Stranger (1992)

LOVE'S VALIANT LEGACY Stunned by two recent betrayals, blue blood Janna Atherton-Pembroke seeks a new life on the enchanting island of Malta with her beloved aunt Pithany. Reluctantly attracted to Nick Jensen, a rugged Texan propelled to the Mediterranean paradise by her aunts request, Janna finds herself irrevocably immersed in Pithany's hidden past. Stirred by revelations about the unforgettable Ian MacShane, with whom her aunt fell deeply in love during World War II, Janna sets out to answer questions half a century old. LOVE'S SHATTERED DREAMS Pursuing the poignant story of the dauntless war correspondent and the devoted woman to whom he never returned, Janna follows a trail of heroism and treachery...and stumbles upon the startling key to her own identity. Now she, must summon up the courage to free the tormented man she loves from the shackles of his own past so that they may face the future together.

Promise Me Anything (1994)

SHE HAD EVERYTHING TO GAIN... Brett Lamonf ignored the tall, dark, laser-eyed stranger who sat behind her at a family wedding until she walked into her office and met Alex Savich, heir to Belage Diamonds, her new boss. He said her jewelry designs were inspired; together they'd resurrect the failing business. But she hadn't reckoned on losing her heart--even as she pledged allegiance to another man. She felt she couldn't trust him, yet he promised her a brilliant future, paved with diamonds, danger, and desire. HE HAD NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE... One day they would call Alex Savich MasterJeweler--even if rescuing London's Belage Diamonds from near bankruptcy meant double-crossing Intelco, the international diamond cartel that settled its debts in blood. Alex knew that Brett Lamont's dazzling settings were perfect for the priceless contraband gems. Brett herself was cool, aloof, an irresistible challenge. The beauty had become his obsession, who threatened his freedom with love...

A Kiss in the Dark (1995) Целувка в мрака

Last Night (1995) Ледената кралица

Студена и надменна, но прецизна като съдия, тя е наричана от хората "Ледената кралица". Съдия Дейна Хамилтън не удостоява никого със своето доверие. Ала под хладната й маска се крие горещо сърце. Роб Тачет, репортер от местния вестник, се оказа единствената й надежда в тежък за Дейна момент, в който е заплашена нейната кариера и дори животът й. Тя е принудена да избира между желязната си репутация и страстта, на която повече не може да устои.

The Hideaway (1997)

Claire Holt grew up privileged in Taos, until a family scandal drove her away from home. Now she's returned. But her dreams of starting over is shattered when she is tricked into going to the Hideaway, a secluded retreat dedicated to sensual pleasures. There, her arch rival is murdered and she becomes the prime suspect. Can she count on Zach Coulter, formerly the town bad boy, who wears a badge--to help her find the one person with the power to save her--a mysterious stranger who can give her an alibi or destroy her life?

Unforgettable (1997) Кралят на орхидеите

Те се срещат в покрайнините на екваториалната гора на остров Мауи, от другата страна на рая. По време на яростна тропическа буря Грег Брекстън я открива в безсъзнание в подножието на крайбрежните канари. Тя се вкопчва в него страстно, отчаяно и му зашепва думи, които едновременно го изумяват и възбуждат. Когато се събужда, тя не може нито да си спомни името, нито да се познае в огледалото. Той я нарича Лъки... Лъки. Звучи толкова просто. Но някой я наблюдава и чака... някой, свързан по твърде зловещ начин със забравеното минало на Лъки.

Closer Than She Thinks (2001)

A WOMAN SCORNED Alyssa Rossi never wanted to return home to New Orleans - too many memories - most of them bad ones. But when her successful costume jewelry company is acquired by TriTech, her only choice is to leave Italy - and return to the scene of a crime that nearly destroyed her life... A MYSTERY UNSOLVED TriTech CEO Jake Williams is all business - and determined to find out the real reason why his partner acquired Rossi Designs. His investigation uncovers a first love's betrayal, a missing baby...and the mysterious Alyssa in the center of a storm of gossip and controversy that has raged for more than a decade. A DEADLY OBSESSION Shunned by New Orleans society, yet coveted by her former lover, Alyssa tried to focus on her jewelry...and Jake. But her past - and a new murder - haunt her every waking moment. Now, amid the chaos of Madri Gras, Alyssa and Jake's attempts to uncover the truth bring them closer to one another - and to a killer who will stop at nothing to destroy them...

Every Waking Moment (2002) Опасни лъжи

Тейлър Максуел е останала при миналото и разбития си живот. Не се интересува от нищо, дори от новия си съсед, който обаче живее само с мисълта за нея. Майка и, осъдена от раково заболяване, решава да намери и другата си дъщеря, родена и изоставена от нея преди брака и. И наема детективската фирма на съседа. Докатот върви издирването и докато една мъничка искрица между Тейлър и суровия съсед детектив започва да припламва в нова обич, един убиец, една душа, мечтаеща за мъст тръгва по следите на Тейлър и нейната майка. Той иска и смъртта, и парите , и щастието им. Време е да се плаща за серията опасни лъжи. Редът е на Тейлър. След това - на майка и. И тогава се намесва онзи суров мъж. За да спаси момичето, да възпре един психопат, сеещ по пътя си смърт, да спечели едно сърце - на жената, за която мечтае от години. Да сложи край на лъжата...

Lady Killer (2004)

SOME MEN... He preys on a certain type of woman--smart, successful, professional, the kind who doesn't realize how vulnerable she is until it's too late. The last terrifying sight she sees is the face of a ruthless serial killer... WILL CHARM YOU... As the San Francisco Herald's popular relationship expert--the "Love Doctor"--Jessica Crawford has her own opinions about what kind of man is compelled to brutally murder successful women. After the killings begin, she decides to use her nationally syndicated column to profile this Lady Killer. As the reporter on the story, journalist Cole Rawlings fears that Jessica's articles may make her the next victim. He's seen up close what this man is capable of and soon, so has Jessica...because the latest victim is her best friend... ...TO DEATH Now, as a ruthless psychopath strikes close to home, turning every corner, every haunt, every connection into something she can no longer trust, Jessica is playing a deadly game with a cold-blooded killer who is already one step ahead...

Better Off Dead (2005)

SHE'D BETTER RUN... Devon's used to a life on the run - when she entered the Witness Protection program, she had to give up her friends, her family...even her name. But now someone's cracked her FBI file and sent a hired killer after her, and Devon can't count on the Feds to protect her. SHE'D BETTER HIDE... Now Devon's fighting to stay one step ahead of the crime lord who's after her, but she can't do it alone. Her neighbor, a security expert, is willing to help her...but is he her guardian angel, or working with the assassins chasing her? Devon has to decide, and soon... BECAUSE SOMEONE THINKS SHE'D BE BETTER OFF DEAD.

Half Past Dead (2006)

KAT DOESN'T WANT ANY TROUBLE...BUT THE BODY COUNT'S RISING FASTER THAN THE MISSISSIPPI No one in Twin Oaks knows about the risky deal Kaitlin Wells cut with the Feds for her release. But everyone remembers her scandalous arrest for stealing money from the Mercury Bank. Now, three years later, Kat has come home to catch the real thieves and prove her innocence. Trouble is, some powerful folks don't want her digging up the past...or getting friendly with new sheriff Justin Radner. But some laws can't be ignored - like white-hot attraction. And soon determined Kat and her handsome, daring lawman are risking love and life to expose the lies that will bring down a murderer...before the killer strikes again.

Kiss of Death (2007)

In the secluded guesthouse of a lavish California estate, Whitney Marshall has finally found a refuge...a place to heal after the painful end of her marriage. Until her newfound peace is shattered by the arrival of the property's distracting handsome heir, Adam Hunter--and she finds herself drawn into a deadly game of danger and desire. Adam Hunter needs Whitney's help to prove that his uncle -- the estate's original owner--was murdered. But as the two begin to unearth the truth about Cal Hunter's shadowy past, it's Whitney's own life that is suddenly on the line. Because someone nearby thinks she knows too much...

Death's Door (2009)

SOME SECRETS ARE BETTER LEFT BURIED... Madison Connelly is tired of lies--and betrayal. First her husband and business partner leaves her for another woman. Then Detective Paul Tanner arrives to tell her that the man she thought was her father isn't. Madison wants answers...answers about her past that someone is going to deadly lengths to keep hidden. Falling for Madison isn't in Paul's job description: find the girl, bring her to his employer, Wyatt Holbrook, the end. But as Madison bravely agrees to cross over a dangerous threshold into Holbrook's privileged, secretive world, she'll need more than Paul's growing attraction to keep her safe. Because she's about to be drawn deep into a complicated web of intrigue, deceit--and murder.

Play Dead (2010)

HOW DO YOU STOP A KILLER WHEN EVERYONE THINKS YOU'RE DEAD? When Newport Beach heiress Hayley Fordham heads to Costa Rica on an art commission, she has no idea she's narrowly escaped an assassin's car bomb. But before the paint's even dry on her mural, her stepsiblings have arranged her funeral and redivided the family trust. The fact that Hayley is still very much alive remains a secret to everyone but FBI investigator Ryan Hollister, who intercepts the victim returning home in the flesh. Ryan has zero tolerance for the pampered elite. But there's something about the complex Hayley that sets his blood racing. With evidence pointing to a Fordham family associate, Ryan needs her cooperation--and her closeness--more than he dares admit. Because now, especially now, he's prepared to risk anything to stop Hayley from being killed...again.


Valentine Delights (1997) (with Kate Hoffmann and Gina Wilkins)

В този сборник Мерил участва с новелата Chokolate Fantasy: Matchmaking shop owner Papa Valentine dispenses sinful desserts, mouth-watering chocolates...and advice for the lovelorn... It's February 14th - Black Friday, as far as single-and-looking-in-vain Alexis Evans is concerned. Her only consolation? She'll treat herself to chocolates from Valentine Delights. But meeting handsome, sexy Kyle Paxton at the counter is the biggest treat of all...

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