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Flying benefit riverside is immersed in deficit predicament net loss of the 2nd quarter 1.9 billion dollar


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<p>jingruilyyLouis Vitton Black Check Pattern Report from our correspondent (reporter Niu Yinghui) yesterday, Louis Vitton Coffee Check Patter flying benefit riverside releases this company 2 quarterly reports showed 2011, Louis Vitton Colorized Monogram suffer economic depression to anabiosis speed not as good as the company anticipates and the influence of asset derogation, Louis Vitton Leather Texture caustic of net loss of the 2nd quarter achieves flying benefit riverside 1.34 billion euro (add up to 1.9 billion dollar about) . Louis Vitton Monogram Meanwhile, this company plan cuts down 500 million euro again (add up to 703 million dollar about) defray. Louis Vitton Patent Leather </p><p>As we have learned, be in up to the 2nd quarter June 30, caustic of net loss of flying benefit riverside is 1.34 billion euro, Louis Vitton Ramie Cotton on this company year the net profit of the corresponding period is 259 million euro. The 2nd quarter, Louis Vitton Stripe suffer business of United States of branch of medical treatment of flying benefit riverside to behave not beautiful, Louis Vitton Wallets derogation of asset of branch of medical treatment of flying benefit riverside achieves 830 million euro; Louis Vitton White Check Pattern Get the influence that gains fast slow down, louis vuitton outlet derogation of asset of branch of illume of flying benefit riverside 530 million euro. Louis Vitton White Check Pattern Battalion of the 2nd quarter receives flying benefit riverside from go up the 5.35 billion euro of year of the corresponding period glides to 5.21 billion euro. Not according to standard of American general accounting, profit of net profit of the 2nd quarter is flying benefit riverside 370 million euro, those who achieve two years to come is new low. </p><p><p>Flying benefit riverside is presiding honest of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers expresses apparitor, "Suffer short-term inside challenge of company operation experience, market is fatigued and weak and the influence of major asset derogation, caustic of net loss of the 2nd quarter achieves 1.34 billion euro. " honest of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers expresses, company outstanding achievement is in short-term inside the improvement that won't get materiality, nevertheless up to 2014 before the end of the year, flying benefit riverside will reduce expenditure of 500 million euro, grow in order to restore a company. </p><p>In fact, the outstanding achievement that flying benefit riverside is in China this year is very awkward also, and exit before color television course of study is sold 10 rank basically. This year first half of the year, flying benefit riverside has become TV business change to control a company of 70% by science and technology of Hong Kong coronal nimble, thereby the industrial tycoon such as Xi Menzi of follow the lead of, reduce the investment in consumptive electron domain. </p><p>It is reported, plan of flying benefit riverside will be announced in October this year 2015 strategic goal, the major business that makes professional work with mirrorring a company to include to exit a television is adjusted. To 2013, battalion of flying benefit riverside closes will grow 4% to 6% , predict to will be not achieved according to the profit margin of standard of American general accounting at the appointed time 12% . </p>

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