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Ox cause disaster does not buy square of number of Shanghai Pacific Ocean to beat and scold a client


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<p class="f_center"><br /></p><p class="f_center">jingruilyyLouis Vitton Black Check Pattern Square of number of Xu Jiahui Pacific Ocean 2 period the doorway draws a customer " ox " many</p><p><strong>"Ox " pull a guest to take 4 into profit</strong></p><p>Louis Vitton Coffee Check Patter Around square of number of Xu Jiahui Pacific Ocean, a flock of active people that pull a client technically to assemble or repair computer, Louis Vitton Colorized Monogram they are this industries " ox " . Before the task of these people takes the client shop of its paid paid namely, Louis Vitton Leather Texture give the clerk of shop. Once this client assembled computer here, this shop place reaps profit " ox " occupy 4 into, Louis Vitton Monogram the clerk is occupied 3 into, and shop boss is occupied 3 into. As a result of " ox " the profit share that hold is larger, Louis Vitton Patent Leather more aroused them the enthusiasm drawing a customer of these people. </p><p>Senior " ox " Mr Yang assembled an industry to had stayed 8 years in computer, Louis Vitton Ramie Cotton had done " ox " , had become a clerk, also oneself had hired shop to become a boss, "Assemble the moisture inside machine too much, Louis Vitton Stripe general the profit of a computer is controlled in 1000 yuan at least. General the profit of a computer is controlled in 1000 yuan at least.. Louis Vitton Wallets </p><p>Mr Yang says: "Generally speaking, student and a few ' dish bird ' the main client that is us, Louis Vitton White Check Pattern the computer prevailing prices that they choose is in 2500-5000 yuan between, louis vuitton outlet to computer configuration is not special understanding, and easier ' say so that move ' , be duped easily. Be duped easily.. Louis Vitton White Check Pattern </p><p>Assemble computer profit space bigger. He discloses: "The most expensive assembly computer can sell 10 thousand multivariate, cheap want 2000 yuan to be able to be bought only. Cheap want 2000 yuan to be able to be bought only.. </p>

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