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Face plate manufacturer because global demand is fatigued and weak draft reduction of output


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<p>jingruilyygucci bags Report from our correspondent (reporter Niu Yinghui) yesterday, gucci bags outlet witsView releases shipment of face plate of the 3rd quarter to forecast, the annulus of the 3rd quarter compares increase rate only 3%-5% . gucci bags sale Because global market demand is fatigued and weak, already face plate manufacturer begins to consider to assure profit through reduction of output. real gucci bags </p><p>The message says, photoelectricity of Shang Youda of production of face plate of the 2nd big liquid crystal was in Taiwan to discounted gucci bags reduced the vitreous order for goods of 15% to plan to will be produced in July June can utilization rate falls 80% , original gucci bags in order to reduce level of current face plate inventory. And the biggest face plate produces Taiwan SamSung of two big tycoons and LG leather gucci bags show Shang Jimei and Korea the department says to had planned to cut output likewise in order to protect face plate value. gucci bags outlet </p><p><p>It is reported, the expensive inventory level of industry of liquid crystal face plate has brought about face plate price to began June low, designer gucci bags manufacturer of big face plate tries to use decrease produce the strategy that can reduce a current as counteractive price. gucci bags 2011 Reducing vitreous order while, friend amounts to the photoelectricity hope yield the 3rd quarter can utilization rate by present 85% reduce to 80% . gucci handbags Surprise beautiful similar plan will be produced can utilization rate by 90% reduce to 80% , indication branch of SamSung and LG will fall in the 2nd quarter low yield can reduce again in the 3rd quarter on the foundation 5% . </p><p>WitsView analysis shows, downstream client is guarded in the stock up manner before busy season, if face plate factory does not adopt reduction of output to balance the state of market supply exceeds demand, to face plate factory, the busy season of the 3rd quarter not flourishing will bring about face plate price to rebound all up, lose by turn fortunately the opportunity that be filled with. </p>

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