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Intel turns contest raise 787 push 4 cruel beforehand farsighted I7 mobile chip


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<p>jingruilyygucci bags [dispatch of Sai Di net] on July 19 message, end on July 17, intel had enlarged product line of its shift processor, gucci bags outlet increased to exceed low voltage newly to surpass raise M processor: The contest spread that uses craft of 32 accept rice to make 787. gucci bags sale This is not an important upgrading. But, not afraid, intel still will roll out more powerful mobile processor, include 4 cruel farsighted I7 chip. real gucci bags </p><p>Cheng of a the X86 core that contest raise has speed of a clock 787 times to be 1.30Ghz, line, discounted gucci bags 1MB is 3 class cache, hot design power 17 tile, sale price is 107 dollars. original gucci bags </p><p>Chip of farsighted I7 processor will be in 4 cruel that are about to roll out the fourth quarter is rolled out this year, leather gucci bags include 3 4 paragraph processor: I7-2960XM Extreme Edition, I7-2860QM and I7-2760QM, gucci bags outlet and I7-2640M of chip of processor of a double nucleus. </p><p><p>Cruel farsighted I7-2640M has 4 lines Cheng, designer gucci bags core clock speed is 2.8GHz (can promote through Turbo technology to 3.5GHz) , 3 class of 4MB cache, gucci bags 2011 hot design power is 35 tile. Cruel farsighted I7-2760QM and I7-2860QM have 8 lines Cheng, gucci handbags hot design power is 45 tile, configured 6MB and 8MB respectively 3 class cache. The clock speed of I7-2760QM core is 2.4Ghz (can amount to 3.5Ghz through Turbo technology) , the clock speed of I7-2860QM core exceeded 2.5Ghz (can amount to 3.6Ghz through Turbo technology) . </p><p>Cruel farsighted I7-2960XM configures 8 lines Cheng, core clock speed is 2.7GHz (can amount to 3.7Ghz) through Turbo technology, 3 class of 8MB cache, hot design power 55 tile. Farsighted I7 processor includes all 4 nucleuses cruel speed of a clock is 650MHz (can amount to 1300Mhz through Turbo technology) core of graph of Intel HD 3000. The price of these chip may is close to when releasing, ability is announced. </p>

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