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Triplex firm next week one answer card


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<p>jingruilyylouis vuitton bags Report from our correspondent (reporter Lin Jiling) after stopping a card more than one year, cheapest louis vuitton handbags *ST is triplex announcement said yesterday, cheap louis vuitton handbags will trade at restoring to appear on the market since 25 days. *ST is triplex and affirmatory, authenticating louis vuitton handbags will solve problem of competition of a person of same business of as beautiful as large stockholder country electric equipment. real louis vuitton handbags </p><p>*ST is triplex because came 2007 2009 year are consecutive deficit, at be being gotten on since May 25, original louis vuitton handbags 2010 card place suspends trading. 2010, *ST is triplex realize make up the deficits and get surpluses eventually, genuine louis vuitton handbags 2010 year realize profit of net of attributive parent company twenty-three million three hundred and three thousand two hundred yuan. designer louis vuitton handbags </p><p>*ST is triplex announcement said yesterday, to avoid to retreat city, louis vuitton 2011 *ST is triplex increase management strength, through counterpoise the inn that order the door was transformed 2010, louis vuitton outlets the means such as node sales promotion makes company business income promotes steadily. In addition, louis vuitton wallets *ST is triplex open the door newly last year inn 1, the plan opens 4 doors store newly this year, louis vuitton speedy already had new start business of two doors store at present, louis vuitton for men second half of the year still makes an appointment with the autograph or open two doors store newly. louis vuitton shoulder bag </p><p><p>Feburary 2008, company of subordinate of national beautiful electric equipment obtains *ST through auctioning means original louis vuitton triplex 10.69% equity become firm the biggest partner. Because company and national beautiful electric equipment are home appliance, louis vuitton damier interlink retail business, both impact of competition of a person of same business is made in Shandong market. genuine louis vuitton *ST is triplex affirmatory in announcement, will promote the issue of competition of a person of same business between beautiful louis vuitton cheap electric equipment of nation of effective control person and company actively. authentic louis vuitton </p><p>Last week, *ST is triplex currently hold the post ofcommitment of beautiful group of large stockholder nation, louis vuitton suitcase will wait for means to recombine *ST with including to absorb displacement of amalgamative, asset triplex, solve problem of competition of a person of same business inside 5 years. </p><p>It is reported, restore to appear on the market first days stock abbreviation is " NST is triplex " , trade from the 2nd the stock abbreviation of the company since day is " ST is triplex " , negotiable securities code is changeless. </p>

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