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Microsoft says to there is work off of 200 million PC at least before Win8 system is released


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<p>jingruilyylouis vuitton bags [dispatch of Sai Di net] on July 19 message, according to Microsoft message, cheapest louis vuitton handbags there is work off of 200 million PC general at least before Windows 8 system is released. cheap louis vuitton handbags </p><p>This is occupied absorbing, authenticating louis vuitton handbags because it confirmed one speculation directly apparently: real louis vuitton handbags Windows 8 system will be in 2012 before half an year is released, original louis vuitton handbags is not to be like what guess formerly the second half of the year 2012. genuine louis vuitton handbags </p><p><p>On the congress of partner of 2011 whole worlds last week, designer louis vuitton handbags steve of vice president of branch of manufacturer of Microsoft primary equipment - Gugenhaimo, louis vuitton 2011 undertook talking with respect to the relation louis vuitton outlets of Microsoft and primary equipment manufacturer. louis vuitton wallets </p><p>Gugenhaimo is mentioned, louis vuitton speedy before with OEM the partner's collaboration is louis vuitton for men able to let Microsoft can be released in Windows 8 system, louis vuitton shoulder bag the sale has the sales volume of 200 million PC at least. original louis vuitton </p><p>And what form bright contrast with its is, louis vuitton damier according to the estimation of Gartner of market research organization, genuine louis vuitton the shipment volume of global PC will exceed 400 million 2011. louis vuitton cheap </p><p>The data that comes from Microsoft shows, authentic louis vuitton since since Windows 7 system was released 2009, already work off exceeds the Windows 7 system of 400 million, louis vuitton suitcase almost the sales volume of every 10 months is in 200 million the left and right sides. </p>

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