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Notebook battery repair method


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Original laptop battery, but one year, or third-party different compatible laptop battery, notebook battery life in a very few hours from the first shortened to concerning one hour or perhaps tens of minutes, additionally to the surface of the warranty, whether or not additional convenient quickest thanks to repair the laptop battery?

This article describes a standard laptop battery fix, attempt to repair technique steps in accordance with the laptop battery laptop users at home on their own.

The notebook battery repairs the scope of application:

Batteries inside twelve months aging batteries

B, original or compatible battery is applicable

(Not belonging to the current vary of laptop users, please think about replacing laptop batteries, the most recent and most laptop batteries supply please visit laptop battery network)

The notebook battery repair technique steps:

(1) Laptop battery repair preparation

During the laptop battery repair before, we want to grasp the present standing of the battery from full charge to no power how long it takes, so as to raised perceive the battery's internal usage, we want to grasp the battery discharge curve. It ought to be known as Battery on software we are able to Badu that may be a software monitor laptop battery, once installation, we are able to monitor the utilization of a laptop battery.

Laptop battery repair technique

The BIOS of the laptop itself is probably going to possess to bring their own laptop battery repair, a way to read our laptop BIOS with this laptop battery repair?

1st of all, we want to restart the laptop, when the machine starts, has been pressing the F2, in order that you'll enter the laptop BIOS, enter the BIOS, we have a tendency to enter the ability menu (that is, the ability menu), realize the "Start Battery Calibration" (also laptop battery calibration).

[Note: If you'll not realize this to skip the subsequent steps to check a second laptop battery repair method]

Select it, and carriage come run, because the screen turns blue, there'll be English hints, tips ought to plug the laptop power adapter to charge, after we follow the prompts to attach the laptop power adapter (if connected to the might not prompt), anticipating the ability offer is absolutely charged, then there'll be prompted to disconnect the ability adapter, follow the prompts, then we have a tendency to laptop run out of power automatically pack up, expect the shutdown, we have a tendency to re-connected to the external power offer, that don't begin the machine. Anticipating the ability is full (charging indicator light-weight goes out with lightning), the charging is completed, we have a tendency to then begin the pc.

So we have a tendency to complete the doing of a laptop battery repair operation, we are able to observe through this software Battery on our battery discharge curve, you see discharge whether or not there have been vital improvements?

Begin Battery Calibration if we are able to not be found in step four on top of this one, then a way to do it?

After you begin your pc, open My pc -> management Panel -> Power choices -> power theme to use the battery the time parameter all selected as "Never" and "alert" that the hook take away . And then maintain the charge and discharge because the one on top of the depth of charge (that is, shutdown, and discharge when not connected to external power), 3 times higher.

In summary, we are able to through the easy steps to repair the laptop battery. the most principle is, the depth charge and discharge, however repeatedly the depth of discharge doesn't apply to the utilization of traditional laptop batteries, as a result of the overall depth of the laptop battery charge and discharge will solely do concerning two hundred times. The final recommendation is that the battery once a month to the depth of discharge.

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