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Acer Aspire One D150: 7 ? on battery


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While Asus has quickly diversified with a long catalog of netbooks as a day without bread, MSI and Acer have long been content to some versions of their flagship model. Increasing success of netbooks with screens of 10 inches, Acer has revised its copy and offers the Aspire One A150. Very close to his little brother in look, the new Aspire One has a complete equipment that allows it to compete with the best machines of the time as the Samsung NC10, Asus 1000H and 1000HE. Today, to stand out from the competition, it is not enough however to align more interesting specifications, it must stand out and look at the most autonomy. The Aspire One A150 can claim to be the best netbook?


Chassis and mobility

Happened quite quickly in the market for netbooks, Acer has pulled it off rather well with the Aspire One A110. The smaller has quickly shown with its excellent keyboard and a very successful design. He has been castigated for its cons autonomy really too low. With the A150, Acer has retained the general line, but its width increases by 11 mm and 16 mm depth. Unfortunately, the 6-cell battery type "backpack" exceeds 15 mm rear. In terms of stiffness, there is nothing wrong with the chassis of the Aspire One A150. The screen is perfectly in place and access is excellent. Indeed, the hard drive, WiFi card and memory have their own access door.

With 1314 grams, the A150 is one of the lightest 10-inch. Acer has obviously ignored the criticism of the AC adapter. It is compact and lightweight but the catch is always as big clover with a connector adapter side and a huge 3-pin socket with grounding ... With a battery life of 7 ¾ hours, the Acer Aspire One A150 can take the road only!

Ergonomics and devices

The Aspire One A150 takes the A110 keyboard and nobody will complain. The layout is exemplary and the buttons are nice. Acer has retained control LEDs for caps lock and num lock. Unfortunately, some areas of the keyboard lack rigidity, a defect that was not the 9 inches. The touchpad is still brand Synaptics. The side buttons are history and are replaced by a horizontal bar under the touch area. If the provision is more convenient, the trackpad is too small and square.

Multimedia side, the webcam is always correct but the speakers a little disappointing for a 10 inch. The sound is better than the Samsung NC10 but it does not compare with some Asus. Note that the Aspire One A150 loses one of two SD readers that equipped the A110.

Already shining on the model 9-inch screen retains the same finish. On the model we tested, it is subject to criticism: excellent contrast and backlight uniform.


Technology and Utilization

The Aspire One A150 is frankly a machine friendly. Although small, the touch area of ??the touchpad is very pleasant to the touch. The buttons are easy to click and are discreet. Side noise, the fan is not running all the time. While not completely silent, the A150 can not really be described as noisy. He runs into the same category as the NC10.

The HP Pavilion DV4-1000 is equipped with an Atom N280 1.66 GHz 533 MHz FSB. Compared to the previous generation of netbooks, built around the Atom N270 (400MHz FSB), he won 66 MHz is 4.125%. The performance impact is very low. Alas, the A150 retains its ancient and i945GSE chipset GMA950. We always appreciate the LED activity of the Wifi network and the Bluetooth indicator. With support for AHCI, Seagate 5400.5 is more powerful than the Asus 1002HA. The Aspire One A150 Netbook is one of the most successful (although the differences were generally small)

Characteristics and performance

The Acer Aspire One D150 does not really stand out from other 10-inch netbooks. However, it is the lightest and most enduring. The impact of performance on the Atom N280 is harmless ...


With the Aspire One A150, Acer entered the market very competitive 10-inch netbooks. The chassis, larger and thicker above, retains the successful line of the A110. The keyboard's excellent layout custody of his little brother but the touchpad (too) square is not really more convenient than the former. Damage. The HP Pavilion DV6 takes advantage of the new Atom N280 1.66 GHz, which does not really change all that. It must be said i945GSE always found in the heart of the machine. With the support of the AHCI, the drive offers him an excellent performance. In the end rather swift, the Acer Aspire One A150 is one of the most successful netbooks but especially the most autonomous of all those we tested ... His autonomy and his exemplary good keyboard make it an excellent choice!

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