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    Всичко за MU Online, сървъри и други

    Welcome to Infinity MU Online * Website: http://infinitymu.net * Forum: http://forum.infinitymu.net * Downloads: http://infinitymu.net/?op=downloads * Register: http://infinitymu.net/?op=register Infinity MU is a Professional Long Term Server hosted on a Dedicated Server: - Quad Xeon with 4 x 3.4Ghz Processors - 6GB DDR3 RAM - 100Mbps Line We offer the best and most stable servers for MU-Online in the network: - Version: Season 3 Episode 1 modified and 99% Bugless - 5 Game servers - 4x PvP and 1x Non-PVP. - Experience: 9999999X - Drops: 100% - Chaos Machine: 100% - Daily GM Events, Support and many interesting tournaments In-Game. - Castle Siege Event - Every Weekend. (Amazing PVP fun for every guild who's up for the challange). - CryWolf Event - 3 times per day. (Rewards Season 2 and Season 3 Exc Items). - Kantru Event - Good In-game event, winning many excellent items, starting from +0 up to +13. - Ancient Items - drop in Land Of Trials, Kalima Boss and as reward in Chaos Castle Event! - Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded! - Online Time Trade - As much as you stay online ingame, the more credits you earn from this function! - Grand Reset System - Exchange resets for WebShop Credits. - Referral System - Send your Referral unique link to your friends and win WebShop Credits. - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server - Very active community. We hope you will give InfinityMU a try and we guarantee you will love it here if you search for a long term, high rate server that will still be here in years to come from now on.
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