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  1. John Ortberg has put it well:

    "Anyone who may have been victimized by people in power needs to know that the church of Jesus is their refuge and champion. In this case, the tremendous courage of several women has been met with an inadequate process that has left them without a refuge and with no way to be assured of a fair hearing."

    The reason I am so interested in this particular case is that to some extent I know the world of Evangelical leaders from the inside. And it is as corrupt as any other tight-knit control-obsessed and image-conscious group out there. Not necessarily more corrupt but certainly no less. And yet the reaction of most leaders around me has been one of defensive denial and attribution of motives to the women witnesses. The truth must come out even at the risk of leaders' reputation. It's better for a leader to suffer unjustly then for the women witnesses to be silenced while telling the truth.

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