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  1. ettucuk698

    Test Toshiba AT300 tablet

    After several unsuccessful attempts on the tablet market, Toshiba is back with two new models: AT300 (Excite or 10) with a diagonal of 10 inches and the Satellite Pro M300 Series with a screen of 7.7 inches (grip the AT270) . Far as the manufacturer had us as one justification "we are present, perhaps people will like." With a price located at around 400-449 euros for AT300, Toshiba weapons he needed to conquer the market? Three versions of the tablet are: AT300-100 32GB WiFi only, AT300-101 16GB WiFi only and AT300-105 16GB WiFi + 3G. Before starting this test, some useful links: Toshiba AT300 in CDiscount Toshiba AT300 in Amazon1] Presentation of the tablet No this is not the case of a graphics card or motherboard, but that of the Toshiba tablet. The AT300 receives most in terms of accessories: AC adapter A proprietary cable -> USB Not in French textbooks Attention, the cable to charge the tablet Satellite Pro U400 Series is not designed to transfer data. To do this, you must use another microUSB cable that is connected elsewhere on the shelf. This is both an advantage because it allows the exchange of files while charging the battery, but a drawback for this indication is simply not found in the box we ... Only the online manual provides the answer. The famous cable to recharge the tablet equivalent to five or six microUSB cable bonded to each other, suggesting that you turn on a washing machine ... but it is not a tablet. 1.2] Specifications Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.5 GHz GeForce 2 graphics chip 1 GB of RAM 10.1-inch LCD display with a resolution 1280 x 800 pixels Gorilla Glass Screen 16/32/64 Go MicroSD card reader Pixel density: 149 ppi 5 megapixel camera sensor 2-megapixel front camera Dimensions: 262 x 178 x 9 mm Weight: 599 grams The design of the AT300 is relatively commonplace: a rectangle with rounded edges, but how toy toy playschool. Despite this rather strange feeling, there is a upmarket compared to previous models. However, the tablet is thicker than the AT200, but it is quite decent. The front Toshiba Satellite U405 Series shows the 10-inch screen with rather thick black edges. They thus do not make unintentional clicks, but for a 10-inch size, others are better and the grip is a little worse. but everything has an explanation! In fact, the tablet has a connectivity issue. On the left side, there is thus a 3.5mm jack, a microHDMI a microUSB (USB Host) and an SD card reader. Concerning microHDMI, an option to choose the mode to best suit your television: edges trimmed ... On the other side, we find the ON / OFF button which even if it is placed in this position will not lead to unwanted clicks. Just below, a function expensive iOS users: a button to lock the orientation. Although practical, 16:9 that this feature is not used much on an iPad. On the underside, the need to increase or decrease the volume. The towers of the shelf and the back are a mixture of plastic and brushed aluminum, which provides excellent visual quality. On the back of the tablet, there is a way coating honeycomb gray slightly different. Pleasing to the touch, it inspires confidence globally to firmly hold the tablet. However, this coating dust adore, where a big session on our photos Photoshage necessary to avoid denaturing the product Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Battery too. Anyway let's get back to the rear, which incorporates a 5 megapixel camera. Like all the slates, it benefits from treatment to make beautiful pictures with colors and blurred west total. On the front, the front sensor appears in the middle and provide an expected experience in video chat. Mini-conclusion of this first part, the tablet did not convinced by his accessories or design. In contrast, the connection is perfect and it is a real advantage seems to have required some compromise. 1.4] Autonomy The Toshiba tablet is generally in the middle for autonomy (about 7 hours in normal use). Instead, it is a face behind Acer A510 [our test], which is almost the same price. The AT300 is too average and does not stand out enough on this point. 2] Interface and software additions 2.1] Launcher Android 4.0 is the appointment and as almost all tablets in the operating system, the desktop Latitude 120L Battery (or launcher) is not changed. So you find the widgets, icons and folders. A glimpse of bloatware is displayed on the main office to share with you the contracts Toshiba bound. Toshiba has indeed left the big game in terms of unnecessary applications that are obviously non-removable: Icon Ebay: a nice shortcut to the site when there is a application! McAfee: thank you have installed a trial version of 7 days, so useless ... Recorder: Why integrate an application as basic? Toshiba Places: ... TuneWiki: ... Twitter: a great smartphone application on a 10-inch screen, bravo! Toshiba Places is like a brainstorming size: there are ideas everywhere, but the realization is sloppy. This service aims to provide music, videos, applications, games, books ... In short, a sort of competitor to Play Store, but optimized for the tablet Studio 1737 Battery. You simply launch the application you realize that this is the last time you clicked. Content is unclear, uninteresting and the whole train. Sometimes it's better not to put anything that hurt, because this would have allowed the AT300 to differentiate night contrary to his image! But do not worry ...Toshiba Portege M800 offers us excellent applications in parallel. This is a tablet rather uneven in terms of software, which deserved more attention by us to really differentiate the product from the competition. For notifications, it is the same thing: Toshiba has nothing changed. We will not complain, since Android does very well. On "face" Settings, you can easily enable / disable audio-video enhancements and a balanced diet. Small feature of the AT300: Swype tablet offer. This keyboard has the familiar mode where you have to draw to write the words. On a 10 inch screen, it asks you to big movements, but do not worry optimized Swype keyboard. It will thus be possible to reduce its size so that it takes about 1/3 of the Dell Vostro A860 screen. It was the impression of having a similar experience to iOS keyboard. Note that the keyboard can have three horizontal positions: left / center / right, but it is not possible to change its vertical position, which is a shame in use portrait. Apart from this detail, the keyboard has charmed us by its recognition and ergonomics. It is rare to speak of a test suite in a tablet, but ThinkFree (which is normally paid) is really a positive point on this tablet, despite the note on the disadvantage Play Store. Found a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation (Powerpoint-like), a file manager and reader PDFs. Features are numerous, but they are mostly well designed, which is not always the case with competing solutions. Both easy to use, yet comprehensive, ThinkFree also deserves a place on your Android tablets. On the hardware side,Toshiba Satellite M305 Series has really made great efforts. By adding audio and video enhancements, the manufacturer is different where competitors do not venture enough. At the video, you will be able to choose how content is displayed on the external display (via microHDMI). You will indeed often noted that parts are missing, which is not necessarily practical. By Toshiba fixes the problem and proposes a real experience for use on a third-party support. Regarding changes to the audio, you can capture els see above. Changes are noticeable to the ear and provide the final rendering than an Asus Transformer Prime and Nexus 7 (tablets only we had the time). Toshiba also improves its tablet with a function rather strange the "Vibrate in touch." Basically, every time you click somewhere the AT300 will vibrate. The problem is that it sometimes does not matter where it seems to have a tablet vibrates continuously. This feature is enabled by default, Vostro 1015 Battery deserved not to be. 3.2] Media Player The MediaPlayer is undoubtedly the best application of the tablet. It incorporates the principle offices launcher and offers different categories: music, videos, photos and the ability to connect to different servers. With extensive connectivity of the tablet, and you'll be able to read the contents of the SD card or on an external USB drive. We will not attempt to justify NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core but + 1 always answer this for video playback even 1080p. In terms of content on the network, the tablet was very easy. WiFi connected, the AT300 had no problem to read smoothly. Who said photo on 10-inch Dell Inspiron 1410 tablet, we mean a user who looks stupid (not something else) in the street. With the AT300, you will have the chance to have more shots means or failures. So why continue to integrate sensors photos for a result worthy of the early 2000s features on phones? (No, this attack is not only against Toshiba, do not worry). TAG:Compaq Presario CQ61 Asus UX50 Battery Acer Aspire One ZG5
  2. Windows 8, it is possible to perform two types of hybrids. there computers that are transformed into tablets by a screen or sliding latch. They have the advantage to integrate standard components but the disadvantage weight and compact high in tablet mode. Or it is a tablet that adopts a detachable keyboard into a computer. The advantage is the size as weight in tablet mode and also not take the Dell Studio 1450 keyboard only when needed. Computer mode, this is however a less elegant solution with a slide a little deformed back. The hybrid Acer Iconia W510 is a representative of the second category with bias for maximum mobility in screen size 10 inches. Suddenly, the Intel Atom processor is a very low power consumption with a range that reaches 17 hours with the keyboard with an extra battery. the price also remains very reasonable 600 euros. Hourglass This hybrid is composed of a keyboard dock and a standalone tablet 10.1-inch lightweight as it weighs only 560 grams. The fineness is equally impressive with eight millimeters. It is very comfortable to hold and does not stress if you take the time. The weight and thickness are smaller than the iPad (650 grams, 9.4 mm) and equivalent to what is the best Android. We must admit that the fineness of the X86 tablet dazzled us. The overall look is also achieved with a screen with black borders which contrasts with the white edge and certainly silverback plastic but good quality. Acer also book semi-rigid case of very good quality. The Dell Studio 1457 tablet operates by adding the dock. The connection is done in the blink of an eye, simply insert the tablet into the slide. Once engaged, the setting is very strong and we are faced with a notebook ultraportable. The hinge is very strong when the screen / tablet is open which makes sense in touch tilt to avoid unintentionally. It is also possible to tilt more than 90 degrees. The keyboard is small but it is very easy to use. Typing is not a problem. A small touchpad completes the picture into a notebook, but it lacks precision. It is also surprising that fashion is happening notebook keyboard to the touch screen without even realizing it, depending on the action. Given the small size of all the short distance to the screen prompts literally. The dock also includes an extra battery which explains the relatively high weight of the whole. The total weight is 1.25 kg, a standard 13-inch ultrabook. In practice, it appears that this weight is also necessary for the screen / tablet does not switch all that happens anyway if you tilt the screen / shelf a little too far . In addition to the connection pad already provided with a stereo mini-HDMI, mini-USB, card reader and a micro-SD socket owner to dock and recharge, there is a standard USB port on the keyboard. Note that a mini USB adapter to USB standard is provided which allows you to connect directly to a storage medium or device on the tablet. A nice screen The Inspiron 1570 screen of this hybrid is very convincing, especially in tablet use. The slab is already IPS technology with wide viewing angles in all directions. Then its just colorimetry is rather flattering and the colors are just right. And the icing on the cake, contrast and brightness are high. The panel is equally enjoyable with excellent responsiveness and a good glide. With a resolution of 1366 x 768, the pixel density is satisfactory in 10 inches. Atom autonomous To succeed in getting a tablet as compact while maintaining compatibility x86, Acer's dig into the latest generation of Atom processors, named Clover Trail. The Atom Z2760 is used in a double version is the heart of Medfield smartphone used in the Intel By Orange. It gains 200 MHz in addition to his second heart and displays performance more than adequate in view of its consumption. Be careful though, this chip is far less powerful than the Celeron came first. However it competes quite well with the ARM mobile processors. The graphic part is provided by the PowerVR aging may be really behind. It will probably make a cross on the 3D game a little bit sophisticated. In contrast, office and multimedia activities pose no problems. We could even do a little photo editing on Photoshop 7 without waiting applying a filter ... Only true regret: 2 GB of RAM, which tend to fill up too quickly. For storage, it is a 64GB SSD officiating (including 16 GB occupied by Windows). It abandons pure performance, the dell latitude d620 battery exchange against autonomy as we exceeded 6 hours on the tablet and 16 hours after the dock added. The absence of any fan ensures quiet but still a little hot tablet support but not more than the iPad 3. But where are my benchs?! Note that you will not find the traditional PC Mark and 3D Mark in this test. Involved a combination of drivers and not fresh benchmarks in need of a good update. We will then update this article once in possession of drivers finalized. What about Windows 8? If he missed quite a few drivers and all felt a little paint, our version of Inspiron mini 10 Windows 8 was fully functional. And we must admit that this form-factor goes particularly well with this new version of the OS. The lightness of the machine that the W510 is a great tablet and 10 inches is really perfect for the consultation on the couch. Keyboard and adds flexibility to the whole. Being in an x86 environment, with software compatibility and richness that implies is particularly valuable. It should be noted however, with interest developments in the software package using the Windows 8 interface which is currently very limited and almost entirely dedicated to the consultation content. Acer Iconia W510: a tablet and a PC The dell Studio XPS 1640 is one of those devices that are changing computing forever. Choices Microsoft have led the largest format changes in the short history of computing. And if some concepts might not spend the winter, the W510 will not be one of them. His bet is the maximum mobility in the universe x86 and it will be perfect in second gear. This is a tablet that can easily compete with the best in Android. Windows 8 is convincing in this course use interface with a less immediate but also offers new possibilities as real as to be informed without having to enter an application by the animated tiles. Once with his keyboard, W510 becomes ultra-mobile notebook on which it is good to be productive, create and organize, not to mention the interaction of PC files with universally recognized and equally universal USB. As comfortable as laptop in tablet mode, this hybrid provides versatility hitherto unpublished in the mobile world. Sure there are some improvements as a touchpad a little small but overall it is very successful. We look forward to the match against Vivo Tab Asus that arises direct competitor.
  3. ettucuk698

    iPad Mini: the Apple tablet to 7.9 inches

    The mark to Apple observers remember of course that its founder, Steve Jobs, said not so long ago there was no other good format for a Tablet than the 10 inches of the first iPad. And yet! This is that Apple released its first "small tablet", in the format 7.9 inches, intended to compete with the Nexus 7 and other Android tablets compact 7-inch format. Presented as an iPad "fro" by communication from Apple, this iPad Mini has - you it all a large? Design Not content to be more compact than the iPad, the iPad Mini inaugurates a new design in mind close enough from that of the recent iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. The rest comes in two colours: silver-white or slate black. The body of the device is made of a unibody aluminum shell and finesse impresses, barely 7.2 mm thick, we may note the same work of aluminum on the chamfer on the screen as the iPhone 5. These are bevelled and polished to a mirror effect rendering.Dell F287H Battery Lovers of numbers will hold the iPad Mini is 23% thinner and lighter than a conventional iPad 53%. Light therefore, only 304 grams on our balance, and that can be held with one hand (large), the Mini iPad yet gives a clear sense of robustness. The screen 7.9 inch is here most of the available space, the borders being part and other extremely fine screen. The rest as the Mini iPad is expected to be held with one hand with your thumb resting on the screen it is noted that Apple took into account this detail so that your thumb does not launch applications on the homescreen of iOS 6.0 mistakenly. As its big brother, the Mini iPad has buttons for adjusting the volume on the slice, a button a button getting started on the Summit, and the inevitable middle button located below the screen, programmable door locks. The speakers reported by two separate sets of openings perforated at the base of the Mini iPad, in the same spirit as the iPhone 5 and, for the first time on an iPad, they issue a stereo sound. A mini-jack connector located on the top of the shelf. A screen 7.9 inches Before dwell us on the technical characteristics of this Mini iPad, let's go back to the dell inspiron e1505 screen. 7.9 Inches diagonal, it adopts a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Then necessarily after praised the Retina display on iPad third-generation, critics will hold the iPad Mini has no Retina display. This is true and in the future it is surely a margin of progress for this tablet. In the meantime, do not lose sight of two things: the resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is identical to that of the iPad and iPad 2. In fact, completeness of iPad applications developed to date operates natively on the iPad Mini without the need for specific update. Mine nothing, it therefore enjoys a repository of 275,000 titles... The other point, and not least, it is only where the 1024 x 768 pixels of an iPad were fair, with a clear pitch, the reduction of the diagonal of the screen with constant resolution in fact mitigates this defect. Still, the density of pixels per inch is 163ppi for this Mini iPad against 216ppi for the recent Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 and it is. Include two other annoying points: the first is video playback. Here the dell inspiron e1705 battery is not capable of displaying in their full resolution HD movies in 720 p... This is a limitation in part offset by the technology of Adaptive streaming of iTunes for streaming movies. Remains for movies from other sources it can be unfortunate. Another pitfall: Although the iPad Mini has a non-Retina screen, applications you download will have mostly Retina graphics and known to the effect that this has on storage space, applications Retina tend to take their ease. Technical characteristics To animate his Mini iPad, Apple holds a processor dual-core A5, the same as on the iPhone 4s, and the iPad 2. In fact the iPad Mini is less well off on paper than the iPad's third generation or the brand new iPad Retina it with a 6, evolution of the A6 on the iPhone processor 5. Apple offers only, 512 MB of RAM with its processor while the device naturally comes with the usual radio interfaces: Bluetooth and Wi - Fi. It is significantly changing as Apple offers a Wi - Fi operating circuit at 150 Mbps, against 75 Mbps for the third generation for example iPad. More importantly, the mark to Apple declines iPad Mini in cell version with a French model that does not support 4 G unlike sold on American soil. But fault network really deployed in France... And on this Mini iPad the new Lightning connector that replaces the venerable 30 dock connector pin. Regarding the battery, Apple officially evokes a battery life of 10 hours while the adaptor supplied with the Tablet is identical to that of the iPhone. It is a model 5 Watts contrary to the iPad that benefit from a model 10 or 12 Watts. Cooldown seems to suffer: it seemed so long that it eventually catch a 'standard' iPad charger in our test. 5 Megapixel photo For the camera part,dell xps m1210 holds a sensor 5 megapixel retroexpose. The same resolution as that proposed by the iPhone 4 but probably not the same generation of sensor both different results: perhaps one of the last iPod Touch? Or are the image processing algorithms that have changed. Indeed, if management of the digital noise is almost identical (a tad cleaner), white (in natural light) balance, dynamics, and Colorimetry have significantly improved. The photos look more natural (the colors are less saturated) and the transitions between dark and light areas appear more shades. However, rendering péchu iPhone 4 may be preferred the softer return of the mini iPad for images ready to use, that we share just after the shooting. 3.3 Mm lens opens at f: 2, 4 (3.9 mm and f: 2, 8 on iPhone 4): the framing is so barely wider than on iPhone 4, but above all to equivalent light conditions, the iPad mini access shorter installation times (1/25s against 1/17 s 160 ISO in our example of the unlit scene). To use, you can still lock the exposure area which unfortunately also locks the area. On the other hand, the HDR and the flash disappeared: it remains in the options as the grid composition. And it not to mention the pan on iOS 6 for the iPhone 5 and 4 S... In short, the photo sensor is pretty good for a Tablet but photo enforcement has been simplified to the extreme. Video side, nothing to report in particular. The mini iPad films in 1080p at 30 fps, with a 17.2 Mbps in Mpeg4 AVC encoding bitrate. The results are good but it is a pity that Apple does still not continuous development for animated images, as do other competitors. There, need to touch the screen to prompt the mini iPad to recalculate its development. Finally, note that the Mini iPad comes with a FaceTime HD camera, that is a front-facing camera HD in 720 p. It should be noted that the new iPad, i.e. the third generation iPad, merely a Facetime camera non-HD. The Mini iPad to the use We mentioned the iPad Mini is light, very light. At the time, keep one hand is entirely feasible contrary to his big brother, to condition however of having large hands. The unibody enclosure of the iPad if it inspires confidence in terms of robustness is here so fine that hold the iPad Mini has only one hand is sometimes dangerous. The metal has a tendency to drag while the iPad, fine and machined edges do not necessarily provide the best grip. If hold the fixture to the bare hand and vertical is sometimes acrobatic, adding the SmartCover iPad Mini manages to address its problems by adding the thickness while the protective coating slip significantly less than the hull of the Mini iPad. And since we are considerations on the design of the device, its smaller size makes its use in camera mode a bit less ridiculous than dell xps m1710 with a full Tablet 10 inch size as its big brother. Side software environment, we will not return to iOS 6.0, having already dealt with this system in our columns. If the homescreen of iOS is still also dated, and frankly deserves the same level of customization offered by Microsoft with Modern UI, the ecosystem is it's most compelling. We found on this iPad Mini, a very wide selection of applications tablet of the inevitable Angry Birds passing by the House GarageBand application or the excellent fire Pinnacle Studio, to mention a few titles. As already mentioned, all the iPad apps are compatible with the iPad Mini, a good point. Need to update... Attention however: due to the small size of the screen with some applications some specific interface elements can become very small to manipulate what is sometimes somewhat delicate. This is particularly the case in the area search "App Store" application: difficult for example to move the cursor in this box by holding his finger pressed and seeing what you are doing both the space is reduced (found the same problem with iTunes also application). Swift, the Tablet provides a user experience similar to what we are used on iPad. Siri is present on this Mini iPad that Apple still robs us of basic yet useful applications such as the calculator or the weather. It is true that iOS 6.0 has just enrich the clock for iPad app: do not brusquons them. Daily with this Mini iPad, we find that transitions and other effects of animation of the interface are fluid while Safari gives any satisfaction with regard to the display and rendering of Web pages. Naturally, this means no support for Adobe's Flash technology. The virtual Vostro 1710 keyboard here gives any satisfaction even if keys are actually less clear than what we are accustomed on the Retina screen. The possibility to split the keyboard into two takes a little more sense on this iPad Mini, each area of typing easily falling under each of your thumbs. Remains a strange feeling... a quirk of this iPad Mini that it feels like using the keyboard, simply. The screen of the iPad Mini is soft. It does not offer the same strength as that of an iPad or an iPhone and descends slightly to strike, particularly on the central part of the screen. Who says ecosystem also said Apple limitations that we know only too: not USB port on-board, mandatory synchronization with iTunes (or via iCloud it is true), optional SD card reader, new connectivity Lightning owner inconsistent with the Park of accessories with 30 dock connector pin, or even not standard HDMI connector (accessory is available but in stock at the Lighting format yet). Not to mention the passage by a conversion step necessary to not read of MKV. We have naturally sought to measure the performance of the Mini iPad competitive. To do this, we use identical benchmarks on each platform recalling of course that the OS is different from one tablet to the other, these measures have any indicative. Level shelves, we adopt the iPad Mini, iPad third-generation but also the iPad 2 since the features of it are identical to the new Apple tablet.We do also appear the Fire HD Amazon Kindle when we were able to download applications from bench on the Amazon App Shop, as well as turn it award-winning Asus, the Nexus 7 couple Asus TF700 / Google and Note 10.1 Samsung Galaxy. The smallest Dell Vostro 1088 Battery is the best with SunSpider! Note 10.1 Samsung Galaxy is head whereas the iPad Mini is slightly indented against the iPad 2. The third generation iPad is the fastest on the side of Apple. Facing the Nexus 7 MIni iPad proves faster while the gap with the Kindle Fire HD is even more pronounced. Linpack evaluates various SoC power by measuring the number of operations at floating point they can run in the second. Here the iPad are the more swift and while iPad Mini to equal the third-generation iPad, the iPad 2 is the fastest. And faced with a Nexus 7, the performance gap is quite blatant. Return on Linpack which focuses this time on our shelves performance by executing multiple threads simultaneously. The iPad are again at the top, the gap with Android being marked. Failure to draw conclusions, unlike platform with its bounds, there just as well as the iPad 2 is faster than the Mini iPad. Note that the Linpack Fire Kindle can run this test, it is therefore not present. We are interested this time in graphics performance. Here the third generation iPad is widely in mind as the Galaxy Note 10.1 finishes second. Performance iPad 2 and iPad Mini are similar. It remains higher than the Nexus 7. GL Benchmark is not present on the Amazon store and we therefore could not run the test on Kindle FIre HD. On the side of autonomy, the results are here expressed in minutes with our video of reference read on all platforms under identical conditions: light and sound at 50%, active Wi - Fi, Bluetooth off. The Fire HD Amazon Kindle explodes scores! As for the Mini iPad it takes more than 12 hours. Well, this is even better than the last iPad and the rest than the Nexus 7. Conclusion The iPad Mini is the result of a thoughtful approach to Apple about its Tablet features and their future uses or that it meets market demand and pressure of competition... hard to say. One thing is certain, Apple is being attacked on the Tablet market, and Android begins to seriously gain ground. The Cupertino firm had to react as the multiplication of compact formats, thought of course Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD, were what interested buyers seeking lighter than a 10 tablet sizes inches or a more attractive price. In our eyes, the iPad Mini is a real alternative to the Dell Studio 1558 10-inch tablets whose dimensions and weight sometimes hinder certain uses. This is especially true for example for reading electronic books. That can be held with one hand, the iPad Mini is now perfectly credible in the role of electronic reading. Moreover while a tablet like the iPad can be cumbersome when you travel especially in the air, the Mini iPad here also has a card to play. But of course the iPad Mini is not reduced to only uses. And if the absence of Retina display is noticeable and may Squeak a few teeth, especially facing the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD which are equipped with an HD display, it has as that all the iPad apps running natively on this new variation. An argument for Apple against Android at the price it is true control the ecosystem either through iTunes or the restrictions on the connectors including. In terms of design and finish there of course not much to say because Apple demonstrates once more the extent of his knowledge. And faced with a Nexus 7 by Google, iPad Mini is lighter... may be too much besides! It should be noted that Apple offers new accessories for the iPad Mini declining a version Mini its SmartCover in several colours. Is the price. Announced at 339 euros in Wi - Fi 16 GB version, the Mini iPad appears at a rate higher than a 7-inch Android tablet. More expensive, it is no doubt, but also frankly tempting in the light of the points discussed throughout this article, the finish to the application catalog, via cameras embedded, the Mini iPad has serious strengths, if one ignores including its non-Retina display. http://www.netpool24.de/blogs/posts/sonyes http://tongan.mee.nu/ http://tonyhot.blogshells.com/ http://ailang.blogbaker.com/ http://discountbattery.blogs.lindependant.com/
  4. ettucuk698

    Dell XPS 15 L502X

    XPS M1530 delivers its up to date with the latest components, such as processors Sandy Bridge series. This 15.6-inch laptop will attempt to give life to multimedia content through a graphical map of the highest caliber. Ergonomics complete If the master password is dressing "plastic", the XPS still retains a sleek design. Note, however, the level of finish can be improved since the shell which surrounds the keyboard is pressed at the slightest pressure. This is a little awkward to use, but we expected a little better. The chiclet keyboard has keys. They are well proportioned and well placed. Typing is smooth and quiet. Usage is pleasant despite the ubiquitous plastic. The large multitouch touchpad gave us a good impression. The slide is nice and large can browse all the diagonal but not to try several times. Dell was able to optimize the available space on the wrist, which is rare. Webcam (720p) provides a correct rendering when the room is well lit. Dark areas do not form black holes, the return movement is correct. When the room darkens the webcam just a little, but manages to maintain a level of detail that many models envy him. Distributed over all the slices, the connection is complete. At the front is the SD card reader. At the rear, the Dell Latitude E5500 Battery power supply, the video outputs (HDMI and Display Port), Ethernet port (RJ45) and a USB 3.0 port. On the left, a second USB 3.0 port, and finally on the right port combo eSATA / USB 2.0, audio connectivity and a Blu-ray. Side heat dissipation, the XPS 15 comes out honorably limiting the temperature rise to acceptable values. However, once it is pushed, even slightly, it goes in decibels and is very present. Calculations: good performance The XPS M1330 received in our lab features a Intel Core i5-2410M, a powerful processor that we have already had occasion to cross. It is therefore no surprise that allows this 15.6-inch practice without forcing usual activities (office, internet browsing, etc.).. It is also perfectly at ease with the most demanding activities. Video encoding, 3D modeling, image editing, he can do anything in a timely manner. Video playback in high definition (HD 1080p Blu-Ray equivalent) passes smoothly on this computer. So you can use the Blu-Ray player without fear of stuttering and enjoy movies in high definition. The start of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit is in 47 seconds. It then takes between 5 and 10 seconds for the launch of various software and connecting to a wireless network complete extinction takes less than 30 seconds. Games: building honest The capabilities of the GT 540M XPS 15 can operate in all games, old and new, in the native resolution of the screen (1920 x 1080 pixels). Some require intensive games however make some concessions on the level of graphic detail. With FIFA 2011, Left 4 Dead, or The Sims 3, no problem, we push all the settings back. With heavy, like Metro 2033, so do not expect to exceed the "low" level of detail. Between the two, there are titles like Dirt 3 or "average" is supported. In short, the hardcore gamers will find probably a bit limited, but for casual gamers, the XPS 15 will do the trick. Audio: good ... and less good Good start for this computer, the audio system JBL works great. The sound output from the speakers is among the cleanest heard on a laptop, with the power to control, and sound mastered without vibrations. Side I / O against, the situation is much more mixed. Line output is very bad so much the worse for the speaker kit. Both inputs are downright mean, the headphone output barely drinkable but at least usable. Too bad it was a good start. Nearly 4 hours of battery life for the walk ... at home. Thanks to the presence of NVIDIA Optimus technology - a function that provides power to the graphics card only when the capacity of chispet graphics (Intel HD 3000) are exceeded - the Inspiron 1300 enjoys autonomy 3:50 video playback (headphones connected, Wi-Fi off and screen at 100 cd / m²). But his tightly packed 3Kg do not make a good companion not ride. Better therefore confined to domestic use. The slab XPS 15 is unfortunately brilliant. Outdoors, avoid direct sunlight to reduce glare. Its 15.6-inch diagonal displays a resolution of 1920 x 1080 points. The characters are a good size and not cause excessive eyestrain. The technology used is TN, with a persistence time equivalent to 5 ms models. As a result, viewing angles up and down are short and sufficient reactivity for office use and for movies. It's a shame for a machine oriented games, but this is unfortunately very common. The default colors are false, with a difference (deltaE) of 10.1 and a slight drift of the blue color. The contrast is not very bright - although higher that offers a large majority of laptops now - with a rate of 650:1. We measured a black level of 0.41 cd / m², a white 264 cd / m². If our color profile, available on Digital Focus is always there to correct those ugly colors, it can do nothing for contrast.
  5. ettucuk698

    Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook

    The first ultrabook Asus EEE PC 701 upscale 14-inch Asus we really liked during his presentation in London in late May. The excitement of novelty is down again, the impression left by this prototype is not as good as expected. Explanations. the promise Makeover for the Dell Studio XPS 1647 range. Modeled on the chassis of the XPS 13 ultrabook brand, the XPS 14 is thicker but also worked. According to the data sheet, this laptop is a 14-inch ultrabook, according to various constraints defined by Intel low-power processor, contained thick, fast boot, etc.. The model that we had in test machine is almost final match - a few details - the configuration called "Gold" on the website of the brand, sold 1299 euros. We propose here an overview of the machine and our first impressions. We expect a final Dell Studio XPS 13 to deliver a more comprehensive test. reality With its brushed aluminum hood and black interior, soft touch rubbery, it is difficult not to fall for the Dell XPS 14. This contrasts sharply with the ultrabook range XPS and XPS machines feature z of a year ago. Equipped with a 14-inch glossy screen is protected by a glass Gorilla Glass, the Toshiba Satellite U405 contains all the ingredients of the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook in a larger size. The machine is thicker (2.2 against 2.1 cm) and weighs (2.1 against 1.4 kg) but gains in ease of use. The Toshiba Satellite U405-S2826 keyboard is correctly proportioned, buttons fall naturally under the fingers and backlighting (adjustable at two levels of intensity) makes typing in the dark. The touchpad has a fully clickable area - without physically delimited button - but seems a little too broad. When typing on the keyboard, the thumb of the right hand tends to touch, causing an involuntary movement of the cursor. A phase of adaptation will be necessary to control clicks "invisible" and finger movements related to scrolling, image rotation, etc.. Fortunately, a good parameterization software is there to help you. A glossy screen with shadows The Toshiba Satellite U405-S2830 comfort is also the 14-inch screen, a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. However, Dell is the choice of a glossy, sensitive to glare, but attempts to mitigate this flaw by boosting the brightness. We measured 435 cd/m2 and contrast ratio, meanwhile, is 960:1. The display quality is theoretically appointment but following the inclination of the display areas "dark" and tarnish the image appear. At that price, it does not. Hopefully the final units will be more satisfactory on this point. Processor capricious Within this ultrabook, Toshiba Satellite U405-S2833 has placed an Intel low-power sine qua non for a machine to pretend to be part of the family. This is a Core i7-3517U, double heart clocked at 1.9 GHz, supported by 8 GB of memory which is responsible for running the applications. Moreover, prototype requires the processor of our test unit had some hiccups when it was overstretched. Its frequency is lowered to 800 MHz alone to not move in, despite a temperature quite reasonable. ASUS Eee PC 1005 told us that this problem only affected machines preproduction and final versions would be freed. Two graphics cards in service The integrated graphics processor (Intel HD Graphics 4000) works in conjunction with the Nvidia GeForce GT 630M with NVIDIA Optimus technology. The graphics chip is ready when you start an application or a game more CPU power. Although the laptop Toshiba Satellite U405-S2854 was not intended to turn into a machine player, the power of the Nvidia chip just for fun occasionally with Diablo III and other games undemanding. Conversely, if you try to play in native resolution with all details maximum, the machine will cool quickly (between 30 and 42 frames per second recorded during the tests). This raises the question of the value of a chip "so limited" in this machine. If it is the mobility that is in focus, the GeForce has nothing to do there. It raises the consumption of the machine Toshiba Satellite U405-S2856 (13.4 watts at idle and 65 watts under load), noise (measured at 42.5 dB maximum) and temperature, which can reach almost 48 ° C in the case. If the goal is to play from time to time, as frankly go and put a GeForce GT 640M, more slick and technically better equipped than the 630M. A comfortable home and travel As it stands, the Toshiba Satellite U400 inches may well serve as a main machine at home and at the same time, traveling companion. A role that could not reasonably hold an ultrabook with 13.3-inch screen with 128 or 256 GB SSD. The template of the Dell XPS 14 allows it to slip into a bag - even big attention when 470 g adapter - and it takes 4 hours 30 minutes on battery. Your Toshiba Satellite U405-S2857 data is stored on a hard disk of 500 GB whose speed is boosted by a module 32GB SSD mSATA. This association is working properly, the machine is responsive Windows 7 wakes (almost) instantly but will not start in record time (about thirty seconds.'s Side of the connector, there are two USB 3.0 ports, two video outputs digital (HDMI and miniDisplayPort), a headphone / microphone combination and a high-speed network jack. 4.0/Wi-Fi n Bluetooth module (compatible WiDi) and a memory card reader round out the equipment of the machineDell Precision M6400. the verdict Our first impressions of this machine are quite mixed. Because of its size, this ultrabook is straddling two worlds. That of mobility, thanks to its light weight, its relative thinness and toughness acceptable, and that of inactivity. Indeed, theToshiba Satellite U405-S2882 configuration equipped with a graphics chip, a Core i7 with hefty 8GB of memory. These components seem badly proportioned aspirations nomadic machine. In addition, Dell benefits too freedoms Intel allows manufacturers to release an ultrabook that is, in fact, a 14-inch ultraportable.
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    Acer Aspire One D150: 7 ? on battery

    While Asus has quickly diversified with a long catalog of netbooks as a day without bread, MSI and Acer have long been content to some versions of their flagship model. Increasing success of netbooks with screens of 10 inches, Acer has revised its copy and offers the Aspire One A150. Very close to his little brother in look, the new Aspire One has a complete equipment that allows it to compete with the best machines of the time as the Samsung NC10, Asus 1000H and 1000HE. Today, to stand out from the competition, it is not enough however to align more interesting specifications, it must stand out and look at the most autonomy. The Aspire One A150 can claim to be the best netbook? Chassis and mobility Happened quite quickly in the market for netbooks, Acer has pulled it off rather well with the Aspire One A110. The smaller has quickly shown with its excellent keyboard and a very successful design. He has been castigated for its cons autonomy really too low. With the A150, Acer has retained the general line, but its width increases by 11 mm and 16 mm depth. Unfortunately, the 6-cell battery type "backpack" exceeds 15 mm rear. In terms of stiffness, there is nothing wrong with the chassis of the Aspire One A150. The screen is perfectly in place and access is excellent. Indeed, the hard drive, WiFi card and memory have their own access door. With 1314 grams, the A150 is one of the lightest 10-inch. Acer has obviously ignored the criticism of the AC adapter. It is compact and lightweight but the catch is always as big clover with a connector adapter side and a huge 3-pin socket with grounding ... With a battery life of 7 ¾ hours, the Acer Aspire One A150 can take the road only! Ergonomics and devices The Aspire One A150 takes the A110 keyboard and nobody will complain. The layout is exemplary and the buttons are nice. Acer has retained control LEDs for caps lock and num lock. Unfortunately, some areas of the keyboard lack rigidity, a defect that was not the 9 inches. The touchpad is still brand Synaptics. The side buttons are history and are replaced by a horizontal bar under the touch area. If the provision is more convenient, the trackpad is too small and square. Multimedia side, the webcam is always correct but the speakers a little disappointing for a 10 inch. The sound is better than the Samsung NC10 but it does not compare with some Asus. Note that the Aspire One A150 loses one of two SD readers that equipped the A110. Already shining on the model 9-inch screen retains the same finish. On the model we tested, it is subject to criticism: excellent contrast and backlight uniform. Technology and Utilization The Aspire One A150 is frankly a machine friendly. Although small, the touch area of ??the touchpad is very pleasant to the touch. The buttons are easy to click and are discreet. Side noise, the fan is not running all the time. While not completely silent, the A150 can not really be described as noisy. He runs into the same category as the NC10. The HP Pavilion DV4-1000 is equipped with an Atom N280 1.66 GHz 533 MHz FSB. Compared to the previous generation of netbooks, built around the Atom N270 (400MHz FSB), he won 66 MHz is 4.125%. The performance impact is very low. Alas, the A150 retains its ancient and i945GSE chipset GMA950. We always appreciate the LED activity of the Wifi network and the Bluetooth indicator. With support for AHCI, Seagate 5400.5 is more powerful than the Asus 1002HA. The Aspire One A150 Netbook is one of the most successful (although the differences were generally small) Characteristics and performance The Acer Aspire One D150 does not really stand out from other 10-inch netbooks. However, it is the lightest and most enduring. The impact of performance on the Atom N280 is harmless ... Conclusion With the Aspire One A150, Acer entered the market very competitive 10-inch netbooks. The chassis, larger and thicker above, retains the successful line of the A110. The keyboard's excellent layout custody of his little brother but the touchpad (too) square is not really more convenient than the former. Damage. The HP Pavilion DV6 takes advantage of the new Atom N280 1.66 GHz, which does not really change all that. It must be said i945GSE always found in the heart of the machine. With the support of the AHCI, the drive offers him an excellent performance. In the end rather swift, the Acer Aspire One A150 is one of the most successful netbooks but especially the most autonomous of all those we tested ... His autonomy and his exemplary good keyboard make it an excellent choice! Related news: HP Pavilion DV1000 HP Probook 4415S
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