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  1. huanhuan

    LaCie NAS OS 3 and Hybrid Cloud

    LaCie, a true benchmark in the field of storage, take advantage of this early 2013 to introduce its new operating system dedicated to its NAS NAS OS 3. Much more than a simple update, NAS OS 3 is an event in itself. Its exclusive features like new "Hybrid Cloud" will revolutionize the way to access their files and share them with a level of convenience and safety unsurpassed. Indeed, "Hybrid Cloud" offers simultaneous access to space and its Cloud LaCie NAS via a single application "Wuala" available on PC, Mac and Android, or directly from the site "Wuala". Access to Dell Inspiron 1545 data has never been so easy and convenient. NAS OS 3 has also overhauled its management interface making it more readable, fast and functional to meet the requirements of both individuals and professionals. With NAS OS 3, LaCie significantly improves the scalability, the storage of its equipment with the feature "SimplyRAID." Now increase the storage capacity of the NAS LaCie becomes a breeze because XPS M1330 OS 3 will make the transition without erasing the data hosted. In our latest Best of 2012 NAS published here, we awarded the 2big NAS for its performance, its many features and its ease of use. That is why we suggest you go in detail all of these new tools that will revolutionize our view of the Cloud. Hybrid Cloud & Wuala "Cloud" or "NAS" are terms still remain obscure to many users. However, these tools could change our vision to access our data and LaCie, a specialist in the field of storage deployed all his energy and expertise to give birth to NAS OS 3. Mobile users are well aware, have their files on the go has too long been a source of problems and unnecessary stress. Who has never attended a meeting or an appointment with his laptop Dell E4310 Battery and USB to realize once there the files were missing or not updated? This is why LaCie has designed "Hybrid Cloud", an application available in the models 2big and 5big NAS NAS NAS PRO equipped with OS 3. It allows access from any device with an Internet connection benefiting both the NAS but also to its "Cloud." In fact, the brand offers a storage capacity of 5GB free for one year it hosts on its own servers. Hybrid Cloud integrates this feature a panel of the most comprehensive tool to synchronize files on the desktop PC, laptop, tablet or any other smartphone. The HP G42 Battery possibilities are at the limit of the infinite and we will finally be able to have some of their data no matter where you are and whatever time. First we take care to create an account "Wuala" and access can be made from the dedicated website. But to enjoy all the benefits of "Hybrid Cloud", we will use the software "Wuala". Configuration Configuration and use surprise in its simplicity. While most competing solutions require serious knowledge in the HP G4 Battery network (port forwarding, IP address setting, configuration protocols ...), the LaCie just requires the selection of NAS in the network neighborhood and you're done! The files are available through the website or application "Wuala". "Hybrid Cloud" goes even further by adding the notion of "contacts". An integrated search engine allows you to find a person with an account also "Wuala" to exchange data. LaCie has thought of everything to finally exchange of information is possible without tracas.Et in case of error during handling resulting from accidentally overwriting a file, nothing is lost because "Wuala" keeps track of the files. We can go back in accessing a previous version of overwritten file. The HP G6 Battery brand has perfectly fulfilled its mission by developing a much richer functionality that "Cloud Station" proposed by Synology, and much easier to use than "MyCloudNas" Qnap. It becomes the reference for all mobile users because it ends all worries faced previously regarding the availability of its files. The new NAS OS 3 also benefits from improved management interface on its readability. Discharged on the aesthetic level, the organization is always well thought out system based on a fully customizable widgets. Regular users of NAS competitors believe the HP G7 Battery management interface their equipment too complex and technical. Now that LaCie is exemplary because it will satisfy both professionals and individuals. Just for example, look at the menu dedicated to RAID to realize how the manufacturer made every effort to clarify the configuration options for the device. Moreover NAS OS 3 is now able to migrate data without loss or interruption. Specifically, replace hard drives Latitude E5520 NAS to increase the storage capacity is often problematic because we had run a full backup. LaCie NAS now are able to perform this replacement intelligently taking full potential of discs even if they are of different capacities. Backups also are sometimes neglected yet critical lack of tools inaccessible to ordinary mortals. Using three NAS OS, secure data is a breeze thanks to the wizard included. br /> We also appreciate the features related to energy savings. The 2Big NAs as 5Big PRO NAS support Hibernation and we can go even further by planning powering on and off the NAS as a weekly schedule. One last point will delight novice users: configuring access the NAS from the net behind a router. IF manual configuration required the translation of IP addresses and ports, NAS OS 3 puts an end to this constraint by integrating the Latitude E6320 batteries protocol. LaCie NAS and the router automatically ordered to give access only if necessary service functions enabled. Finally, if you want to share a printer across the network, NAS OS 3 supports this feature. Simply connect it to the USB port so that it becomes accessible to all seamlessly. Performance As we can see, NAS OS 3 highly successful in our 2big NAS that offers more than 10MB / s read large files and it is mainly on writing small files (the most difficult exercise) the rates are doubled! With NAS OS 3, LaCie makes prowess in terms of performance. Conclusion LaCie we usually reward for his revolutionary services and high quality Latitude E6420 products offers an update on the most interesting 2BIG NAS NAS NAS 5BIG PRO. "Hybrid Cloud" is the ideal solution for all mobile users because it puts a definitive end to recurring problems related to data access from the outside. Competitors like Synology or Qnap have also understood the importance of accessing files via the net but "merely" access to their respective NAS. And if a connection problem or a power failure occurs, the data is simply unavailable. Moreover, these services are not the most obvious installed. This is why most serious LaCie adds a very significant value with the integration of a Cloud solution available 5GB free for one year. This is also the only question arises: what happens there after this period? It will be necessary to opt for a subscription as needed: € 2.99 per month for 20GB, 50GB for € 5.99 or € 9.99 for 100GB. The rate applied may seem high compared to E6420 ATG batteries service providers online backup (250GB for € 5 per month) but this alternative involves the loss of the integration of NAS in a unified interface, devilishly easy to access and use. NAS OS 3 and we were particularly excited by the new features (flexible RAID management, support printer sharing ...) and the new GUI still effective. Users can now update their LaCie NAS and those who do not yet have a will also install. Tags: Latitude E6520, DV4 batteries, Dell Latitude E6510
  2. huanhuan

    Philips LED bulbs connected Hue

     Philips offers a complete kit to change the lighting of a room from his iPhone, the iPad or Mac. The Dell Studio 1558 company Philips has a subsidiary dedicated to lighting relatively large. It thus produces indoor lighting, outdoor, professional lamps, switchgear (discharge lamps, fluorescent tubes, halogen transformers) as well as management systems lighting. With its expertise, Philips has therefore decided to propose a solution for managing lighting turnkey individuals. Philips called Hue, then this kit allows easy to change the lighting in a room and to apply different atmospheres from their smartphone or Mac. The simplicity The starter kit Hue Philips consists of three LED bulbs using intelligent E27 and a bridge that is connected to the home router using an Ethernet cable. The bridge is powered by an AC small delivering 3 watts. This Inspiron 1545 Battery means that the consumption of the bridge is very small. The installation is very simple as you just place the bulbs in lamps compatible to connect the bridge to the router and turn everything. Once iOS app open, it then asks to press the button in the center of the bridge to make a kind of twinning. This has been done, it is possible to change the room lighting and / or each bulb individually. If the Mac and iOS devices generally communicate with the router via Wi-Fi, bulbs and the bridge are not using this protocol. In fact, Philips light bulbs and bridge Hue exploit the ZigBee standard, also known as IEEE 802.15.4 standard. This protocol is much lighter than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with memory requirements limited to 32 KB when the XPS M1330 Bluetooth requires a minimum of 250 KB and Wi-Fi over a megabyte. ZigBee can also operate over 65,000 nodes, but provides only limited to 10 meters. Another advantage for those allergic to air, the ZigBee protocol emits waves that when a state change is requested bulbs. The wave emission is therefore very timely. The ZigBee protocol is widely used in home automation. Philips lamps are in turn good. They consume only 8.5 watts for 600 lumens of brightness, or that of a filament bulb of 50 Watts, and Philips announced a life of approximately 15,000 hours. They achieve a white color ranging between 2000 and 6500 K, and about 16 million different colors. If the bridge can handle up to 50 Philips bulbs, the latter are currently available with a E27, thus limiting its use. Pity that Philips does not sell versions of its E14 bulbs connected. Philips bulb E27 Hue extra is charged about 60 euros, twice the price of a conventional LED bulb equivalent power at Philips. This is the Dell E4310 Battery price to pay for the system integration of color change and ZigBee radio transmission. The starter kit for 200 euros become almost cheap ... Application Hue Philips bulbs only work with the appropriate application: Philips Hue on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and Hue Colors for the Mac App Store for Mac. By default, the application opens with a scene selection designed by Philips. Latter can be done very quickly an idea of ​​the possibilities of Hue bulbs and generally on the influence of the HP G32 Battery lighting in a room. The kit allows Hue really change the mood of a room and spend a Zen atmosphere with something warmer or in a work environment. The application also allows you to draw a picture in the film in order to choose the corresponding colors, a slider then move on the picture to select the desired color. It is also possible to create your own scenes by setting the intensity and color of each bulb individually or based on a picture or by simply choosing the color palette. Each bulb can also be renamed for clarity, Philips also pushes information to flash the bulb in question during the HP G42 Battery change of name to avoid mistakes. Obviously, it is very easy to add extra bulbs through the settings. More interestingly, the application offers the possibility to program the switching on and off of lights or the transition from one scene to another. We can use a scene with a bright light for the day and plan the transition to a softer ambient light in the late afternoon. For revival, it is also possible to choose to gradually turn the bulbs 3 or 9 minutes, enough to open the eyes slowly. Philips has also provided the lighting control remote, which can be handy on vacation to simulate a presence in the main residence. To do this, you must create an account on the site MeetHue from the application. Management bulbs is then HP G4 Battery accessible from the website. Access to various settings using a simple web browser has paved the way for developers who quickly developed alternative applications. There are so few apps on the App Store to enjoy a little more bulbs Hue. Magic Hue, sold 0.89 euro brings some effects like flashes. The application also uses the microphone to act on the lighting depending on the noise, including music. The developer also promises an update to exploit directly the driver DLL Latitude E5420 iPod on your iOS device. The free application Hue Go! provides some interesting effects: red alert, disco, or "the voice of God." In the end, there are many possibilities and access to bulbs Hue is relatively simple for developers, which allows a little more freedom. Unfortunately, a large black dot spoils the user experience: the lack of memory of the bulbs. Thus, we must carefully avoid putting lamps using bulbs Hue with the switch under penalty of losing the color adjustment. Ideally, it is necessary to turn off the lights using the iOS app, which is not really practical in everyday life. Upon termination via the switch, re-ignite the HP Envy 17T Battery lamp with a warm white color at 80% power. Tags: http://iblog.at/notebooknews/ http://battery.blox.pl/html http://happyness.blogoak.com/ http://batterytips123.unblog.fr/ http://blog.qooza.hk/batterylife http://www.bloguinhos.com/battery/
  3. huanhuan

    Test: Nokia Lumia 920

    Latest entrant in the arena of mobile OS, Microsoft intends to impose its Windows Phone and Nokia has well help. After a first generation Windows Phone 7 not entirely convincing, the Finnish manufacturer offers us a respite to undeniable qualities. Remember, this was in October 2011: Nokia Pavilion DV4 beginning its partnership with Microsoft with the Lumia range, the new flagship brand supposed to promote Windows Phone 7. A few months later and the results lackluster, Windows Phone 8 arrives with a lot of quality, but also bad news owners in WP7 devices will not take advantage of this version via an update. It is therefore necessary to revert to the cash and invest in a new phone. So, Nokia took the opportunity to unveil its next generation Lumia 620, 820 and 920. High-end smartphone from the Finnish brand, the 920 is passed into our hands for a big week and happens to be a nice surprise. When unpacking, the Lumia 920 hits mainly on two points: its very nice touch and weight ... questionable. The beast weighs 185 grams and is indeed face brick compared to the lightness of an iPhone 5 (112 g) or a Galaxy S III (133 g). The fact is that the Lumia 920 is heavy and that may disappoint a lot of people by. However, once in hand, the solid appearance of all obvious. Despite its rounded forms and a polycarbonate coating that may seem slippery, he catches perfectly and exudes strength. Suddenly, the heavy weight is quickly forgotten and helps to give it a "beefy" quite reassuring. The overall design is broadly in line that the previous Lumia (900 in particular), with some differences: exit cover that protects the micro-USB port and slot for the SIM card, the 920 is up to something much more traditional, with a connector "naked" in the lower part of the phone and the SIM card slot which can be extracted with a needle, like on the iPhone. A questionable choice from Nokia, because once you lose the side "cast" of the previous generation. Impression a little more accentuated by the presence of two rather unsightly screws on the bottom of the phone. But make no mistake: despite these minor complaints, the Lumia 920 has an excellent finish and a very nice design. The impression of strength and there, but the machine stays in the nice curves that characterize the Lumia range. A screen made impressive This good impression is also confirmed with the screen, which is certainly one of the highlights of the Lumia 920. Nokia uses technology PureMotion HD +, coupled with a protective glass Gorilla Glass 2 type. The slab is 4.5 inches and offers a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. Many specs that give excellent rendering, brightness and vivid colors. We found a little the same result as before the Super AMOLED of Galaxy S III, but some colors are overly saturated. In direct sunlight, the screen is perfectly readable as long as you push the brightness and fingerprints remain almost invisible. The size of the display is in the upper range of high-end smartphones, but is properly usable with one hand. I must say that the interface of Windows Phone 8 always makes sure that we do not have to position your fingers too high or too low, thus avoiding wring their hands as is the case in other large format cameras. Finally, the last good point, and not least the ability to use the phone while wearing gloves. Nokia uses Super Sensitive Touch technology for a very successful outcome. For a small second delay, the screen recognizes the material in contact and the active panel. Navigation is then also smoothly and quickly than usual. In short, difficult to make this functionality in default and, in this winter, it is a pleasure to be able to type an SMS without freezing fingers. Your future camera extra Second strong point of the Lumia 920, the camera showed great prowess during our test, particularly in regard to shooting indoors or in low light. Equipped with an 8 megapixel sensor, a Carl Zeiss lens and an optical image stabilizer, there is, on paper, one of the best on the market. In practice, the photos taken with a Lumia 920 are actually excellent, although there is a difference between scenes shootées outside and those inside. Sunlight, no flash, the camera turns compelling, but not necessarily more than the competition upscale fault to a certain lack of precision on the edges of images and colors a bit dull. In short, even if it is very, very correct, we are far enough from the exemplary quality of shots taken indoors with flash. On this point, the Lumia 920 manages to surprise and restore light and colors very accurate, even at low brightness. This time the comparison is incommensurate with other smartphones such as shown in the three photos below: In short, you'll understand: the camera's Lumia 920 is more than adequate and is widely expected to convince those in search of a good APN extra. Especially since some apps made in Nokia can take full advantage of opportunities. But we will. A quick word on autonomy, which we thought was very good. Equipped with a 2000 mAh battery, the phone can be used intensely throughout the day, evening included before showing signs of weakness and need a refill of an emergency. Even with a few% remaining, the GPS can be used without concern for a good hour and managing energy saving optimizes maximum use of the device. Anyway, again, the Lumia 920 is very convincing. Nokia treats Windows Phone 8 A superb screen, amazing camera, a very good finish, autonomy satisfactory ... For the moment, the Lumia 920 is a no-fault. But a smartphone, it is also - importantly - an operating system and everyday use which must be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Criticized on a lot of points, Windows Phone 7 had the merit of introducing a mobile OS different and refreshing, but suffered a few teething problems. Is Windows Phone 8 straightens the bar? Largely yes. Although, at first glance, the differences are not immediately obvious, the new mobile OS from Microsoft is generally thought better and leaves a greater share in the customization (via the ability to resize the tiles on the home page, etc.) even if it remains very far from the options offered by Android. However, the philosophy of WP8 still remains as interesting and good fresh air against an armada of Android devices that end up like that iOS and difficult to renew. But all is not perfect and some annoying flaws remain, such as management (or lack of management, for once) of hazardous multitasking, which forces us to constantly revert back to find a keyboard app or impractical to the space bar is too small, which causes too much typos. And even if it is changing, we still regret the lack of global applications on the store. But what really makes the strength of the Lumia 920 in its daily use is not so much that Microsoft Nokia itself, which provides the device applications of high quality homes, and are a great addition to by compared to the competition. Panorama tools, filters, photos, pictures and intelligent cinémagraphe are many possibilities to make the best photos. "Picture Smart" can for example choose the best faces on a group photo (AFN takes 5 shots in a row, you can then choose the most successful and mix different faces for best results). Cinémagraphe, meanwhile, can simply create small animations from photos stored on the device. But here at Nokia really strong, it is at the navigation apps, accurate copy. Whether Nokia Maps (app 'basic orientation), Nokia Explore (which displays the points of interest around you in Augmented Reality) or Nokia Drive (the GPS still in beta), we were impressed the effectiveness of geolocation and ease of use of the whole. Generally, the "Nokia layer" which has Windows Phone 8 provides a real plus here and can give the Lumia 920 ahead of competing devices using the Microsoft OS. Reference in Windows Phone Nokia succeeds therefore good performance with Lumia 920: provide a beautiful and powerful phone that is well worth the qualities of Windows Phone 8, through integration of the OS impeccable and Inspiron 1525 excellent in-house applications. It appears clearly as the best smartphone of its range in WP8, an operating system that is becoming increasingly attractive. Of course, we still regret the lack of app 'and little customization possible, but again, the Modern UI interface brings a real freshness on the market. If you are tired of Android or iOS, and you want to discover another approach to mobility is largely possible purchase. Owners of Windows Phone 7 devices can by the question against the interest of spending again a few hundred euros. To them, there is no definitive answer, but if you opted for a Lumia 800 (with a 3.7-inch screen) and WP7 has already conquered the ease of use brings the 920 is undeniable. Tags: Inspiron 6000 battery, Dell Vostro 1400, Compaq Presario CQ60
  4. huanhuan

    laptop battery life

     We are an experienced group of internet sellers, offer a wide range of quality laptop accessories for most major brands including Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP, Apple, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu etc. All of our items are directly purchased by various reputable manufacturers throughout the world. They have passed strict quality assurance procedures such as Dell XPS M1530 battery ,Dell XPS M1330 battery, and Dell Vostro 1510 battery certifications.  
  5.  We are an experienced group of internet sellers, offer a wide range of quality laptop accessories for most major brands including Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP, Apple, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu etc. All of our items are directly purchased by various reputable manufacturers throughout the world. They have passed strict quality assurance procedures such as Dell XPS M1530 battery  ,Dell XPS M1330 battery, and Dell Vostro 1510 battery  certifications.  

  6. huanhuan

    The Inspiron 17R Special Edition Premium

    GETTING STARTED The Inspiron 17R Special Edition Premium: power and Full HD This laptop screen 17.3 inches sold nearly € 1100 offers top equipment. Game, multimedia, Internet, everything is in its strings. After the high-end version of the Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition, a more "reasonable" is screening. Called Premium, this machine still offers a set of high-quality components, a full HD matte and rich connectivity. Time to test. reality Imposing the Premium version of the Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition is well equipped, and the black and silver finish successfully. Thick (3.7 cm) and heavy (3.34 kg), laptop 17.3 inch screen is certainly not the perfect travel companion, especially since it only holds 2 h 24 battery video playback. However, it proves to be a powerful ally at home. Indeed, thanks to its multimedia-oriented equipment and powerful configuration, the Inspiron is capable of replacing a desktop and / or become the main computer for the whole family. It features a chiclet keyboard with a numeric keypad, very pleasant to browse at your fingertips. Connectivity, in turn, consists of four USB 3.0, two video outputs (VGA and HDMI) and an outlet. High Definition honored With its Full HD anti-glare display (1920 by 1080 dots), the Blu-ray player (who also plays bass and DVD) and audio kit performance, the Inspiron 1526 Special Edition Premium combines all the right ingredients for a multimedia PC. Indeed, the panel of the screen is of good quality, bright (287 cd/m2) and contrast (860: 1) good color rendering. The screen is not as impressive as that of the Blu-ray and 3D machine. The side of Blu-ray, nothing to report, it performs its task with CyberLink Power DVD. The audio kit, signed Skull Candy is a 2.1 model: two small speakers and a subwoofer built. The report is quite correct for movies or music. And if you prefer to use headphones, the Inspiron includes an analog stereo output to connect to the device of your choice. The versatility and the game With the powerful Intel Core i7-3610QM (Quad-Core 2.3 GHz) and 6 GB of memory, the HP Pavilion DV4 machine is well suited to the work of retouching and video editing. Dell also has the good taste to deliver Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements full version with the machine. The Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics processing can speed up with programs that know how to leverage its power. Moreover retouching and editing, the Inspiron can be used to the office, all activities related to the Internet, and also games. Nvidia graphics chip is relatively comfortable when you view the games in the native resolution of the panel (from 47 to 57 frames per second with our debt test). However, we advise you to play 1280 points 720 (or 1366 points per 768) for games in fashion, as StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3 or Guild Wars 2, are smooth and beautiful (of 77 to 107 frames / second identified). Finally, Dell uses a 1 TB hard drive to store your programs and data. It is possible to add an additional hard drive in the machine as the second location for storage unit is vacant. A bit hot and noisy This large configuration consumes 18 W at rest (thanks to Nvidia Optimus) against 129 W heavy use. Thus, office use or viewing of video content on DVD or DivX endurance of the Pavilion DV6000 battery is almost 2 h 30. In these conditions, the fan remains quiet (30.9 dB). However, if you start a game or movie encoding, the sound level reaches 41 dB quickly. Thermometer, meanwhile, can climb up to 34 ° C on the palmrest and 43.9 ° C on the bottom when you play video games. Station to blow hot thighs! the verdict This Special Edition Premium Inspiron 1525 laptop is well equipped, sold at a very attractive price (1099 euros) compared to the competition. Configuration and heater becomes a little noisy at full speed. Nothing unusual, however, since the components of the machine. Finally, we regret that the machine keyboard is not backlit. Tags: Dell Inspiron 6000 , Pavilion DV2000, Vostro 1400 Battery
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