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  1. Няма за какво да се извиняваш,ще споделям и подкрепям с каквото мога.Пожелавам скорошно оздрявяване и всичко да мине наред.
  2. Parliament

    Проблем с моя дисплей драйвер.

    не знам, за биоса нямам представа дали може да е от него
  3. Parliament

    Проблем с моя дисплей драйвер.

    Същия проблем имах и аз с замръзването и се оказа драйвера на видеото.Махни тоя драйвер пробвай с друг да видиш какво ще е положението.
  4. Parliament

    Странно писмо получих

    Така може да излъжат някой овчар,но пък той няма компютър та и с него греда. Да,ато пенсионерите реват че нямат пари за кофичка мляко а в същия момент изхвърлят през терасата 10к Ще взема да и пойскам на тая инструкций какво да правя по нататък
  5. Parliament

    Странно писмо получих

    Аз се чудя тия за малоумни ли ни мислят или какво.
  6. Parliament

    Странно писмо получих

    Та аз не мога да смятам до толко
  7. Какво иска тая не мога да я разбера: Hello , How are you doing today, like i told you am going to buy your property at your own given price. I am Mrs.Tonia Murhaf, a Syrian woman. I desire to relocate to your country due to the prolonged civil unrest/war in Syria, as well as the daily life-threatening attacks by ISIS terrorist group. I've already lost my family, my husband and son to the cold hands of death during an attack targeted at our home on March 23, 2016, to end our family. I and my daughter were not around during the cross fire. we were at the hospital for checkup when the attacked our home killing my beloved husband and my son and setting the house ablaze. I am in tears writing you this mail. He (my late husband) was a very successful contractor in the oil city of Syria and was privately dealing on gold dust and bars before his untimely death. He left behind some reasonable amount of money, which I desire to invest in the Real Estate sector, Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management and other interesting sectors in your country. As you may or may not know, the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union have made it nearly impossible to successfully operate any type of investment here in Syria or to even transfer money from here to other parts of the world. For this reason, I am contacting you in great confidence with the hope that you could help me get this money into your country for investment purposes: Please I would like to know how convenient it might be for you to assist me in this way. The entire capital at my disposal is Six Million Four Hundred Thousand dollars ( 6.4 million dollars). I secretly locked up the money in a trunk box and deposited it with the Red Cross here in Damascus. My sincere intention in writing you is to plead with you to kindly accept the money box. This is because we cannot do any bank transfers from here following the war. These are the major issues of concern to me now. I will give you 30% of the total money as your benefit for helping me. I have to take this chance because I have no other alternative but to trust somebody. I cannot risk my life here to avoid an end to my family lineage. As a woman, since my husband and son are dead, all I have is my only daughter. she deserves a decent life since I want her to grow up in a peaceful environment. I will relocate to your country with my daughter and invest the money in accordance with your country law, your advice and support; we can work together and achieve. I anticipate your positive response and on receipt of your information I will provide you with further details. Yours faithfully Tonia Murhaf
  8. Parliament

    Проблем със скайп

    е и аз съм с 8.1
  9. Parliament

    Проблем със скайп

    кои уйндовс си
  10. Parliament

    Проблем със скайп

    Не помня точно защото го изтрих, 8 и нещо сега сложих 7.32 и си работи без проблем. Има ли някаква разлика от 7.32 и тоя където си ми препоръчал,ако е по добър да тегля него.
  11. Parliament

    Проблем със скайп

    не се свързвам и с уеб версията,само с по старата версия се свързвам
  12. Здравейте скайпа ми се обнови до последна версия но не се свързва.Къде може да е причината?
  13. Parliament

    Проблем с BSOD

    Тая 1 година с коя ОС я игра тая игра?
  14. Parliament

    Здравейте има ли начин да се премахне актуализация KB2976978

    нали съм писал че съм правил опит и не става,за това питам ако някой е дейнсталирал и как
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