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  1. Question is in English Language! If you don't understand English, I will understand you! And you don't have to answer at all. But, don't understand someone to request me to write in only one Language. With your answer you already telling me that: this forum is only for those who speak Bulgarian. Anyway, this was last posting in this forum. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! Trying some, but is not working. Anyway, thank you again!
  3. I know it is for laughing for you. but for me is to cry, because I don't know how to get m3u list if I have mac from stakler-portal 😀
  4. In this case I need help from you how to get m3u list with mac? Appreciate if you show me how to get list. You can send me instructions on pm. thank you lot!
  5. Sorry, Доктор I was not clear! Portal will load on android box and show all channels, but will not play, or work at all. While on pc turning off vpn will work.
  6. Finally we can understand each other! I don't have any reason to lie. It's up to you to believe me or not. But is not good (I think) to judge me why I am registered in this forum. I understand your concerns about other people. I got mac's for other stalker's, from this forum, but I use some of them to watch for my self. Reason I asked for password is because that portal is more stable and has some channels I watch them. I Don't spread mac's or links from your forum in other forums. That's the truth. Thank you for telling me where to find password, and I did unlock rar! One time more, thank you! Worth forum to be member, but to bad I don't speak Bulgarian to understand all posts are posted.
  7. Hi, Again you are judging "book by covers"! You went to far with your theory of conspiracy! Once again, I am not here to get MAC and spread in other forums. I came across this forum and thought is worth to be member. Anyway, you can continue with your imagination and write a book about who I am? Why I am here? Good luck! Bye!
  8. ако кажете, че тази парола е 1837g, тя не се отваря
  9. Поздрави! Първо не говоря български. Използвам Google за превод. Второ, аз съм нов член, което означава, че не знам къде и кога лекарят е написал парола. Трето, не съм тук, за да вземам Mac и да качвам на други форуми, а да гледам за себе си. Като cetverto, не е хубаво, че "книгата е оценена от корицата". Извинете ме, ако съм разстроил някого в този форум. Всички зърна
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