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  1. смешник-спамер is that all copying my original messages, quoting my messages ads following me like a dog. Please understand, who follow me to all those forums are also members of those forums. This is not home forum for them. Real emeny is inside of you. Real enemy is asking password for files like niki etc. or just not writing anything at all. Believe me I made a test and get into those forums to look anyone will copy my original posts or copy my profiles. örümcek beyinler ne yazıkki değişmiyor. I read all the forum I have seen profiles pictures sent here before. I thought you will not be racist anymore. But nothing changed. I crack and I have anything incluiding all the macs. I don't need anything or asked you for anything. But your forum users asked me at my private and I helped them. I build factory at Bulgaria haskova and I love sofia and have friends there. My symphaty was coming there. this forum is not friendly and racist that's why your users follow and comment others posts. why they are members in those forums too ? Because for them this place is nothing just taking some things here somethings there. why they are copying pasting, gossiping, commenting about new users sharing? Answer is = Look in the mirror to see your real enemy or copy and pasters They are raping you not me. This is my last post here.
  2. http://live.bgtv.stream/ За да гледате БГ телевизия, изтеглете плеъра на вашето мобилно устройство и въведете линка за плейлиста. Ако вече имате зареден стария плейлист, задръжте върху някой канал и изберете "Delete All", след това въведете адреса за новия плейлист. Плейлист с български канали (обновен на 28.11.2018): http://live.bgtv.stream/bg.json Плеър за Андроид и iOS: https://da-player.com/ this is original exploit it is the proof my exploit now ban yourself
  3. google dork exploit No forum needed for that write iptvbulgaria to google get in site and check source github released the discussion BEFORE HATE LEARN TO READ !!!! Bi tek kendinimi uyanık zannediyorsun.
  4. Take it easy cowboy. http://iptvbulgaria.net/ file:"http://e100-nlds107.cdn.bg/nlds/novaplay2/novaent/as/live/novaent_hd_1600_pc.m3u8", http://bgtvlive.com/bg.json ----> http://pri.cdn.bg:2113/fls/mmtv.stream/playlist.m3u8
  5. парола не означава нищо. Вратата е отворена. От близка врата. King of the forum talking?? You want everyone to shutup. That's easy. But I choose sharing.
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