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  1. Има ли тунер, с който бих могъл да гледам ESPN, ABC, TNT безплатно? Ако да, кой са най-добрите модели и как са цените? Някой поне, ако е чул и да не е сигурен. Всякаква информация е от полза.
  2. Ако питаш дали се приема при кандидастване, мисля че не.
  3. Втора матура има. Сам избираш по какво да е.
  4. По тъпо неможеше и да стане. Дано втората матура е по-лесна, че с тази по литература ще се поозоря.
  5. Ц-ц-ц и аз значи чета през ред. Аз гедах [/url=http://www.nvu.bg/index.php?active=ps&sub=ps_spec]тук. По конкретно тази специалност ме интересува във Велико Търново.
  6. За да учиш Национална сигруност трябва да си учил вече висше? ...кофти работа
  7. Нямам представа дали ще има някои, който може да ми даде точен отговор, но все пак ще опит. Търся информация за специалноста "Национална и регионална сигурност". Какво се учи? Има ли реализация? И въобще заслужава ли си?
  8. Следващия път като напишеш пост с текст "ъп" ще почиваш(dragozow).
  9. не! как да оправя дебъгара да работи....след като деинстилирах алкохол 120 % въпросният дебъгър спря да работи и сега някои програмки не ми работят защото им е нужен как да го оправя да работи?
  10. та....въпросното дебъгрче ми дава грешка сенд/донт сенд ерър рипорт като стартирам определен софтуер(естесвено този които го ползват) как да го оправя този проблем?
  11. Real Time Strategy: Rise Of Nations Sports:NBA Live 2007 Action : GTA SA
  12. 50 Cent - Shoot First He was the angriest rapper on the streets and he knew that his opinions and disses would get him in trouble, but he went out of his way to look for it. Once a crack dealer on the mean streets of Jamaica in New York's Queens, he talks the talk and walks the walk. A knife fight with Ja-Rule and Murder Inc left him with 3 stitches to add to his gun scars, but 50 CENT just kept coming. This unauthorized biography charts his climb to the top of the pile and the rapper scene today.
  13. fifty

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    M.O.P - Straight from the projects(Hosted By B-Real) Brooklyn based M.O.P. give you the full lowdown on Brownsville, a tough neighborhood that has inspired their music and lyrics. Initially fuelled by the need to escape their surroundings, the band now return to them and show us exactly what it was that set the band on their course to fame. Hosted by B-Real from Cypress Hill. more »
  14. fifty

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    Three 6 Mafia - Choices II: The Set Up Three 6 Mafia have done it again. Choices 2 is a great album. It's as solid as the other recent HCP releases, such as Lil Wyte's 'Phinally Phamous,' which is superb. This album has 14 new tracks, and 6 remixes/old songs. Although it is not their best (that title belongs to Chapter 2: World Domination), Juicy J and DJ Paul show not only the south, but the whole US that they are indeed top notch rappers. The best songs on here are 'Who I Is'(feat. Trillville and Lil Wyte) and 'Who the F*** You Playin Wit'? The worst are, obviously, the fill
  15. fifty

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    Three 6 Mafia - Choices Choices the movie & soundtrack were just what I expected it to be and that's 100% real! They really represented & put it down for NORTH Memphis foe' show! I hate that they got killed at the end but, I guess that I'll just have to look forward to Choices 2! so that's why I feel that this is an Incredible movie without question! Three 6 Mafia have done it again. They've taken white gold and turned it into platinum so to speak. This is a great film, with a well-thought out plot, and good scenery (nothing was put in the movie just to look good, t
  16. fifty

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    Balla Blockin Credited cast: B.G. .... Chopper Jeanette Branch .... Nettie Juvenile .... Tanuk Jerry Kato .... Curlyhead Mykel Shannon Jenkins .... Garr (as Mykel Shannon) Turk .... Teke Lil' Wayne .... Iceberg Shorty Baby .... Beatrice
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