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AIO Naevius


Naevius CD & DVD Burner is the most powerfull and necessary programm for burning CD/DVD-disks.

You can quickly create compiltaion from your files, burn it to CD/DVD-disk or save as ISO-smile.

Program has ability to quick or full erasing of disk.

Easy and simple interface, all necessary functions.

Naevius Cached MP3 Player is very convenient program for playing MP3-files from your CD/DVD discs.

Before playing of each new song program copies it into the temporary file.

This way you prolong a life of your CD/DVD-Drive!


• Beautiful sound indicator,

• Import/Export M3U and PLS playlists,

• Can add sound effects (Echo, Reverb, Flanger),

• Equalizer,

• Accept Drag-and-Drop.

Naevius Directory Watcher lets you monitor all file activity of any folder on your hdd or network drive in real-time.

You can select the directory (optional subdirectories) and the program will report all changes or activities that are taking place in file system.

You can watch these events:

• Change file name,

• Change dir name,

• Change attributes,

• Change file security,

• Change created, last modified and last accessed timestamp.

It has convenient feature - the ability to filter out notifications so that you can receive notifications only for events that you want to receive notifications about.

Useful for monitoring shared directories or to keep an eye on what files are being installed or altered during software installations.

Program will only work on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003.

Hidden File System is very convenient program for protection your private files and documents.

You can crypt and hide your valuable files from unauthorized users, hackers, or viruses. Program will give access to files after checking password only. Program has ability to Import/Export of your File Systems.

In an operating time the program creates new logical drive on your computer and deletes when you will lock File System.

Naevius Wallpaper Changer is very convenient program for manual or automatic change wallpapers on a desktop.

Program will help those, who is sick and tired of looking at the same wallpaper over and over again.

Program has the convenient interface and preview. It can draw a transparent calendar onto wallpapers. Program has ability to show information of wallpapers (dimensions and file size).

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парола за архива:www.shareodie.com

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