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Link: Foxit PDF Editor 1.4 Build 1531

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Ever wondered how you can change the content of a PDF document, just like other types of document? You must be frustrated all the time when you try to find a handy and affordable tool that can edit PDF files. The fact was, there was NO such tool available that can edit PDF files like a normal editor. So with Foxit PDF Editor, you can finally edit your PDF documents the way you wanted.

Foxit PDF Editor Features:

- Open existing PDF document for editing, or create brand new PDF documents;

- Display PDF document in full details, with quality almost matching Adobe® Reader.

- Zoom in and zoom out page display;

- Fast and reliable WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing;

- Insert new pages, delete pages completely;

- Insert new text objects, using embedded or non-embedded fonts;

- Insert lines, and other simple graphic shapes;

- Insert images from bitmap files;

- Delete any type of object from the page;

- Change font, font size, color and other text attributes for text objects;

- Change line width, fill type, color, and other graphic attributes for graph objects;

- Transform any type of objects, including rotation, shearing, scaling, and moving;

- You can make single or multiple selections of page objects, so you can change or delete them by group;

- Undo any type of editing (insert, delete, or change) you have done;

- Copy and paste any type of objects, single or group, from or to any PDF page, within the same document, or between different PDF documents;

- Copy and paste pure text from or to any other Windows applications;

- Copy and paste image from or to any other Windows applications;

- Save modified document into the same PDF file, or another new PDF file.

New in Foxit PDF Editor 1.4:

- Page level operations: you can import/export PDF pages, or change page layout. These new features are accessible from "Page" menu.

- Graphic Editor: you can use a simple but useful graphic editor to change any graphic shapes (lines, polygons, curves, stroked, filled, etc.). You can insert whole new graphic objects (select "Object:Add Graph:Add New Graphic" menu item) or modify existing ones (select "Graphic Editing" from popup menu when you right-click on a graphic object).

- Image Editor: you can make some simple but useful changes to any existing image (select "Image Editing" from popup menu when you right-click on an image object).

Homepage - http://www.foxitsoftware.com/

Size: 1.26 MB



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Foxit PDF Editor 1.4 Build 1325

Download: Foxit PDF Editor 1.4 Build 1325 (1.37 MB)

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Ползвам продуктите на Foxit от доста време! Просто невероятни! забравих тромавия Акорбат ! :)

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