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Link: PHP Designer 2008 v6.1.1

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    All-in-one editor to edit, debug, analyze and publish PHP scripts

    Numerous of enhancements for developer deployment and productivity

    Syntax highlighting and support for PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Perl, JavaScript, VB, C#, Java & SQL

    Automatic indentation and insertion of brackets

    Automatic code completion while typing

    Great performance in speed and size

    Sophisticated streamlined and intuitive interface

    User-friendly development environment that is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers

    Tabbed multi-document interface

    Fully customizable

    Integration with the PHP manual available from php.net with quick keyword search

    Localhost preview

    Simple external browser integration with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Opera

    Todo Manager

    Project Manager


    Code Libraries

    Class Browser


    Snippet Support


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    PHP Designer 2007 v5.4

    What's New?

    - New. Intuitive user-interface plus a new office 2007 theme

    - New. Better performance

    - New. Live syntax check for PHP

    - New. Live syntax check for HTML and CSS

    - New. Project Manager with support for regular expression, excluding/including directories/files and localhost

    - New. Mark active project on the Getting Started page and in the menu

    - New. List all available projects in the menu

    - New. Customizable shortcuts and toolbars

    - New. Highlight matching if/else

    - New. ToDo manager (visual presentation)

    - New. Customizable prefix for inline todo/bug

    - New. Change the user path for the placement of snippets, templates, todo etc.

    - New. Support for TortoiseSVN commands (add, commit, update, merge and revert)

    - New. Support for different ANSI encodings (ISO/Windows)

    ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 Western European, ISO 8859-2 Central European, ISO 8859-3 Latin 3, ISO 8859-4 Baltic,

    ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic, ISO 8859-6 Arabic, ISO 8859-7 Greek, ISO 8859-8 Hebrew, ISO 8859-9 Turkish,

    ISO 8859-13 Estonian, ISO 8859-15 Latin 9, Windows-1250 Central European, Windows-1251 Cyrillic,

    Windows 1252 Western European, Windows-1253 Greek, Windows-1254 Turkish, Windows-1255 Hebrew,

    Windows-1256 Arabic, Windows-1257 Baltic and Windows-1258 Vietnamese

    - New. Support for embedded PHP syntax highlighting in CSS and JavaScript

    - New. Support for syntax highlighting when editing templates and snippets

    - New. Customize the default PHP template (new file)

    - New. Support for changing the style for matching brackets/braces

    - New. Support for changing the font in the gutter

    - New. Delete line and end of line

    - New. Toolbars can now be docked in left, right and bottom position

    - New. Export the todo, snippets, templates and database connections to XML/CSV

    - New. Save column-width, sort-type and direction in the file/project browser

    - New. Distributed with PHP, PhpDocumentor and the PHP Manual

    - Fixed. File encoding/formats

    - Fixed. Selecting non-latin words/chars on double-click

    - Fixed. Selecting text when using the left gutter

    - Fixed. Selecting declarations when the file is not opened

    - Fixed. Search again in the search toolbar (F3)

    - Fixed. FTP re-connection

    - Fixed. Opening .gif images in the image dialog

    - Fixed. The templates in the tool-panel is now always active

    - Minor fixes and enhancements

    Download: PHP Designer 2007 v5.4 (17.2 MB)

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    PHP Designer 2008 v6.0.1.1

    За промените

    Download: PHP Designer 2008 v6.0.1.1 (15.9 MB)

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