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Link: Autocad 2006 Archicad 9

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    Autocad 2006 Archicad 9

    "Company Graphisoft let out the ninth version of its flag product ArchiccAD, based on the unique technology of virtual building. This version undoubtedly will strengthen positions ArchiccAD as the best tool of the architectural design, intended both for the jobbing shops and for the important design institutes. ArchiccAD - program packet, which ensures the development of any architectural- designer solutions. In ArchiccAD it is possible simultaneously to work at the creation of project and to compose the associated construction documentation, since program stores information about the projected building: plans, sections, prospect, the enumeration of the necessary construction materials, and also the observations of architect, made in the process of work. In any stage of work it is possible to see the projected building in the three-dimensional form, in the section, over the long term, to make an animated roller. Tens of thousands of architects daily work with ArchiccAD, creating complex and professional projects. For simplification in this work in ArchiccAD were added new powerful and convenient tools. General organization remains in spite of all this. Users will immediately note that in ArchiccAD the new form and some tools are now united into the logic groups. For example, radial, angular, linear and other dimensions are placed in one button, which, undoubtedly, simplifies work. ArchiccAD now is supported technology Drag&.Drop: objects can be "tightened" directly into the project from the conductor or the dialogue search; file can be transferred into any application supporting technology Drag&.Drop."

    Download: downlogo17yw.gif

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