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Link: Captive 1.1.7 (Linux)

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Captive 1.1.7 (Linux)

Toзи проект предоставя четене/ запис към NTFS дялове (Microsoft Windows NT, 200x или XP) oт вашия Linux.


Captive project implements the first full read/write free access to NTFS disk drives. You can mount your Microsoft Windows NT, 200x or XP partition as a transparently accessible volume for your GNU/Linux.

This compatibility was achieved in the Wine way by using the original Microsoft Windows ntfs.sys driver. It emulates the required subsystems of the Microsoft Windows kernel by reusing one of the original ntoskrnl.exe, ReactOS parts, or this project's own reimplementations, on a case by case basis.

Project includes the first open source MS-Windows kernel API for Free operating systems. Involvement of the original driver files was chosen to achieve the best and unprecedented filesystem compatibility and safety.

As opposed to other projects this is currently the only software supporting the full read/write access including the possibility to create/delete files, modify directories etc.

Captive was written to interface with the Linux kernel via LUFS. Unfortunately, this project is no longer being maintained by its author. Mounting of NTFS devices usually works, but is no longer supported by the author of Captive. Always unmount the device by umount(8) command before shutting down your GNU/Linux system.

A port of Captive to the newer FUSE interface has not yet been implemented. There is an experimental LUFS-FUSE bridge called lufis that can be used in the meanwhile. Also, the captive-cmdline(1) interface will get around any kernel compatibility problems.

Промени в новата версия:

*Fixed sandbox restarting looking like disconnected mounts (FUSE client only)

*Workarounded no FUSE/Linux-kernel charset support - fixes locale filenames

*Fixed multiple issues of captive-install-acquire(1) to run at all again

*Fixed general operations refusal on invalid errnos

*Fixed invalid file timestamps (FUSE client only)

*Workarounded FUSE/Linux-kernel user mounts (FUSE only)

*Workarounded FUSE/Linux-kernel modprobe(8)ing (FUSE only)

*(static .tar.gz build only) Debian now a bit more compatible

Лиценз: GPL (GNU General Public License)

Oфициална страница: Jan Kratochvil

Download: Captive 1.1.7 (12.8 МВ)

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