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Link: Linux Multimedia Box 0.8.9

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    Linux Multimedia Box (LMBOX) 0.8.9

    Linux Multimedia Box is an application for building multimedia Linux based devices, similar to a PVR or set top box. XML is used for describing the user interface, and events and callbacks are in embedded Tcl.


    * Fully skinnable GUI interface system

    * Multi-threaded architecture

    * Tcl scripting language for all events and handlers (button click, page load etc.)

    * Control by mouse, keyboard, infra-red remote via LIRC

    * Wide range of image format support (with alpha transparency)

    * TrueType font support

    * PlayerObject based on xinelib for playback any music and video formats supported by xine(mp3, wav, streams, avi, mpeg)

    * FileBrowser widget for displaying file system contents

    * Images zoom/rotate methods for photo albums or dynamic icons

    * SoundObject for sound effects thought SDL_mixer

    * Default Tcl event script included with the skin which implements movies, weather with radar, radio from Shoutcast, search and categories, hidden codes, screensaver-like album viewer.

    * Calendaring with scheduling, alarms can be popups, music or movie

    * Berkeley DB used for config and storage

    * TV listings from zap2it, refresh in the background

    * News and Stocks from Yahoo

    * Live Camera streams with mosaic view

    * Contacts database with reminders

    * Financial stock quotes from Yahoo

    * CallerID support using optional modem or network notification

    * TCP/IP/HTTP/UDP support for remote control and alerts

    * Embedded Mozilla browser (optional)

    Промени в новата версия:

    · A huge memory leak was fixed.

    · HTTP URL retrieval has been improved.

    · Tcl modules support has been improved.

    Лиценз: MPL (Mozilla Public License)

    Oфициална страница: Vlad Seryakov

    Download: Linux Multimedia Box (LMBOX) 0.8.9

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