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Link: Solid Encryption v1.21

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    Solid Encryption v1.21 - Why settle for less security?

        * Solid encryption has an easy to use interface.

        * There are no backdoors of any kind, we have no "secret" information that will help anyone brake your codes.

        * File encryption - and clipboard data encryption software.

    Solid Encryption's One-Time Pad (OTP) encryption a.k.a. infinite key cryptography is absolutely unbreakable if used correctly. This encryption algorithm is well known and has been used for a long time by various intelligence agencies. When no mistakes were made it has survived unbroken even when the resources off great world powers have been employed to break it. Unlike most encryption schemes today, not only can you be certain that your communications will not be decoded this year, but that your secrets are safe for eternity.

    Лиценз: Shareware

    Официална страница:www.solid-programs.com

    Линк за изтегляне:Solid Encryption v.1.21 (Size:847.6 KB)


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