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Link: Mmm+ v.2.02

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    Mmm+ v.2.02 - Make your menus go Mmm...

    Every program these days seem to put an extra item or 2 in your context-menu. It is all under the guise of being helpful, but often it is to get the company name (or product name) in the menu. They see it as a place to advertise. And of course it is difficult or impossible to remove these items in an easy way.

    The context-menu quickly becomes a mess!

    Most of these functions you never use. Some you use sometimes. And some you use all the time. Mmm lets you get rid of the items you never use. Lets you move those items you rarely use out on a submenu. Keeping only the functions you often use in a tidy and small base menu.

    Mmm... this utility should be on all XP systems!

        * Lets you modify almost all explorer context-menus!

        * Works when right-clicking any file/object!

        * Lets you hide items you don't use!

        * Lets you move rarely used items out on a sub-menu!

        * Works on the desktop!

        * Works in the start-menu!

        * Works on the folder background!

        * Very easy to configure - just drag & drop

        * No nag-screens that interrupt you!

        * No Adware!

        * No Spyware!

    Лиценз:Free to try; $9.99 to buy

    Официална страница: www.hace.us-inc.com


    Линк за изтегляне: Mmm+ v.2.02 (Size: 0.8 MB)

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