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Link: Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.53

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    Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.53

    Advanced RAR Password Recovery (or simply ARPR) can be used to recover the lost password for a RAR archive. At the moment, there is no known method to extract the password from the compressed file; so the only available methods are "brute force" and dictionary-based attacks. Here is a brief list of ARPR's advantages:

    * ARPR has a convenient and easy to use user interface;

    * ARPR works with one protected file at a time (multiple uses of ARPR is possible);

    * all compression methods are supported;

    * self-extracting archives are supported;

    * you can select the custom character set for "brute-force" attack (non-English characters are supported);

    * you can interrupt the program at any time. Resuming is supported;

    * ARPR can work in the background, using the CPU only when it is in an idle state;

    * ARPR can utilise either a customizable "brute-force" approach, or an effective dictionary-based approach. The different approaches can be used for all RAR types and compression methods using AES (Rijndael) 128-bit encryption, e.g., set the password length (range) of the character set used to generate the passwords, and many other options;

    * A multilingual interface is provided.

    Лиценз: Free to try;30$ to Buy

    cfblueweb3og.jpgОфициална страница: www.elcomsoft.com

    cfbluedownloads0op.jpgЛинк за изтегляне: Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.53 (Size:1.3 MB)

    Редактирано от stanley56 (преглед на промените)

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