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EIAS 6.5r2 is now even faster, stronger, and better than ever! For almost 15 years the Electric Image Animation System has delivered superior 3D graphics at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to create Hollywood Style 3D visual effects at an affordable price you don’t have to look any further.

Not only is EIAS the fastest renderer on Earth, it is clearly one of the easiest and most intuitive 3D software applications to learn. You will be creating beautiful images in no time, and you will wonder why anyone uses those other bloat-ware 3D applications.

EIAS 6.5r2 is packed with new features including FBX Support, improved OpenGL (with transparencies), a built-in scripting tool (Xpressionist 3.0), new Noise Factory shader, and an array of 3D animation capabilities and workflow improvements like the new contextual menus and multiple undos.

The Electric Image Animation System also contains all the features you expect from a professional 3D software product. Within the application you have a totaly new Global Illumination 3D rendering engine, Silo Modeling Software, Multi-Processor Support, Match Move, Material Library System, Macromedia Shockwave Support, Unlimited Network Rendering, vast array of Character Animation Tools, Global Illumination, and a very long list of other features. Download the EI Animation System PDF to see a complete list of all the features of the Electric Image Aniamtion System.

EIAS 6.5r2 is a suite of several high-end applications giving you the power, quality, and sophistication you expect from a 3D software program. These applications include Animator, Camera, Renderama, and Radiosity. This suite of applications continues its legacy of creating breathtaking character animations, building new worlds with 3D matte painting, and design sophisticated product concepts — you can do all of this and more with EI Animation System 6.5r2! So don't be suckered into spending thousands of dollars on inferior 3D applications. Let EIAS 6.5r2 deliver the technology you need for only US$895. The Electric Image Animation System has been used to create some of the most lavish Blockbuster Films in history while delivering the speed you need to get your work done ON time and UNDER budget! The speed results speak for themselves.

Animator 6.5

EIAS Animator 6.5r2 has all the tools needed to produce your own snapshots or a Blockbuster Film like "Star Wars!" With advanced Character Animation Tools, Global Illumination, Real-Time Camera Mapping, True-To-Life Motion, Blur Previews, and a swarm of other technologies for creating visual effects, Animator is what you need to envision your projects into reality.

EIAS Animator 6.5r2 takes artists to worlds beyond EI Tech. Group's previous Animation System. Animator has the capability to work with projects that have polygon counts in the millions. So, when other applications choke on the polygons, EIAS Animator will purr like a finely tuned sports car. This ability to deal with insane amounts of polygons has led Electric Image Animation System to be the perfect 3D software application for architectural rendering. So quit wasting time waiting for screen updates and viewing simple wireframes when you can have OpenGL shaded previews (with transparency) and frame rates not seen in packages under $10,000!

Camera 6.5

Now that you have brought your visions to life with Animator it is time to form them into reality! With all the hard work gone into creating your vision why stop short with a poor 3D rendering system that doesn't do justice to your work. Take control of your vision and give it the power, speed, and quality it deserves! EIAS Camera 6.5r2 is the answer to your needs. EIAS 6.5r2 delivers several new features like: volumetric scattering (also known as subsurface scattering), Global Illumination and Ray trace volume transparency. Camera also supports caustics and file images larger than 2GB. You have absolutely no limitations on the size and quality of your images.

EIAS’s Camera is a photo realistic 3D raytracing and scanline 3D rendering software system that is seamlessly integrated within the Electric Image Animation System. Camera has proven to be the fastest 3D rendering software in the industry over a span of many years, and now the EI Animation System brings this legacy to new platforms. In fact, Camera's speed is surpassed only by its ability to handle an incredible amount of data and render beautiful imagery.

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