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Talisman Online Chaos opens doors:
We believe that after 1 month of hard work, we have prepared the best possible server ever.
Whether we will continue to exist from now on is a matter of how much we will receive your attention.
The server is totally 1 to 1, as each one of you remembers in 2013-2015 (version 6.00), but this time we have made quite a lot of improvements, mostly from a balance of play and a great intrigue.
For those who were not with us in the old days, Chaos was opened in 2013 and was closed in 2014.
What you get from Chaos
* Balance of play. (There are no more privileged VIP Status for items or other )
* Intrigue. (Everything is looking for)
* Clean 'Medium / Server' - no parodies.
* Fully protected server / site.
* Professional team.
* Version: 6.00C
* Experience: 1000x
* Drop Rate: 48% (increased drop of raze items outside the Dark Village.)
* Max Level: 88
*Pet Level :35
* Max Combine :15
*Max Collor:Sky
* Balanced Stats
* Gold Bug: Off
* PVE/PVP Bug: Off
* Trade Bug: Off
* Mail Bug: Off
* Pet Bug: Off
* Pk Kils: Disable Action = 1550 Points
* Custom Active Events: Mass Pk (Boss/Boss/WAR )
* Success Combine Rate: Medium
* Mana Potions in T - Shop = HP Potions
* Boss World / Veterans raze drops
* Spawns: Raze Drops All Maps.+ 30 level
* Duel Class Balanced
WEBSITE : http://talismanonlinechaos.com/index
* Account Settings: Customize your account with your own picture, and so on.
* Change Email:
* Change Account Name:
* Change Passworld :
* Real Recovery System:
. Good luck to all /By Chaos Team


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