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Link: Converber v1.8.0

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Converber v1.5.0


Converber is a unit converter. It is a powerful software utility that will help make easy conversions between 1173 various units of measure in 32 categories. Converber converts everything from length and force to flow and temperature. See some of the features listed below.


* Gives immediate access to all categories or single category

* Favorites menu to bookmark your frequently-used conversions

* New! Currency rates...updated daily

* Quickly search the unit list and immediately see results

* Step backwards or forwards through the most recently used conversions

* Single or multiple preference file(s) for different users

* Shows either common units or ALL units

* Converts as you type, so no convert button is required

* Includes equation editor to add your own custom units

* Allows you to select/unselect the conversion file(s)

* Can change the number of significant digits of the output

* Option to select decimal-point precision

* Option to select scientific notation only

* Inverts selected units with the quick swap feature

* Displays the category to give further information

* Converts left-to-right OR right-to-left

* Runs stand-alone using no dll files or registry settings

* Remembers last window position and size (if desired)

* Offset correction for meter value compensation

* Comes with extensive help file

* Supports transparency (Windows 2000, XP only)

* Supports a multi-language user interface

* And more...

Лиценз: Free

cfblueweb3og.jpgОфициална страница: www.xyntec.com

cfbluedownloads0op.jpgЛинк за изтегляне: Converber v1.5.0 (Size:297 kB)

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Полезна програма. Да допълня:

1. Има и версия, която не се инсталира, т.е. може да се стартира и от USB флаш.

2. Преведена е на български.

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Converber v1.7.0

2008-01-24: v1.7.0

· Now supports inline calculations such as multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and more

· Update conversion file re-located

· Conversion file update is now date based rather than file size based improving reliability

· Conversion file editor delete function is faster

· Fixed scientific notation minus sign moving to front of calculation result (Thanks Stefano, Slava and Miroslaw!)

· Fixed decimal symbol (,) converting as integers only (Thanks Cabrao and Nicola!)

Download: Converber v1.7.0 Install (325.5 KB)

Download: Converber v1.7.0 No-install (245.5 KB)

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Converber v1.7.1

- Fixed conversion file update always reporting "No update is currently available"

- Fixed roman to arabic numeral bug which crawled in with the new inline calculator (Thanks Giuseppe!)

- Fixed language files being updated incorrectly during automatic update

Download: Converber v1.7.1 Install (327 KB)

Download: Converber v1.7.1 No-install (247 KB)

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Converber 1.8.0

· Enhanced the favorites option to allow multiple instances of the same unit (Thanks Nick!)

· Remembers last options tab selected

· Fixed sticky hotkeys

· Fixed input box size bug (Thanks to several users!)

· Fixed child windows appearing partly off-screen (Thanks total recycling!)

· Fixed rare copy bug (Thanks kd!)

Download: Converber v1.8.0 Install

Download: Converber v1.8.0 No-install

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