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Link: Clear History 1.9

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Clear History 1.9


Clear History is free and powerfull windows desktop application to clean search history from your computer. It is full featured program that greatly surpasses most commercial programs out there.

What does it clear :

Clear search history (browser history)

Clear typed URL-s (website address)

Clear location bar history ( option to exclude URL-s from clearing)

Clear cache (temporary internet files)

Clear cookies (with option to exclude some cookies from deleting)

Clear autocomplete forms and passwords

Clear index.dat files

Delete recent documents (in Windows)

Delete run history

Delete find computers histroy

Delete Windows temporary files

Delete Recycle Bin without recovery (shred it after deleting)

Clear clipboard (memory space reserved for copy/paste operations)

Clear Windows Open/Save dialog history

Clear tracks from Ms Office, Word, Excell, Access, Power Point and Front Page

Clear tracks from WinZip, WinRar, Windows Media Player, Wordpad, Media Player Classic

Junk Remover :

Clears obsolete and redunant files from your system

Choose drive to execute junk remover on

Choose to delete, move to specified folder or permanently (shred) junk files

Startup Manager :

VIew which programs are lanuched automatically with Windows

View detailed informations about those programs

Open target directory where startup programs reside or locate them in registry

Add, edit and delete startup programs

"Clear History" is made to help users protect their privacy. Although the author did his best

to make this application safe an reliable as possible he can not be held responsible by any

potential damage caused by using Clear History software. We hope you will find this software

usefull, we would appreciate if you link to this website

This software is clean, it contains NO spyware or other malicious code!

Страница: http://www.clear-history.net/

Лиценз: Free

Size: 1,12 MB

Download: http://www.clear-history.net/files/clear_history_setup.exe

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