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XPlite Professional Retail



With XPlite and 2000lite we give YOU the power to set up YOUR machine the way YOU want! The power to remove unwanted features, the power to remove upgrades that go bad, the power to strip potential security and privacy threats out by the roots.


More than a powerful configuration utility - XPlite and 2000lite give you amazing control to repair Windows as well. If a particular technology gives you trouble you can completely remove it, and then reinstall it as cleanly as the day Windows was first installed on your computer.


The ultimate security system? There can be little argument that certain Microsoft technologies have proven themselves to put your privacy, security and system stability at risk. The sheer number of Windows Update security fixes that are released on an almost daily basis testify to this fact. You can choose alternate technologies to avoid the security risks, yet the flawed components remain on your system unused, until the next irresponsible hacker or malicious script takes advantage of the situation. Everybody should be running with the latest patches and Service Packs - but is this enough? XPlite and 2000lite allow you to completely remove features that might put you at risk. For example - many email viruses use Outlook Express and the Windows Address Book to invade your privacy and that of your friends whose addresses you have stored. If you choose to use an alternate email system then XPlite and 2000lite allow you to totally remove Outlook Express and the Windows Address Book from your system. Now you know you are protected!

Windows YOUR WAY!

Modular by design! - What comes out, goes back in! Each uninstaller is coupled with an equally powerful installer so you can recover uninstalled components as easy as ticking a check box.

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XPlite Professional 1.7.0300 Exclusive Release


- More options than ever before! Supports all Windows 2000 service packs up to SP4 and all XP service packs including SP2

- Fixes for keyboard navigation

- Improvements to popup help system

- Set IE version numbers when removing IE to allow MMC panels to work. For XP the IE version number is set at 6.00.0000.0000 and for Windows 2000 the version number is set at 5.00.0000.0000. This should also assist with people reinstalling IE from external sources.

- Improvements to customer licensing system

- Underpinnings to support 64-bit Windows XP/2003 added. Not yet available for general use.

- fix for SP2 MS Messenger - locate xpmsgr.chm automatically

- fix for MSN Explorer under Japanese Windows

- Added Cancel button to preferences dialog and changed button positions to bring inline with Windows standard style

- Fix crash when exiting XPlite while the addremove tree is actively being filled

- Speed up XPlite application startup time

- Improve AddRemove list load time

- Tighten licensing security and online activation

- Vastly improved image fade widget on Start and About Tab

- Support for Windows 2003 (32 bit) WFP management added. All removable components have not yet been validated with Windows2003

- Fix to issue with wireless network configuration after removing the Advanced Remote Access Dial-UP Support

- Fix to reinstall of Driver Cache to ensure correct service pack cabs are copied (sp1.cab,sp2.cab)

- Added Language filter to facilitate customized file copy based on the default system language of the Windows installation file set.

- Modified IIS component uninstalls to delete unused folders in the %root%inetpub tree

- Modified IIS component uninstalls to uninstall completely - fixed bug in build 0.289

- Modified IIS uninstaller to remove aspperf.dll error message when aspperf.dll has already been uninstalled previously

- SHRINK now eliminates hotfix entries from AddRemove Software list when uninstall data is removed.

- Improvements to uninstallation of IIS components (XP Pro only). FTP Publishing service now uninstalls properly

- Moved WMV audio and video codecs to stand-alone codec options from Windows Media Player option so you can uninstall WMP and use the codecs with alternative players.

- Fixed Delay time before upgrade checks not saving to registry




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Абе хора, знаете ли че този XPlite не подържа MS Office!

Поне така пише в torrents.bol.bg....Така казва тоя дето го сиидва

Някой да има мнение по въпроса?

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