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Лиценз: Shareware $19.95

OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

Размер: 1635 K Сваляне /Trial/


TweakRAM is a program for cleaning and optimizing MEMORY on your computer. It increases the overall system performance by providing more efficient usage of your CPU. Some of its main features are listed below:

Memory defragmantation

After numerous launches of different programs your memory is messed up, that is especially easy to see after the work of Internet Explorer. The programs will still run, but the overall system performance will become lower. You should know that your CPU has cache (L1, L2) and that certain part of your RAM is written there right before the response to the given region of memory.

When your CPU reads some data/commands from cache it's much faster then reading/executing orbitrary commands. Now imagine a situation when the program's code is placed in many different places of your RAM, and that those parts include multiple redirections(pointers) to another ones. How to cache the stuff in such a case? Because of this it happens frequently that wrong and useless data is cached, thus supplying your CPU with a nasty job to find necessary peaces of code by itself. Such a reduction of hit-rate of cache is able to decrease the efficiency of the system regardless of memory size. Memory defragmentation solves this problem, so that your CPU doesn't have to waste its time.

Unloading of Unnecessary Libraries

Many programs including Windows used to load in memory many libraries and that is evident that some of won't be used instantly. TweakRAM finds such modules and unloads them to a swap file. If some of unloaded libraries becomes necessary again it is loaded back in RAM.

Fighting with Memory Leaks

All applications while running allocate certain amount of memory. But it happens oftenly that after quiting the program not all of the allocated space is set free. So the program ain't running any more, and you get some memory that is not actually used and at the same time it can't be allocated by some other program before it's set free. TweakRAM finds and removes such memory leaks, thus increasing size of free RAM.

Information about Memory and CPU

The program shows a detailed information about total size of physical RAM, free memory and the per-centage of its usage by the system. The same information is given about swap file and the business of the CPU.

Application Startup Wizard

Since version 2.0 TweakRAM is supplied with it's Application Startup Wizard which will help you configure optimal launch parameters of your applications. Now TweakRAM will automatically free needed size of RAM before/after program's launch.

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Download: TweakRAM (2.17 MB)

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