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Link: 2nd Speech Center v3.00

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Listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen! In addition to text, also allows you to convert text to MP3 or WAVE files for listening later with your portable MP3 player. Supports dozens of male, female and robotic voices, include AT&T Natural Voices, for over 11 languages.Do you need to read a lot of online newspaper, articles, contracts, memos, emails and documents on screen? Why burn out your precious eyes reading that screen or use up paper and toner printing copies of items when you can have them read to you. 2nd Speech Center will save you a lot of eyestrain and time. Just highlight the text you want read and then select Control-C and presto 2nd Speech Center will read it back to you. It's as easy as that. If you don't have to read your screen 2nd Speech Center will help you multi-task or just relax. Now with 2nd Speech Center you can also have text converted to MP3 or WAV files for burning to CD's, playback at anytime or for putting in you Portable Audio Device

Best regards sokoban

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