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Some ISPs(a  ISP is a company that provides Internet connectivity to home and business customers)  , typically cable modem providers, sell Internet subscriptions on a per-address basis. Occasionally the ISP manages these subscriptions by assigning a static (fixed) IP address to the customer. However, this approach is an inefficient use of IP addresses that are currently in short supply.

More typically, ISPs manage single-address subscriptions by registering the MAC address of the device that connects to the ISP. This device could be a broadband modem, for example. The customer is free to build a home or small business network behind this modem, but the ISP expects the MAC address to match the registered value at all times.

Whenever a customer replaces their modem or adds a broadband router, the MAC address will no longer match that registered at the ISP, and the ISP will disable the customer's Internet connection.

With A-Mac Address Cloning, you can ChangeMacAddress of your network card to any destination Mac address! Just input the new Mac address and push "change to" button!

"NO Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!"

	You DON'T Have To Be An Expert Or A Geek. In A Nutshell...

Here's the deal. To Change Mac Address is a lightweight, easy-use Mac Address scanning and changing software. But don't let its small size fool you! It's filled with features...

	* It scan any range of IP for the proper Mac Address.

	* New  Version 4.5 support Win Ipconfig.

	* New  Version 4.0 support Wake on lan.

	* It's shockingly easy to use — just a simple input and click, that's it!

	* It supports exporting scanning results to txt file.

	* It runs on all Windows™ operating systems (i.e., 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/2003).

	* It supports any network cards under Windows Me/95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003.

	* It supports changing back to its original physical address.

	* It checks your Mac Address inputting.

	* It recommends the proper Ethernet network card.

	* It displays the information of your computer.

	* It checks the legality of IP range automatically.

	* It supports changing mac searching speed.

But what does all this mean to you? Simple...

	* You don't blow your time calling the ISP vendor and ask them to update the registered MACaddress to match the new hardware. Some Cable Modem ISP's assign IP addresses base on the PC's MAC addresses. For whatever reason, if you need to swap 2 PC's regularly to connect to the cable modem, it would be a lot easier to spoof MACaddresses rather than to change Network Interface Card (NIC).

	* You can scan the MacAddress of destination computer.

	* You can perform security checking on MAC Address based authentication and authorization systems

	* You can build Stand-by (offline) systems with the EXACT same CompterName, IP, and MACADDRESSES as the Primary Systems. If Stand-by systems should be put online, NO arp table refresh is necessary, which eliminates extra downtime.

	* Test network management tools .

	* Some software can ONLY be installed and run on the systems with pre-defined MAC address in the license file. Now you can install one of these applications to another system with a different NIC.

	* Troubleshoot Network problems. Arp Tables, Routering, Switching,...

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What is Mac Address?

The MAC address is a unique value associated with a network adapter. THey are also known as hardware or physical addresses or hostid. They uniquely identify an adapter on a LAN.

MACaddresses are 12-digit hexadecimal numbers (48 bits in length). By convention, MACaddresses are usually written in the following two format:


The first half of a MACaddress contains the ID number of the adapter manufacturer. These IDs are regulated by an Internet standards body. The second half of a MACaddress represents the serial number assigned to the adapter by the manufacturer. In the example,


The prefix


indicates the manufacturer is Intel Corporation.

Home Page: http://amac.paqtool.com/

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Последната версия на a-Mac Address Change е 5.3

Промени спрямо версия 5.0:

Add functions for network administrator. Including CSY file format support, quick Mac changing, etc.

Easier to import/export Mac addresses into a Mac address list.

Easier to bind MAC/IP. Mac IP address lookup is simple.

официалният сайт или от неофициалният mirror Erihon*

Официален сайт: amac.paqtool.com

Лиценз: Trial

Неофициален български mirror: Erihon*

* Забележка: файловете се изтриват 30 дена след публикуването на текущото съобщение

Програмата не е безплатна но има Trial версия. Можете да я свалите от

Редактирано от Arcopix (преглед на промените)

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