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Link: SameShow v1.6.0

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SameShow v1.0

SameShow is a powerful utility to convert Power Point presentations into flash presentations seamlessly, make your presentation become more accessible, ubiquitous and easily distributable. With this amazing tool, not only all the original components in PowerPoint will be kept intact, but also many features such as voiceover, flash graphics, can be added to customize your PowerPoint and make it more interactive and personalized. The smaller, securer converted flash file enables you to email it to your friends or just post it on Internet sharing with other people in a breeze.

Unlike other similar products on the market, SameShow enables you do the whole PowerPoint-to-Flash process with unique two conversion mode and the choice of mode totally depends on your practical needs. One is Standalone Mode, the other is Embedding Mode.

With the Standalone Mode, you can convert the PowerPoint file to Flash directly by running our software alone, no PowerPoint software required. See Screenshots.

The Embedding Mode is always available in the PowerPoint software menu bar, it is embedded within PowerPoint software. Play with this mode, our software have much more stronger functions to offer, including audio narration recorded,flash movies integation, other attachment (Like word document,text,PDF)supported,etc. See Screenshots.

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SameShow 1.6.0


What's New in v1.6.0

- Added Online Upgrade System

- Improved Animation Effects

- Other Bugs

Download: SameShow 1.6.0 Trial

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