Business Card Designer Plus


Business Card Designer Plus e програма за изработване на визитни картички. Поддържа Bar Code и ARC-Text. С нея можете да отпечатвате двустранни или нагънати визитни картички, като импортирате картини директно от скенера си.

Промени в тази версия:
x-GIF Support
x-Improved WYSIWYG for variable text and radial text objects
x-Refresh symbol panel when checking „Symbol Fonts Only“
x-Do not default to symbol fonts in symbol panel
x-Changed Recent News and Information link on Help menu to point to home/news.htm
x-Option to remind every 30, 60, etc days about news

x-BUGFIX: When changing zoom while in one region, then switching to another region or printing a different region, object placement is not adjusted
x-BUGFIX: Background on first printed card does not show on WIN98 systems.

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Download: Business Card Desighner Plus | BG Mirror (2.92 MB)

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