J. River Media Center 10.0.161


J. River Media Center е програма, с която можете да слушате радио онлайн, да гледате телевизия, да плейвате МР3 или аудиодискове, да рипвате и записвате дискове, да гледате филми и в същото време да правите албуми, да организирате колекцията си от снимки, да редактирате графични изображения и т.н. Поддържа скинове, има вградена поддръжка на камери Canon и Kodak. Лиценз: Shareware

Промени в тази версия:
1. Fixed: Smartlist selection dialog would show an extra checked empty value when was selected.
2. Fixed: Drag-n-drop of subfolders with periods in them would not always work properly.
10.0.160 (8/9/04)
1. Fixed: MC could display a „failed to register mcmimeman“ message on startup.
2. NEW: Media Server displays message when already running.
3. Fixed: Tag importing for AAC will capture previously lost tags such as Album.
10.0.159 (8/9/04)
1. Fixed: When ripping CD’s to wave format with „rip/encode simultaneous“ disabled and „overwrite existing“ enabled, the final file never showed up.
2. Fixed: When burning an audio CD with direct decoding enabled, some mp3 source files could cause incorrect track boundaries on the resultant CD.
3. Changed: MC modified so Portable Devices are compatible with WMP 10

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Download: J. River Media Center 10.0.161 | BG Mirror (16.8 MB)


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