PuTTY 0.74


PuTTY е малък и безплатен Telnet и SSH клиент за Windows платформи, който притежава и XTerm емулатор.

Някои от основните функции на PuTTY са:

  • Записване на хостове и настройки за употреба след това
  • Контрол върху ключовете за криптиране на SSH и версията на протокола
    SCP и SFTP клиенти за командния ред
  • Контрол върху препращането на портове със SSH, както и вградено X11 препращане
  • Пълна Xterm, VT102 и ECMA-48 терминална емулация
  • Поддръжка на сесии – т.е. потребителите могат да запазват настройките си в сесии и извикват при стартирането на програмата Лиценз: Freeware.

Промени в PuTTY 0.74:

  • Security fix: if an SSH server accepted an offer of a public key and then rejected the signature, PuTTY could access freed memory, if the key had come from an SSH agent.
  • Security feature: new config option to disable PuTTY’s dynamic host key preference policy, if you prefer to avoid giving away to eavesdroppers which hosts you have stored keys for.
  • Bug fix: the installer UI was illegible in Windows high-contrast mode.
  • Bug fix: console password input failed on Windows 7.
  • Bug fixes in the terminal: one instance of the dreaded „line==NULL“ error box, and two other assertion failures.
  • Bug fix: potential memory-consuming loop in bug-compatible padding of an RSA signature from an agent.
  • Bug fix: PSFTP’s buffer handling worked badly with some servers (particularly proftpd’s mod_sftp).
  • Bug fix: cursor could be wrongly positioned when restoring from the alternate terminal screen. (A bug of this type was fixed in 0.59; this is a case that that fix missed.)
  • Bug fix: character cell height could be a pixel too small when running GTK PuTTY on Ubuntu 20.04 (or any other system with a similarly up-to-date version of Pango).
  • Bug fix: old-style (low resolution) scroll wheel events did not work in GTK 3 PuTTY. This could stop the scroll wheel working at all in VNC.

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