Snappy Fax


Snappy Fax е програма, чрез която можете да превърнете Вашия компютър във факс-апарат.

С нея можете да приемате или изпращате факсове, да препращате приет факс на определен e-mail адрес или да създадете заглавен лист или бланка за Вашия факс. Лиценз: Платен (Shareware).

Промени в Snappy Fax

Added a migrator module to assist user in moving snappy fax to another computer.  The migrator can be accessed from a new button “Move to another computer” from the Utilities ribbon tab.  The migrator will create a migration file (zip format) which will contain all configuration information and data files.  Once this file is created, it can be copied to the new computer and then the migrator can be run on the new computer to establish the data files and configuration information there.  Important:  The migrator does not process any external files saved in .pdf or .tiff format to folders specified in your snappy fax settings-fax file saving options.  These files are managed by the user exclusively, if you need to move those files you can do so manually.
When changing snappy fax’s configuration from use fax server or not use fax server, a restart is no longer required.
Added a new button on the horizontal toolbar beneath the image area on the image viewer tab, “Open with Associated Windows Application”.  This is handy if you want to open the .tif file in the viewer in the default windows application for handling .tif files.
The options to keep transmission logs is now separated for incoming and outgoing faxes.  If you normally don’t experience transmission failures, you can set the options to ‘No Transmission Log’ to save disk space and processing time.
When a page was cut from the image viewer, the update database image button was not enabled as it should be.  Fixed.
Deleted the FaceBook and Twitter buttons, in reality, there is no need for these
Other minor bug fixes and tweaks.

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