Sweet Home 3D 6.0


Sweet Home 3D е Java приложение, което ще Ви помогне при създаването на жилище по Ваш собствен вкус. Програмата създава двуизмерна проекция на желаното от Вас обзавеждане и разположение на мебелите в помещението и неговите елементи, след което дава възможност за разглеждане на резултата в 3D режим. Притежава многоезичен интерфейс.

Sweet Home 3D е напълно безплатната програма, която осигурява и 3D превю, за да можете максимално ясно да огледате идеите за жилището си. Може да добавяте триизмерни модели.

Sweet Home 3D ще ви помогне да разположите мебелите по стаите и да изберете най-удачното разположение на елементите на интериора. За целта можете да ползвате безплатните модели от сайта на програмата. Допълнителни готови 3D модели за програмата можете да свалите от тук. Лиценз: Безплатен (Open Source).

Промени в Sweet Home 3D 6.0:

Added the ability to rotate and slide openings and lights.
Added a mannequin which can be articulated.
Replaced the 24 3D models contributed under LAL license in the default catalog by new models under GNU GPL / CC-BY license.
Updated rotating and sliding parts in the 3D model of doors, windows and furniture to support new rotation and translation capabilities.
Added price management with currency choice and optional sales tax in preferences pane, prices and sales tax fields in furniture modification pane, total prices below the home furniture list and new columns to display price information in the list.
Added the ability to calculate math expression in numeric fields.
Added Plan > Flip horizontally and Plan > Flip vertically menu items.
Added support for multi line and text alignment in text modification pane.
Added X offset and Y offset spinner in texture modification pane to shift textures.
Added Dash offset spinner in polyline modification pane to shift the pattern of dashed polylines.
Allowed polylines to be displayed in the 3D view.
Added an option in 3D view modification pane to view background image

in 3D view at ground level . Added Plan > Make level the only viewable one and Plan > Make all levels viewable menu items.
Displayed level menu items in a separate contextual menu bound to level tabs.
Enabled multi selection of materials in materials modification pane to change them by group.
Managed Ctrl modifier (alt or option under macOS) to resize the selected piece of furniture only along its width or its depth.
Added a new indicator in the middle of walls to easily change their curve.
Displayed wall arc length in the tool tip associated to Arc extent field in wall modification pane.
Allowed sloping walls to have a minimum height equal to 0.
Added 2.40:1 image ratio and updated video formats.
Saved column widths of the furniture list to restore them at home opening.
Made underground objects of a group individually dig the ground.
Increased Z-buffer depth to 24 bit when supported to simplify the management of 3D view frustrum.
Ensured equirectangular images are correctly mapped in the 3D view when used as sky texture.
Forced CSV export encoding to UTF-8 on all systems and added com.eteks.sweethome3d.CSVEncoding system property to set the encoding to another value for backward compatibility.
Checked SH3D files start by ZIP magic number after a file is saved to warn users for rare fail cases.
Added init method to Plugin class called after the creation of a plugin instance.
Fixed angle of grouped furniture according to the angle of leading selected piece.
Fixed furniture and texture libraries loading under Java 10.
Improved HiDPI detection with Java 8/10 under Windows / Linux / macOS to automatically scale the user interface.
Updated Java 3D version to 1.6.1 to support HiDPI screens under Java 10.
Optimized 3D walls update when doors and windows are modified.
Added com.eteks.sweethome3d.j3d.drawingModeEnabled system property to enable drawing mode without the need to recompile the program.
Added sunjce_provider.jar to installation programs to allow https access.
Added architecture 32/64 bit radio buttons in Windows installer and selected 32 bit by default under Windows 10.
Added support for ARM64 architecture by configuring architecture to 32 bit and Java 3D 1.5.2 running with DirectX.
Upgraded Inno Setup to its Unicode version for easier support of non Latin Windows installers.
Bundled macOS installer with Oracle Java 8 and added an other installer based on Apple Java 6 for Mac OS X 10.6/10.7 users.
Replaced JRE 8u162 by JRE 8u181 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with Java.
Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

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