1Password 7.6.778


1Password е отлично решение за бързо и безопасно използване на пароли за потребителските акаунти, данни на кредитни карти и друга конфиденциална информация.

В ерата на Интернет на практика всеки има някъде акаунт, извършва електронно разплащане, записва важни данни в цифров вид и други. Използването на една и съща парола не осигурява необходимата безопасност, а при използване на много пароли е възможно някоя от тях да бъде забравена.

Специално за това е измислена програмата 1Password: възможно е създаването на уникални и трудни пароли за всеки един сайт или акаунт, които програмата запомня и след това автоматично ги поставя на необходимото място. За запис на информацията се използва синхронизация чрез електронен облак.

Основни възможности на 1Password: запис на пароли, данни от кредитни карти, лична информация и бележки, автоматично подаване на паролите в сайтовете, автоматично въвеждане на данните от кредитните карти, добавяне на често използвани думи и изрази. Лиценз: Платен (Trial).

Промени в 1Password 7.6.778:

1Password now sends notifications when sites have become compromised. {OPW-4528}
1Password now has preferences to enable or disable notifications. {OPW-4528}
1Password now shows a “What’s New“ window to highlight exciting new features after a major update. {OPW-4528}
When you first install 1Password, the Compromised Websites feature is now turned on by default. {OPW-4873}
Updated to the latest version of the 1Password Brain for saving and filling improvements.
Replaced the cursor icon shown when dragging data from 1Password. Instead of the system + cursor, it’s now the drag cursor. {OPW-4783}
Multiple accessibility improvements: performance is faster, in-app banners are now announced to screen readers when copying/moving/emptying multiple items, trash emptying and bulk tag dialogs are fully accessible, and certain keyboard shortcuts are announced as help text when editing an item. {OPW-1509, OPW-4076, OPW-4785, OPW-4792}
The item list can be selected and focused with the keyboard shortcut, Control + I. {OPW-4774}
Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
Direct filling could fail if 1Password was locked and Windows Hello was then dismissed and re-enabled. {OPW-4823}
Removed the menu bar from the lock view while on Secure Desktop as it is not usable there. {OPW-4781}
If the content of a password field was selected and focused, clicking the Generate New Password button next to it would not show the password generator. {OPW-4531, OPW-4812}
When switching items, the details view did not reset to the top, which required manually scrolling up to the top. {OPW-4804}
Right-clicking a custom icon in the item viewer didn’t bring up the option to save it to disk. {OPW-4611}
Pasting multi-line content into a Software License item’s license key field did not include line breaks correctly. {OPW-4852}
It wasn’t possible to migrate from a standalone vault to a 1Password account when signing in for the first time if no standalone license was applied. {OPW-4809}
The installed app size was reported to Windows in bytes instead of kilobytes. {OPW-4665}
1Password didn’t wake itself up after the 1Password browser extension sent a wakeUp command. {OPW-4806}
Vault titles weren’t announced while navigating down the search results when on the vault sidebar. {OPW-4770}
The next selected item was not announced to the screen reader after deleting an item in the item list. {OPW-3496}
Wrong window title was announced when showing the Empty trash confirmation dialog. {OPW-4788}
Fixed a typo in the HaveIBeenPwned URL in the item list. {OPW-4795}
Removed a few logs that may cause 1Password to slow down or hang when the computer is waking up or while it is under severe CPU load. {OPW-4826}
Adjusted the initial process priority started by the 1Password extension to start with the normal priority, this may help with performance issues when the PC is waking up or under a heavy system load. {OPW-4837}
In certain conditions, 1Password could not be restarted due to how certain Windows usernames were set up. {OPW-4836}
Importing 1PIF didn’t include attachments. {OPW-3849}
Emptying the trash or favoriting for more than 999 items would fail with an internal database error due to an internal max limit. We now group them into batches to be processed separately. {OPW-4847}
1Password could attempt to process more than one lock request when already processing the first request. This could occur when disconnecting the PC remotely as multiple system events could result in multiple lock requests. {OPW-4849}
When emptying trash in All Vaults with items that cannot be updated due to permission issues, 1Password would incorrectly show the number of vaults that can be emptied instead of the number of items that would be emptied. {OPW-4854}
1Password incorrectly duplicated the username field in the Conflicts section after resolving a sync conflict. {OPW-4857}
On certain PCs, 1Password could spam or loop because it had no available pipe resources to use. {OPW-4844}
Added additional timeout and throttling to our error handling to prevent error spam in certain conditions. {OPW-4859}
When signing out of a 1Password account, the notification connection was not shut down right away. {OPW-4871}
Fixed the shortcut logs to follow the shortcut name, not the default key. {OPW-4867}
Fixed a typo in our mini diagnostics report. {OPW-4870}
Updated our diagnostics report tool to report the standalone license status. {OPW-4779}
Fixed a few crashes from the submitted crash reports, thank you for submitting them! If you can reproduce a crash, do write in to us to help us fix them quickly. Crash reports are anonymous and certain crashes can be unique to your computer. {OPW-4660, OPW-4864, OPW-4863, OPW-4862, OPW-4861}
1Password update file’s URL was not properly validated prior to downloading it. {ISE-AB-OP-2020-04, OPW-4782}

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