1Password 6.6.439


1Password е отлично решение за бързо и безопасно използване на пароли за потребителските акаунти, данни на кредитни карти и друга конфиденциална информация. В ерата на Интернет на практика всеки има някъде акаунт, извършва електронно разплащане, записва важни данни в цифров вид и други. Използването на една и съща парола не осигурява необходимата безопасност, а при използване на много пароли е възможно някоя от тях да бъде забравена. Специално за това е измислена програмата 1Password: възможно е създаването на уникални и трудни пароли за всеки един сайт или акаунт, които програмата запомня и след това автоматично ги поставя на необходимото място. За запис на информацията се използва синхронизация чрез електронен облак.

Основни възможности на 1Password: запис на пароли, данни от кредитни карти, лична информация и бележки, автоматично подаване на паролите в сайтовете, автоматично въвеждане на данните от кредитните карти, добавяне на често използвани думи и изрази. Лиценз: Платен (Trial).

Промени в 1Password 6.6.439:

1Password will now automatically update itself while the app is locked. You can opt out of this via 1Password Settings > Options > Updates.
Show Release Notes is available in the Updates view, especially useful in combination with the Automatic Updates enabled.
1Password will notify you when it has been updated automatically. Clicking on the notice will take you to our release notes. {OPW-1072}
Rich Icons. Enough said. {OPW-153}
Mark (or unmark) items as Favorites. {OPW-104}
Move items between vaults and/or 1Password accounts. The Copy button has been renamed to Share to accommodate the new Move feature. {OPW-376}
Duplicate is now an option when you right-click on an item. {OPW-24}
A fresh coat of paint on the 1Password sidebar – now split into three tabs for Categories, Tabs, and Security, a bottom command bar for quick actions, and more. {OPW-397}
We had some paint left, so we’ve slapped some on 1Password mini as well.
And with the last few remaining drops of paint, we’ve redesigned the vault menu in the main 1Password window and 1Password mini; you can now search for vaults and/or select a specific account to view its vaults. {OPW-180}
1Password mini now ranks your Login items on a site with exact matches first and then close matches. {OPW-370}
Got too many Logins on the same site domain? You can now narrow it down by searching for the item in 1Password mini; it will also return all Login items on other domains below the top domain matches. {OPW-1141, OPW-932}
Perform precise searches in 1Password by enclosing search terms in quotes. „Amazon US“ will only return exact matches for „Amazon US“ instead of returning any items that have both Amazon and US. 1Password will also append the closing “ character when you type the first “ character.
Favorites tab is now available in 1Password mini. {OPW-1005}
Autosubmit and Display in browser options are now available in the Login editor. {OPW-707}
You can now manually save Login items on sites with no password fields, which is great for when you want to save a multi-page Login item. {OPW-1084}
Press the ESC key to cancel the auto-save dialog from the 1Password extension. {OPW-1126}
Native Messaging support for an upcoming Firefox extension update is enabled by default in 1Password advanced settings. {OPW-1144}
Control + Click on the 1Password icon in your notification to open the main 1Password window instead of 1Password mini. {OPW-655}
1Password now remembers the maximized and minimized window states when you close it, so it can restore it in the same state the next time you open it. {OPW-664}
1Password will now restart to the last 1Password account or vault used. It will also select the last sorting method used in the item list. {OPW-205, OPW-963}
Press the Control + Delete key on a selected item in the main 1Password window to quickly move it to the Trash. {OPW-721}
If you’ve accidentally deleted some items while testing the new Control + Delete shortcut, you can now restore items from Trash. {OPW-662}
1Password now automatically saves any unsaved edit session if you attempt to edit another item, 1Password auto-locks, and/or when the 1Password window has been closed by other factors. You’ll be able to undo this with the Item History feature on 1Password.com.
1Password startup performance has been greatly improved, especially with larger databases.
Increase the visibility of the Caps Lock/Input Language indicators on the lock screen.
1Password Browser Authorization dialog has been redesigned with a help link to explain its purpose.
1Password now supports the Custom Templates feature that is available to the 1Password Teams customers as a beta feature. {OPW-711}
If you switch to a specific vault instead of All Vaults, 1Password mini now supports direct-filling if there is only one Login item match for the site you’re on.
Improved multiple monitor support – 1Password and 1Password mini should restore its windows to the right monitors now. {OPW-1075, OPW-1067}
1Password mini will no longer be maximized when Windows goes into the tablet mode, it’ll retain the same size in and out of the tablet mode. {OPW-762}
1Password mini will automatically append the `https://` URI scheme if the Login item itself has no URI scheme saved due to the import from other programs. {OPW-1108}
1Password now uses a scrollable text field for Secure Note items and note fields when you edit an item; this will improve the UI performance with unusually large note contents. {OPW-1098}
Added a slight padding to the right side of the Option text descriptions. {OPW-1081}
1Password extension is more resilient when filling certain complex sites via Native Messaging protocol in 1Password mini. {OPW-1128}
1Password mini is now compatible with filling Credit Card / Identity items that were created on 1Password.com. {OPW-1123}
Improved UI performance in the main 1Password interface; it no longer needs to refresh the item list or sidebar when there were no changes in these views. {OPW-249}
In search mode, 1Password now updates the item list in real time if you make changes or delete item(s) based on that search, no longer cancelling the active inquiry. {OPW-1118}
1Password will show a checkmark next to the selected sorting method on the Sort menu. {OPW-843}
Updated the authentication error alert to explain what it could be for and how to proceed. {OPW-769}
Selecting items in 1Password mini to view or edit in the main 1Password window is now more reliable. {OPW-1000}
1Password now supports including field attributes to help show the correct input model on mobile devices such as showing the number pad on specific digit-only fields. {OPW-1131}
Right-click menu on the item list has been expanded to support marking one or more items as Favorites, moving items, duplicate, and restoring items from Trash. {OPW-461, OPW-376}
Added the keyboard shortcut labels to the item list right-click menu for moving items to Trash and selecting all items. {OPW-1167}
When creating a new item that is different from the current category view you’re in, 1Password will take you to the target category list and scroll to that item when you save that item.
1Password can now scroll the item list to the selected item, most useful for when you’re opening items from 1Password mini. {OPW-1153, OPW-1117}
In 1Password mini, the Settings and Strong Password Generator icons are now pinned to the bottom of the sidebar. This is to avoid them being hidden when scrolling the sidebar or resizing 1Password mini.
Redesigned the 1Password password generator icon in 1Password mini sidebar. {OPW-1206}
Added extra logs for the browser extension pairing sessions.
Added additional logs to detect when the user has been deleted remotely.
Limit our diagnostics report to only collect the previous month worth of logs.
Added additional browser extension related information and known problematic processes to the diagnostics report when it is generated. {OPW-1095, OPW-1094, OPW-1093, OPW-1092}
We’ve rebuilt how the app configuration is stored, which is now separate configuration files stored in 1Password data directory. Your current configuration data will be automatically migrated to the new format. This will prevent crashes due to malformed configuration files.
General UI, wording, and typography improvements throughout the interface. {OPW-1139}
If Autosave is disabled in 1Password settings, Save New Login won’t work via 1Password mini.
If Native Messaging is disabled in 1Password settings, 1Password would send an unneeded message to the 1Password extension after establishing the WebSocket connection to it.
1Password would crash if you click on Save Login too many times too fast.
1Password would crash if certain network operation times out.
Capitalized the Password string in the Master Password field.
Improved compatibility with mmYYYY (Month/Year) field created in 1Password for iOS app.
Extra handling for certain invalid keys, do not halt the app but skip them instead.
Using the shortcuts for 1Password mini outside of web browser no longer overrides the system shortcuts. {OPW-1039}
All descriptions in the Options view are word-wrapped. {OPW-856}
We’ve removed the ability to install to a custom directory during the setup process, we may look into bringing this back when it is better supported.
1Password mini will not halt itself when processing a problematic message via Native Messaging; it’ll skip it, log the failure, and keep working after that.
Do not crash when removing a vault while emptying Trash at the same time, importing a local vault that has no encryption key, nor when canceling a specific connection attempt.
A few crash fixes for when 1Password is identifying processes on your computer and checking for the Intel® SGX support.
Do not attempt to close 1Password mini if it is already closed, this can result in a crash.
Removed an unsupported internal export feature that was used for testing.
1Password will now work with the FIPS requirement on Windows 7. {OPW-1088}
The copy button will be disabled in 1Password mini Password Generator if there is no writable vault (no edit permission) to save new password items into. {OPW-1038}
The vault menu did not sort the accounts by the order they were added to the program.
1Password will not show the main window when rebooting. {OPW-1148}
1Password no longer resets you back to All Vaults when you make changes, go to options, and/or there is a sync session in progress. {OPW-249, OPW-235, OPW-1050}
Sync sessions no longer cause the UI to refresh the sidebar and/or item list while you are using the app. {OPW-249}
Renamed Account Code to Setup Code and updated a few other strings on the 1Password welcome/sign-in views. {OPW-1119}
Removed the Change the Master Password option in Advanced settings as it doesn’t update the 1Password account password and this has caused confusion. We recommend you change your Master Password on 1Password.com. {OPW-769}
Copying over custom template items (a beta feature on 1Password Teams) to another account that has no existing template saved for it will cause a crash. 1Password will skip copying them for now, we’ll improve on this in a future update. {OPW-1130}
1Password no longer shows the 1Password.com sign in view when there is only local data stored in 1Password. Note: local vaults are currently not supported and we recommend using 1Password 4 instead. {OPW-1124}
Renamed Accounts & Vaults to Accounts and removed Folders submenu (for new customers) as we now use the newer and better-supported Import function for importing your local data into 1Password.com. Manual sync has been removed as Import takes over that function.
Certain settings like starting 1Password upon reboots and Native Messaging settings for Chrome are no longer reset when automatically updating 1Password. {OPW-1074}
Removed the duplicated checks for registering 1Password Helper upon launch.
1Password can sometime crash if Windows network state has changed – we’ve added extra handling to work around this.
1Password is now more flexible with null titles to avoid crashing.
Default 1Password mini size was incorrect on a fresh install. {OPW-1161}
Emptying Trash multiple time in the same session can result into an incorrect call to 1Password.com, returning an error. {OPW-1121}
A bug in our SRP authentication method has been fixed. Thanks to the Bugcrowd researcher, Cody Creager! {OPW-1190}
Added a fallback of English US locale if the current locale setting didn’t work, which would cause a crash. {OPW-1207}
Show 1Password from 1Password mini settings and Open 1Password from the notification area now works if the main 1Password window was open in the background. {OPW-1205}

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