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Ан Максуел (А.Е. Максуел)


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Elizabeth Lowell (Ann Maxwell, A.E. Maxwell) - Елизабет Лоуел е псевдоним на американската писателка Ан Максуел. Самостоятелно и в съавторство със съпруга си Евън, тя е написала над 60 романа и една научнопопулярна книга. Тиражът на книгите й надхвърля 20 милиона екземпляра, издадени в над 20 страни. От юли 1992 г. над 30 от романите й са били в класацията на "Ню Йорк Таймс" за бестселъри. Живее със съпруга си и двете си деца в Сиатъл, щат Вашингтон.

=Ан Максуел=



1. Fire Dancer (1982)

BEHIND THEM LAY DEATH, BEFORE THEM THE UNIVERSE... The Senyas dancers--they practiced their unique skills on their home planet, Deva, their smooth skin glowing with complex energy patterns as they learned the power dances and mentally mastered the elemental forces of Nature. And the Bre'n mentors--large, fur-covered humanoids, they were the only living beings who could control and channel the power of a Senyas dancer. Yet Bre'n and Senyas together could not save Deva from becoming a flaming inferno devoured by its own greedy sun. Somehow two survived--Rheba the fire dancer and Kirtn, her Bre'n companion. Their world had died but they swore their people would not, and together they set out to search the star systems for others of their kind. But the twisted trail they followed soon forced them into the clutches of the evil Loo-chim, galactic slavers from whose stronghold no one had ever escaped alive...

2. Dancer's Luck (1983)

DAEMEN -- a forgotten place at the very edge of the galaxy, a dying planet where people lived by luck alone. This was the number-one stop for Rheba, the Senyas fire dancer, and Kirtn, her Bre'n mentor, as they sought to fulfill their promise to return a whole shipload of ex-slaves to the widely scattered worlds they called home. Twice Rheba and Kirtn had achieved the impossible -- first surviving their own home system's fiery doom, then escaping the lair of the evil Loo-chim, bringing with them the odd assortment of beings who were now their shipmates. Having blasted free of the Loo-chim, Rheba and Kirtn assumed the worst was over. Then they landed on Daemen....

3. Dancer's Illusion (1983)

THE SHIP'S COMPUTER HAS CHOSEN -- and now Rheba the fire dancer and her Bre'n mentor Kirtn must fulfill the next part of their ongoing mission--to return a shipload of fellow ex-slaves to their widely scattered home planets. Their current destination -- Yhelle, a world where reality is far too fleeting for anyone but a master illusionist to grasp. Yhelle is considered the most civilized place in the galaxy and their brief stopover should be pure pleasure. But it doesn't take Rheba, Kirtn, and their two Yhelle crewmates long to discover that beneath the paradiselike surface of this society lurks an evil that is growing more powerful each day, a seductive darkness that feeds on love and kills with ecstasy. . .

Risk Ltd.

The Ruby (1994) (aka Whirlpool)

DANGER AT EVERY TURN When an exquisitely crafted, authentic imperial Faberge egg mysteriously shows up at Laurel Swann's home studio, she knows it can only be from one person--her father, who has drifted in and out of her life for as long as she can remember. But this time Jamie Swann leaves something more than heartache for Laurel to deal with--something too many people will kill for. Out of her league and desperate, Laurel is forced to accept help from the very man who is trying to ensnare her father in his own web of double crosses. Cruz Rowan can help her stay alive, but will he do the same for her father?

Shadow and Silk (1996)

With her stormy marriage at last behind her, Professor Dani Warren has found contentment is an expert in the study and preservation of antique textiles. Yet from the moment she touches an ancient piece of silk in Lhasa's Thieves Market, nothing in her safe, secure existence will ever be the same. An ex-mercenary employed by a shadowy organization, Shane Crowe has fought battles both in the wilds of Asia and within his soul. Seeking a more peaceful life, he has taken a vow of celibacy. But his spiritual and physical worlds clash when his latest assignment brings him to the Far East - and to the lovely, fiercely independent woman who can lead him to Tibet's most sacred treasure. Until the priceless silk is stolen and Dani and Shane become reluctant partners on a journey that takes them from the exotic mountains of Tibet to the shimmering beaches of Aruba, from Washington's corridors of power to the fog-shrouded islands of Vancouver...where one woman will be swept beyond the limits of desire - and one man must confront the deepest yearnings of his heart...


Change (1975)

ESCAPE FROM EARTH They were the new breed of humans. Scientists called them paranormals. Enemies called them parans. And nowhere on Earth was safe for them when the brutal program of paran extermination began. Far from Earth they founded their secret colony. Here they stood on the unknown frontiers of both outer and inner space. Here they worked against time to master their own mysterious powers before Earth discovered their hiding place and attacked. But now time had almost run out-and reluctantly they sent forth the most gifted one among them, a beautiful young woman named Selena Christian, in a last desperate gamble. Her destination: the mysterious planet of Change, home of grotesque, super-psychic animal-like creatures. Her mission: to taste of the forbidden fruit of knowledge that could either save the parans or destroy them....

The Singer Enigma (1976)

Deadly Desire Her name was Lyra. She was beautiful, unimaginably beautiful. She was dangerous, unspeakably dangerous. At her touch, Tarhn felt himself becoming the perfect man he had always dreamed of being. At the sound of her voice, Tarhn heard a message of doom for himself and all mankind. He passionately loved this creature from the bottom of his heart. He viciously hated her from the darkest depths of his soul. For Lyra was a Singer -- a member of the outcast race that alone held for good or evil the elusive answer to -- THE SINGER ENIGMA

A Dead God Dancing (1979)

The Planet Was Dying Once Tal-Lith was a luxuriant world of millions. Now it was a chill, arid wasteland, with its remaining inhabitants clustered on a great ice mountain. And in a few, short solar cycles its sun would blaze into a deadly super-nova. Racing against time, Concord, the space federation, dispatched a five man rescue team with special skills--the Leader, the Healer, the Holy, the Guardian, and the Dancer. Across a murderous mauve desert whipped by purple winds, the five were linked by mindtouch through earthquakes, blinding storms, and starvation. Finally they reached the last native enclave, only to find their awesome technology worthless. Their one hope was to delve deeply into the planets past, to bring to life an ancient and powerful myth--to resurrect a dead God...

Name of a Shadow (1980)

Planet With No Tomorrows Its landscapes are washed by waterfalls of prismatic colors; its lush plains-covered with turquoise aphrodisiac flowers. But soon there will be no flowers, no lovers, no tomorrows. The planet Malia has violated the Sole Restraint of Concorde, the space federation, by waging undeclared war on its former colony world, Vintra. Now Malia faces a swift and terrible fate: world-consuming molecular fire. As time ticks toward extinction for all Malians, Kayle, the mind-link, and Ryth, the pattern-master, race to discover why a people would knowingly commit an act of self destruction. Their only hope is a beautiful, unwilling accomplice, Faen, the last of an ancient aristocracy. She alone knows the secret of the sarsa, the musical instrument that can summon the undying wisdom of the shadows. She alone can call its name...

The Jaws of Menx (1981)

WHERE THE GODS TREAD, CAN MAN FOLLOW? Menx, the mysterious world where technology is taboo and reality is seldom what it seems. Menx is fast approaching the time when it must decide for or against membership in the Galactic Concord, and Rhane en Jacaroen, hereditary ruler of the planet Siol, has come here on a double mission--as a Concord agent and to recapture and preserve for Siol his brother Cezine's death moments. Yet to learn all he must, Rhane has to travel through the Jaws of Menx, the forbidden mountains, and on to the Fountains of Madness, where only the gods survive. At the Fountains, Cezine died, and there Rhane will relive his brother's last hours and find his own destiny. But first he must find a guide, tame a living legend, and run a terrifying gauntlet of madness and destruction. Failure will mean the end of Siol, but if Rhane succeeds, two other worlds may pay the price... How long could the natives of Menx survive if the Galactic Concord learned their oldest and darkest secret?

Summer Thunder (1983) (aka Desert Rain)

Hers was the face that launched a thousand ads. Holly North was known to the world as the sensual and untouchable Shannon--the object of countless men's dreams. But to Lincoln McKenzie, the rancher Holly had always loved, the beauty that had turned her from tomboy into top model was a curse, and he had no intention of letting it bewitch him. Fiercely he fought his desire for her, and when he lost, his passion left her trembling and afraid. He was the only man she had ever wanted. Somehow she'd find her way to his hardened heart, prove that her beauty was more than skin deep, her love worthy of his trust.

Timeshadow Rider (1986)

THEY WERE EXILES from a planet of gods and demons. They were lovers who could never touch or wed. Sharia could ride the traces of living Time--and heal. Kane could command the shrouds of dead Time--and destroy. Only their superhuman talents, joined together, had the power to save the galaxy from a plague of psychotic horror, an exploding horde of blood-crazed psi-hunters. But a million-year-old prophecy had decreed that if Sharia and Kane saved the galaxy, they would destroy the universe. And destroy Time. The prophecy was true.

The Golden Mountain (1990) (writing as Annalise Sun)

In the 1890s, Seattle was a raw city suspended between the modern power of the East Coast and the ancient power of China. Cassandra Thornton was a rarity among young women--unmarried, self-supporting, independent. Innocent. In one day her life changed. Jared Duran was a compelling man of intense passion, discipline, and intelligence. He told Cass that her unknown half-sister, Tea Rose, was being kept captive in a Chinatown pleasure house, and offered to help her free Tea Rose from her silk-lined slavery. Kingston Duran was Jared's brother. Like Jay, King had deep passion, but all he truly loved was the quest for gold. Yet women found the wildness in him irresistible. Both men wanted Cass. Tea Rose was a child, but she was no innocent. Trained in the arts of the "flowery battle" between Yin and Yang, woman and man, she had learned that sexuality was a weapon. And she used it well. The tangled lives of the Durans and the Thorntons led them from the gutters of Seattle to the savagery of the Klondike gold strike--and to an understanding of the many kinds of love.

BONUS: This novel has been revised and edited by Elizabeth Lowell and includes excerpts from two additional historical novels, GOLDEN EMPIRE and REDWOOD EMPIRE.

Thunderheart (1992) (writing as Lowell Charters)

"THUNDERHEART HAS COME AGAIN, BRIGHT AS THE SUN, STRONG AS THE BUFFALO, HE COMES TO HIS TROUBLED PEOPLE." A part-Sioux FBI agent, Raymond Levoi is sent to the Badlands of South Dakota to investigate the unexplained murder of a Native American. In a land of stark beauty and ancient mysticism, among a noble people oppressed by deprivation and prejudice, he will learn much about himself, his heritage... and the evil of men. For outrage and desperation have divided the proud Sioux nation, pushing a troubled community to the explosive edge--leading the dedicated government agent on a perilous journey through a world he has never known ... but is chained to by destiny and the inescapable bonds of blood.

The Diamond Tiger (1992) Диамантеният тигър (aka Death Is Forever)

Младата фотографка Айрин Шейн Уиндзор почти не може да повярва: някакъв непознат чичо от Австралия й е завещал богата диамантена мина. Само че никой освен починалия не знае къде е точното място на мината. Само няколко загадъчни стиха трябва да й покажат пътя. Айрин още не знае, че скъпоценните камъни ще подложат живота и сърцето й на голяма опасност. Тя наема един професионален търсач на диаманти - Коул Блекбърн, за да открие тайната на омагьосващите богатства. Но в дивата пустош на Австралия Айрин и Коул скоро се оказват в капана на международен диамантен картел... и на един кръстопът на чувствата. Защото тя открива, че заедно с диамантите може да получи и един зашеметяващ мъж...

The Secret Sisters (1993) (aka The Secret Sister)

THE SEARCH FOR HER SISTER COULD COST CHRISTY HER LIFE! Christy McKenna, the toughest, smartest fashion writer in New York, thought she had escaped her childhood in the impoverished rural West. Then came a call for help from the one person she could not refuse --- her sister, the internationally celebrated model who was known only as Jo. Jo's plea draws Christy to the magnificent mountains and mysterious red-rock canyons of the Four Corners country. But it's too late --- Jo has disappeared. Christy finds an unlikely ally in outlaw archaeologist Aaron Cain, and together they pursue Jo and a fabulous cache of ancient Indian artifacts worth millions. Christy and Cain clash at every turn, but their antagonism soon turns into partnership and passion as the stakes rise in the hunt for THE SECRET SISTERS!

=А.Е.Максуел (псевдоним)=



1. Just Another Day in Paradise (1985)

Fiddler wasn't born to be a private eye. He isn't in the game for money; he has plenty of that. He isn't trying to prove he's sexy or tough; that comes naturally. He's just trying to get off his numb butt and even the score for people who deserve a decent break. Like Fiddler's honey-blond ex-wife, Fiora. She's a woman as at home in a boardroom as in a bikini. Unfortunately, she never felt at home with Fiddler-except in the bedroom. Now lovely Fiora's in ugly trouble. Her lover's playing hide-and-seek with U.S. Customs. Her twin brother's working a shady deal on the dark side of Southern California's Gold Coast. And Fiddler and his ex-ladylove are about to find out why snow, ice, and silicon are three surefire ways to get yourself dead!

2. The Frog and the Scorpion (1986)

Fiddler had no intention of getting embroiled in the ancient blood feud between the Jews and the Arabs. In fact, he'd just as soon stay home in Southern California, feed the freshwater koi and the hummingbirds, and watch the sun set over the Pacific. So why on earth did he ignite the passions of a sultry Israeli spy? And how did he get caught in the crossfire between a Jewish Iranian banker and some Muslim extremists? Between detonating car bombs and lunching at Spago, Fiddler rides a wave of extortion and vengeance into the heat of a war where only the lucky die. But then that's what he gets for trying to help out a friend.

3. Gatsby's Vinyard (1987)

With his feet firmly planted in California wine country and torchy ex-wife Fiora at his side, what more could the inimitable, unflappable Fiddler desire? How about Sandra, ex-flame and Napa Valley vineyard owner, who is in dire need of Fiddler's detection talents? Sandra has had a run of bad luck and bad business. A rare and deadly blight has suddenly and suspiciously infested all the best vineyards, including hers. Every vine in the valley could perish, unless Fiddler can get to the root of a mystery ripe with danger. As clouds of financial doom thunder overhead, Fiddler follows a twisting trail of clues that leads to a millionaire developer with billion-dollar dreams, and vintage violence fermenting from a powerful brew of vengeance and greed.

4. Just Enough Light to Kill (1988)

In sunny southern California living is easy. And in Mexico, when you mess with the wrong folks, dying is easy too--as sexy, savvy RI. Fiddler finds out when he heads down to Tijuana. When a U.S. Customs agent who saved his life is killed, Fiddler heads south of the border with some unpleasant questions for some decidedly unpleasant people. Suddenly, he's at the top of the Tijuana hit parade, a target of smugglers, banditos, and the shadowy El Cojo, a blast from Fiddler's past. The trail of greed and deception leads him to a bank in Newport Beach and his voluptuous ex-wife, Fiora--and Fiddler's going to need her wiles to outfox El Cojo, who's marked him for death and won't let borders stand in his way.

5. The Art of Survival (1989)

What does a man do for diversion when a blow-out strands him in the snowy wilds of Santa Fe? If he's Fiddler--and he's just burned up 1500 miles of open road between California and New Mexico -- he's ripe for trouble. And Native American painter Maggie Tenorio is Trouble with a capital T -- a stunning Apache princess with a Bryn Mawr gloss and a deadly gaze. Maggie invites him to the swank unveiling of a "lost" Georgia O'Keeffe painting, where Fiddler detects the potent scent of fraud. Suddenly, his dance card is filled with unsavory characters trying to waltz him out of town-like the slick art dealer and his drop-dead blond lethal weapon. But when his own ex-wife Fiora shows up on the arm of a billionaire collector and a trigger-happy IRS investigator starts playing dirty, Fiddler begins to get the picture--and it's a deadly masterpiece of greed and violence.

6. Money Burns (1991)

DIRTY MONEY He's handsome, hard-edged, and great with a gun. She's a drop-dead sexy financial whiz. And even though their marriage was a failure, Fiddler and Fiora still make terrific partners, both in and out of bed. So when Fiora is asked to help save an old family bank from imminent ruin, she ropes Fiddler into helping out with the muscle part of the assignment while she handles the number-crunching. It doesn't take long to see what's gone wrong with the Southern California bank-the fourth-generation family member now in charge has business practices that would put the FDIC, DEA, FBI and all kinds of other government agencies on red alert. Not the least of which is laundering $15 million for a slick South American businessman whose interests lie mainly in the jungles of Colombia. Quickly swept up into a dangerous game of smuggling and serious financial finagling, the investigative team must rely on Fiora's razor-sharp mind--and Fiddler's aim--to save not only the bank, but their lives, and that of a child who's far from na�ve, but innocent all the same.

7. The King of Nothing (1991)

A DEADLY LEGACY Spending a couple of weeks fishing with his old friend Rory, while his ex-wife and current lover Fiora is busy wheeling and dealing, Fiddler doesn't have much on his mind besides salmon. That is, until Rory is murdered after showing Fiddler a supposedly cursed Japanese samurai sword--a "treasure" he's left Fiddler in his will. All Fiddler and Fiora want is to find Rory's killer. But everyone else wants the sword. Sleazy antiques dealers, the FBI, Japanese mobsters--they're all ready to do whatever it takes to separate Fiddler from his inheritance. Of course, they've never met Fiddler before.

8. Murder Hurts (1993)

SOME THINGS YOU CAN PUT BEHIND YOU. SOME THINGS YOU CAN'T. Twenty long years ago, in the Mexican desert, two sleazy border bandits put bullets into both Fiddler and his Uncle Jake, a smuggler addicted not to his cargo, but to the adrenaline. Fiddler lived, and never forgot. When a voice on the phone offers to sell him the name of the person who ordered the hit. Fiddler's long-buried feelings of revenge come roaring back. Even though his ex-wife and current lover, Fiora, thinks the idea is as bad as they come. Fiddler jumps at the chance to do right by Jake. From glittering Hollywood parties to south of the border hell, he and Fiora follow a trail two decades old... a trail suddenly strewn with fresh bodies, but with room for one or two more.


Golden Empire (1979)

IT WAS THE LAST OF THE GIANT CALIFORNIA RANCHES, AND ONE FAMILY SHAPED IT'S DESTINY FOR GENERATIONS. . . Leander Champion Buckles III dominated a room the way mountains dominated the plains. He loved Cira Pico McCartney, the beautiful half-Spanish girl whose dark eyes were flecked with gold. Though they could never marry, together they would forge a GOLDEN EMPIRE. Over the years the passion of the Buckles family nourished and built the land. And, as new generations grew up and took over, it was that same human passion that ultimately threatened to destroy the GOLDEN EMPIRE.

Steal the Sun (1981)

Los Alamos 1945: The first nuclear weapon is about to be tested--and the second is about to be stolen!! Finn is the O.S.S. Captain charged with safeguarding all the processed uranium there is in the entire world--just enough to make two bombs. The bombs that will be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The man known as Kestrel, samurai and spy, means to steal it for Japan. And so does the Englishwoman Vanessa Lyon, for her Russian Masters. If she succeeds, Russia will invade China and Japan. War with the United States will be inevitable. In Finn's hands is the power to save or lose a world.

Redwood Empire (1987)

Maya's children would never know the hunger she and her sisters had faced. That she had promised herself as she stood beside her mother's grave. And though Hale Hawthorne was a ruthless man who had gained success at the price of his gentler, human side, he had offered her the priceless gift of a secure future. Yet Hale's son had made Myra his own, and she could never forget the youthful Will. Nor could she control the burning desire that ruled her days and tormented her nights for the handsome boy who had vowed to make her pay for her betrayal.

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