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Хедър Греъм Позесъри


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Heather Graham Pozzessere (Shannon Drake, Heather Graham) - Родената на 15. 03. 1953г. във Флорида Хедър Греъм е щастлива майка на пет деца. Омъжва се за съпруга си Денис Позесъри малко след дипломирането си.След раждането на третото си дете, решава да престане да работи и за да запълва времето си, започва да пише романси. Две години след това, през 1982г., тя продава първия си роман "When next we love". Хедър Греъм е бестселъров автор на "Ню Йорк Таймс" и "USA Today", с милиони почитателки както в Съединените щати, така и навсякъде по света, включително и в България.


Angel Hawk

1. Bride of the Tiger (1987)

He Belonged in the Jungle... When Tara first saw Rafe Tyler, she wasreminded of a tiger preparing to stalk its victim. When he followed her, sherealized she was right. He was a hunter, and he was hunting her. She wasfrightened, but she felt his power more than she would admit to him -- or toherself. Rafe would do whatever was necessary to find out what had reallyhappened to his stepbrother. He was certain that Tara Hill knew the truth,and he was determined to make her talk. But then Rafe discovered he wantedmore than just information from Tara -- a lot more.

2. Angel of Mercy (1988)

When Wendy found Brad McKenna--wounded and unconscious--she acted instinctively to save him. But Brad was no victim of a random accident. He was a DEA agent running from deadly enemies. And in the anonymity of darkness and unanswered questions, this driven man and his angel of mercy are drawn together--because now killers want both of them dead.

3. Borrowed Angel (1989)

Collision Course... From the moment Ashley Dane entered his life, writerEric Hawk began preparing himself for the day she would leave. She was froma different world, a world of bright lights and glamour, where her beautylanded her in the most prestigious fashion layouts. She had come to theEverglades on assignment, and only fear for her life had sent her runninginto the safety of his embrace. Ashley had never known anyone like Eric. Hislife was free of big-city hassles, and she soon knew he was the man for her.But she had seen something she shouldn't have, and killers were on hertrail. Would she and Eric ever have a chance for love?

Slater Brothers

1. Dark Stranger (1988)

Kristin McCahy was a fighter, struggling to keep the remnants of her family and ranch together as the Civil War raged around them. On the day when all hope seemed lost, a stranger rode to her rescue, his guns spitting fire and his eyes ablaze with a passion only she could quench. His name was Cole Slater, and with him by her side, Kristin no longer had to fight her battles alone. Long after the gunfire faded into silence, Cole would be with her, as together they healed the wounds of their war-torn land and raised their children to greet the bright new dawn.

2. Rides a Hero (1989)

But Shannon McCahy and Malachi Slater, embittered by the conflict, still fought a raging battle of wills all their own. A Yankee whose only solace was the land she had struggled to save, Shannon hated the hot-tempered Malachi, a Rebel on the run who stood for all she had come to despise. Yet as jayhawkers and bushwhackers descended upon the lawless Missouri border, the two joined forces in a desperate search for their endangered loved ones. They clashed relentlessly, but as time ran out they were forced to realize there was something between them far stronger than hatred . . .

3. Apache Summer (1989)

Born and raised in frontier Texas, beautiful Tess Stuart needed a hired gun to avenge her uncle's murder. But the only one willing to help was the infuriating, irresistible Lieutenant Jamie Slater -- the man whose passion set her aflame. Jamie knew no woman could match Tess's lust for life. But one man could -- and he would have her, even if he had to fight his way through a hundred crooked lawmen and Indian massacres. For Tess had a spirit that matched his own . . . as wild and strong as the land they both loved.


Night Moves (1985) Нощен шепот

Някой отчаяно иска да се добере до снимките, които Брин Келър е направила на рокзвездата Лий Кондър. Някой, който е толкова безскрупулен, че отвлича малкия племенник на Брин и го държи заложник, за да изнуди леля му да предаде снимките. В стремежа си да спаси малкото момче, Брин е готова на всичко. Дори и ако трябва да превърне Лий — мъж, от когото тя се страхува, но и същевременно силно желае, в свой съюзник, съдружник, любовник...

The Di Medici Bride (1986)

Bride to a Stranger... When Chris Tarleton awoke in the bed of Marcus diMedici, she knew she was lost. Despite her claim that she wanted nothingmore than to wed a di Medici man, she hadn't intended to marry Marcus - eventhough she loved him. The past was too clouded. Years ago his father haddied at the hands of an unknown assailant, and now Chris's own life wasthreatened by a shadowed figure who used the canals and passages of Veniceas weapons. Marcus said he intended only to protect her, but that didn'tchange the fact that her husband was a stranger, one she might not live longenough to know.

Double Entendre (1986)

Bret McAllistair and his wife seek a diamond fortune missing for forty years, but the secret of the diamonds has already resulted in the death of one man and Bret's own time may now be running out, whilst his marriage is daily revealing more and more difficulties.

The Game of Love (1986)

He Came Crashing into Her Life! They met over smashed fenders and clashingtempers, and if Jade McClaine never saw the arrogant stranger again it wouldbe altogether too soon. It was not to be. His name was Jeff Martin, and hewas the ex-baseball star coaching her son's team. Not only that, but he waslooking to buy a house, and because she was a realtor he was giving her thechance to make the sale of a lifetime. There was just one problem that shecould see - with all the time they spent together, she was rapidly fallingin love with a man who was bound to break her heart!

A Circumstantial Affair (1986) Смътна заплаха (aka A Matter of Circumstance)

НАДВИСНАЛА ОПАСНОСТ прави спокойните води на едно от райските кътчета на Бахамските острови да изглеждат тъмни и заплашителни, когато Аманда Блейн ненадейно е отвлечена... ПЛАХА НАДЕЖДА окуражава младата жена при появата на Шон Рамиро, таен агент от Маями, които се представя за неин любовник, разпалвайки завист у похитителите й... ОБЕЗПОКОЯВАЩО ВЪЛНЕНИЕ изпълва Аманда, ала тя няма друг избор, освен да се довери на този непознат. Въпреки заплахата, тя решава да приеме плана, който Шон й предлага.

King of the Castle (1987)

It Shouldn't Have Happened... but it had... And in the years since then, KitMcHennessy had never been able to escape the memory of her one night of lovewith Justin O'Niall... Now she was back in Ireland again, back in the tinyvillage of Shallywae and, before long, back in Justin's arms. But the paststill haunted her, and there were questions to be answered before she couldlet herself think about love. Lives had been lost all those years ago, andthe present seemed no less dangerous. Suddenly Kit was forced to realizethat she might not live to taste the happiness a future with Justin offered.

Strangers in Paradise (1988)

Alexi had come to the old Florida estate to heal the wounds left by a bad marriage. But instead of tranquility, she'd found danger. Someone was stalking her, tampering with the lights and making unsettling telephone calls. Alexi was convinced she could handle it. But Rex Morrow wasn't. As her self-appointed protector and neighbor, he suspected she was in real danger.

This Rough Magic (1988)

Like a Legend Come to Life...Wolves were howling and the moon was full on the night Carly Kiernan reacherCastle Vadim. Its walls rose forbiddingly, as if part of the mountainsthemselves. No less forbidding was Jon, Count Vadim, who dressed in blackand called to mind another man, one who feared to face the sun and consortedwith the creatures of the night. But this was Halloween! Surely, Carly toldherself, by day the count would prove to be no more mysterious than thetrick-or-treaters she would have faced at home. But the morning brought onlyanother question: why was she falling in love with such an enigmatic man?

Lucia in Love (1988)

Strange Bedfellows... If Lucia Lorenzo hadn't been so exhausted, she wouldhave realized that the person already occupying the bed wasn't her cousinDina but someone decidedly masculine: Ryan Dandridge, the man she had beentrying -- unsuccessfully -- to forget. Little did she realize when she wokeup next to Ryan that her troubles were just beginning. For one thing, herentire wacky family was on hand, and nothing was ever easy when they werearound. For another, someone seemed to be stalking her -- with dangerousintentions. In fact, the more she thought about it, having Ryan re-enter herlife might very well be the best thing that could have happened!

A Perilous Eden (1990) Опасен рай

Пътуване с луксозен кораб под нежните ласки на морския бриз и дълги звездни нощи — кой не си мечтае за такова преживяване? Щастлива от предоставената й възможност за подобно пътешествие, Амбър Ларкспър нито за миг не се съмнява, че това ще бъде преживяването на живота й. Ето защо когато узнава, че международни терористи са завладели кораба, за да отвлекат правителствен чиновник, тя е убедена, че това е някаква твърде безвкусна шега. Едва когато се налага да повери живота си в ръцете на Майкъл Адамс — мъжът, в когото е влюбена, тя разбира сериозността на положението. На всичкото отгоре Адамс се оказва човек със странно минало, който налага свои правила във всичко и когото Амбър не знае иска ли да опознае...

Forever My Love (1990) Завинаги, моя любов

Пламъците на пожара осветяват нощта... Катрин О'Хара узнава за експлозията на семейната яхта, ала няма представа дали бившият и съпруг Брент е останал жив. Потапя се в горещата вана, за да успокои напрегнатите си нерви и в един миг усеща, че нечия силна ръка запушва устата и! Брент Макуин измъква ужасената си бивша съпруга от ваната. Той е не само жив, но и твърде притеснен от действията на непознат изнудвач, готов на всичко, за да се добере до торбичка с диаманти, за които Брент твърди, че не знае нищо. За Брент, а вече и за Катрин, животът никога не е бил по-скъп. Нито пък страстта им един към друг...

Wedding Bell Blues (1990)

Unholy Matrimony. If Kaitlin O'Herlihy got one more wedding invitation, shewas going to scream. Suddenly everyone she knew -- including hergrandmother, for heaven's sake -- was getting married, and it was making ashambles of her well-ordered existence. It had also brought a certainBrendan O'Herlihy back into her life, and she could certainly do withoutthat. So he was the best man, was he? That troublesome ex-husband of hersseemed to be everywhere, making a perfect nuisance of himself -- and acomplete wreck of her. He was as maddening and exciting as ever. But it tookan unwilling ride in a truck full of hijacked wedding dresses to makeKaitlin see that he really was the best man -- for her.

Forbidden Fire (1991)

Deceit... Proud and beautiful Marissa Ayers grew up among England's poorestcoal miners, determined to escape her life of hardship. When her wealthymistress asked Marissa to impersonate her for an arranged marriage to abrash American, Marissa found her chance -- but how could she marry thisforbidding stranger? And how could she keep the secret of her past? IanTremayne wanted nothing from his young English bride; their marriage hadbeen the result of a rash promise. But Marissa, with her silences andburning, willful eyes, was haunting him -- he would discover the hiddentruth about his wife...

Snowfire (1991)

Appointment with Danger... Playwright Justin Magnasun hated reporters with apassion. With a past like his, he had good reason. So when snoopy reporterKristin Kennedy showed up at his isolated country house in the middle of ablizzard, claiming to be stranded, Justin was not exactly welcoming. Kristinhad stumbled across the celebrated recluse purely by accident, but hisirrational anger had her fearing for her safety. Yet she felt herself drawncloser to him, dangerously so. And when passion leapt like a flame betweenthem, she couldn't keep from trying to piece together the puzzle of hispast. But that past cast a wintry shadow over their fragile passion -- andthreatened Kristin's very life.

Hatfield and McCoy (1991)

They Were Natural Enemies... The feud between the Hatfields and the McCoyswas as old as the Virginia hills -- or so the story went. It sure heldcredence with Julie Hatfield and Robert McCoy; they were at each other'sthroats the instant they were thrown together and ordered to solve a stringof abductions... Hard-nosed FBI agent Robert McCoy had no small amount oftrouble believing in Julie's so-called psychic powers, but that didn't stophim from believing in the power of the chemistry between them.Unfortunately, they had little time for romance -- especially once thekidnapper began resenting their interference and started getting personal.Suddenly Robert had to believe in Julie -- or risk losing everyone he helddear.

The Last Cavalier (1993)

Timeless... The battle was raging, the air hot with smoke, loud with riflefire. Then the air turned dim with an eerie mist, and for Jason Tarkenton,captain in the Confederate cavalry, the true nightmare began. Vickie Knoxwas today's woman dressed like yesterday's, wearing Yankee garb to play apart. But playacting ended when a Reb stepped out of the mist and took herprisoner - for real. They never should have met, never should have battled -never should have loved. But something had gone wrong with time itself,weaving together past and present like torn threads of a tattered tapestry.Something had gone wrong, and in mending such shredded silk, their loves -and their lives - might be the final sacrifice.

Between Roc and a Hard Place (1993)

Can This Marriage Be Salvaged? Roc Trellyn: Salvage diver stuck on a boat inthe middle of the Atlantic with a pirate in the shapely form of hisalmost-ex-wife-who wouldn't be allowed a second chance to make him walk theplank. Melinda Davenport: Still very much married to Roc and still inlove.Salvage diver Roc Trellyn had trusted his wife once, and that trust hadearned him a sabotaged career and a failed marriage. Suddenly, when hiswhole future was at stake, Melinda mysteriously appeared aboard his ship,talking about unsigned divorce papers and second chances. All Roc wanted waswhat Melinda had cost him years ago. Only now, he didn't know if he wasreferring to treasure -- or love.

The Trouble with Andrew (1993)

There Were Two Hurricane Andrews... As Hurricane Andrew raged through Miami,single mother Katie Wells' solidly built house was destroyed. Cold andscared, she'd been too grateful for the handsome stranger who'd rescued herand her son to wonder why Andrew Cunningham's home had suspiciouslysurvived... Now Katie felt the fury of the hurricane raging through her --because the man who'd saved her was none other than the architect who'dbuilt her house. The destruction of homes he had built brought back bitter,painful memories for Andrew Cunningham -- and told him that someone wassabotaging his company. But when the storm died down, Andrew Cunningham wasgoing to wreak some havoc of his own...

Slow Burn (1994) Тлееща жарава

Убит е Дани Хънтингтън, известен висш полицай. Съпругата му Спенсър се обръща за помощ към неговия най-добър приятел, детектива Дейвид Делгадо, когото винаги е обичала. Дейвид й предлага утеха и закрила от жестокостта, която ги обкръжава...

Eyes of Fire (1995)

Buried under the ocean, deep within the Bermuda Triangle, lies a treasure worth killing for. Countless adventurers have disappeared in their search for a pirate's fortune with its burning eyes of fire... Samantha Carlyle has already lost two men in her life to the lure of the bounty beneath the sea. First her father, Justin, vanished while driving alone, then her best friend, Hank, never returned from a dive. Samantha wants nothing to do with treasure hunts - she wants to be left in peace to run her dive resort on Seafire Isle. But unexplained events continue to happen. Adam O'Connor - Samantha's ex-lover - mysteriously arrives on the tiny island. Samantha becomes the target of an attempted kidnapping. And she's beginning to realize that none of the resort's guests are who they claim to be. Caught in an undertow of lies and murder, Samantha confronts the secrets that have, for centuries, been drawing men to their watery graves. And realizes that the little she knows about the lost treasure is more than enough to get her killed.

For All of Her Life (1995)

Ten years ago Kathryn was a sulty-voiced superstar of a legendary rock group and the wife of bass player Jordan Treveryan. In the aftermath of a murder, she took their daughters and walked away. Now the band is planning a reunion tour, and Kathryn returns to Florida, and to Jordan, only to find his life is in danger.

An Angel's Touch (1995)

Thirty-something New York professionals Don and Cathy Angel have never been apart since the fateful day they met in college ... even after the tragic accident that changes everything forever. Killed in a train disaster on Christmas Eve, Cathy and Don find themselves only halfway to heaven. For the Angels to become real angels, they must perform six miracles before midnight. Neither of them have much experience pulling off the impossible; both are sure that their mission to bring divine intervention to the lives of several strangers can only bring disaster. But on this snowy silent night, as two reluctant angels set out to change lives and hearts, they will discover that there is no greater gift than the one we all have the power to give: the gift of love.

Down in New Orleans (1996) Черна магия за любов

В Ню Орлиънс е убита красива млада стриптизьорка. Полицията подозира скандалния художник Джон Марсел, любовник на жертвата. Но неговата бивша жена Ан не вярва във вината му и се опитва да го докаже заедно с детектива Марк Лакрос. Постепенно между двамата пламва страстно привличане... Но търсенето на истинския убиец ги завежда до едно старо гробище, където се извършват дяволски литургии и кървави ритуали...

If Looks Could Kill (1997)

Madison Adair didn't witness her famous mother's brutal murder. But she saw it. Saw the gloved hand...felt the knife strike...knew her mother's terror. That was a lifetime ago. Now Madison, a divorced single mother, is successful in her own right. And the nightmares have returned; only this time they're of a faceless serial killer stalking women in Miami. A killer she can't see but who knows she is watching. Surrounded by her family, Madison knows she should feel safe, but she doesn't. And how much can FBI agent Kyle Montgomery protect her, when he can't let go of the past they've shared? Madison is Kyle's only link to the killer, but can they find the truth before the killer strikes again? For sometimes, it's what -- or who -- you can't see that holds the greatest danger...

Never Sleep with Strangers (1998) Да си легнеш с непознат

По време на ваканция в своя замък в Шотландия Джон Стюарт с ужас вижда как съпругата му полита от терасата на спалнята и загива. Напълно оневинен. той цели четири години е принуден да изтърпи подозрителните погледи на познатите си и загубва повечето си приятели. Джон знае, че падането на жена му не е случайно и е твърдо решен да открие кой е причината за нейната гибел... Замисля опасен план и събира всички заподозрени на местопрестъплението. Сред поканените е и Сабрина, споменът за която той е съхранил дълбоко в сърцето си... Ще откликне ли тя на повика на изстрадалата му душа?...


Silhouette Christmas Stories (1991) Коледна магия '93 (with Phyllis Halldorson and Peggy Webb)

В този сборник Хедър Греъм участва с новелата The Cristmas Bride - Фантазия в бяло: Когато братовчедът на Кери, преоблечен като Дядо Коледа, й предсказва, че ще се ожени за първия мъж, когото срещне, тя избухва в смях. Ала щом вижда Джейсън Макреди, тайничко си пожелава шеговитото предсказание да се сбъдне...

Untamed Maverick Hearts (1993) (with Joan Johnston, Patricia Potter)

В този сборник Хедър Греъм участва с новелатa Lonesome Rider: Blade McKenna lived for revenge. Ever since the soldiers had murdered his wife, their unborn child and his father, he had dedicated his life to hunting the men down, one by one. His path led him out west, where he ran into the beautiful widow Jessica Dylan, who was on her way to claim her late husband's ranch and only legacy. Jessica tried to hire Blade to work for her and protect her, but Blade's price was too high - he wanted Jessica. After a great deal of thought, Jessica agreed to his price and started a whirlwind romance between two very different people.

Renegades (1995) (with Merline Lovelace, Theresa Michaels)

В този сборник Хедър Греъм участва с новелатa Size the Wind: A highwayman determines to bring justice to a land where the law is as corrupt as the villains in power.

Silhouette Shadows '92 (1996) (with Helen R Myers and Anne Stuart)

В този сборник Хедър Греъм участва с новелатa Wilde Imaginings: Rising out of the murky English moors, Fairhaven Castle housed dark secrets ... and handsome, brooding Brian Wilde. But even as Brian's touch filled lovely Alyssa Evans with fire, his enigmatic manner chilled her with fear. Could she discover the castle's secrets before it was too late?


Men: Made in America 2

48. All in the Family (1987)

And Baby Makes Five... Jarod and Sandy were going to be married. They lovedeach other -- and they were going to be parents. They were thrilled at theprospect, but their parents . . .!!!! When Kelly McGraw threw open her doorone morning, she didn't expect to find tall, virile Dan Marquette. Dan knewKelly's wily son had seduced his little angel, while Kelly believed Dan'steenage temptress had trapped her perfect boy. But when both parentsrealized that their children had fallen in love, they were helpless tochange the course of nature. Neither one was willing to believe the wholething was entirely due to the power of love -- until Cupid's arrow hit them.Not that things became easy. Kelly and Dan were too stubborn to admit theywere wrong without a fight. But how long could anyone go on fighting whenfate sent the perfect partner their way?

Harlequin Christmas Anthologies

Harlequin Historical Christmas Stories 1989 (1989)(with Lucy Elliot, Kristin James)

В този сборник Хедър Греъм участва с новелатa Home for Christmas: It broke Travis' heart to see Isabella go, but he was the Yankee captain who had commandeered her home and she was a daughter of the Confederacy. However much he wished it, there could be no love between them. Yet, even in the war-torn South, there was room for a Christmas miracle or two...

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